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Дизайнерские тумбы prince. Можно использовать как прикроватные в спальне и как придиванный столик для гостиной. В наличии.

Debunking Macro Evolution; 💡
Each of these systems is made up of many parts. Each part serving a unique function and process. These parts are made up of many cells and mNy of them are very unique from all of the other cells. Each cell ensures that the parts of the systems and the system entirely works properly. If anyone of these systems with the exception of the reproductive system shuts down you would die.
Now if evolution was a fact and all living organisms including humans arrived here in their present form through a random non purposes materialistic process lacking any intelligent input how do we explain the presence of such highly complex necessarily interwoven systems made up of many parts and many unique cells within unique functions all working in concert with one another?
If they all are necessary now to be in concert with one another for us to live it means they had to 1st appear together at the same time working in perfect accord with each other. That is 12 systems all having entirely different functions made up of many unique subsystems all working in perfect accord with each other spearing exactly at the same time. If evolution is small incremental changes over millions of years this would certainly defy evolution theory and appear to be a miracle in evolutionary timeline.#Evolution #IntelligentDesign

#verseoftheday ‭‭(Jeremiah‬ ‭1:5‬) "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations."

Nature's camouflage can be amazing, and yet still bright and beautiful too! #redratsnake #herpitology #intelligentdesign

OMATA ONE Analog GPS Speedometer

OMATA One is a technologically advanced, GPS computer that displays the information that cyclists need in a unique and modern design. The analog face makes it easier to read whilst in motion, and every part of this beautiful product is designed to complement your bike, as well as the ride itself.It displays the four metrics most relevant to you on a ride: speed, distance, ascent and time. OMATA’s choice to show the most important ride data in an analog form is based on the science that analog dials reduce cognitive load. As a result, the OMATA One makes it significantly easier to read your data at a glance and focus on enjoying the ride itself. Link in bio...

"Gott muss ein Maler sein - warum sonst haben wir so viele Farben?" {A Beautiful Mind} Unser Garten ist zur Zeit eine flauschige rose-weiße Blütenpracht und ich freue mich jeden Tag über diese Schönheit! Auf dem Rasen wachsen überall kleine Sprösslinge aus den Propeller-Samen eines Ahorns und einige haben wir heute an sichere Orte umgesetzt, in der Hoffnung, dass bald überall Ahornbäume wachsen. Ich will einen Wald rings um unser Haus! #beautifulcolors #beautifulnature #intelligentdesign #blessed #godisgood

When the world brings you to your knees; pray, dont lay.
#NoSleep #PHDCG #IntelligentDesign People get what they deserve, nothing more and nothing less.


Just attended stimulating & packed event at downtown #Miami's @olympiatheater - #richarddawkins conversation with Pulitzer-Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry, presented by the @centerforinquiry.

Preaching to the choir, perhaps, but a tonic in these stoopid times. Now *this* is #intelligentdesign !

#science #evolution #secularism #humanism

The plants are dancing in the company of this raw - plant based chocolate. Mesmerising plant joy. Plants are so alive and giving, everything in this shot is made from plants. What a magical Earth we live on. It is such a clever , giving and gifted system. Its also a really good dancer. I love to find moments to tune into the magic of it. After all, real chocolate comes from the ground! It grows from the Earth. What a cool planet! Let's look after it. #plantbasedpower #dancingplants #plantbasedfood #rawchocolate #rawcacao #plantoftheheart #magicalplanet #motherearth #intelligentdesign #girlmadechocolate #plantmedicine #timelessness #naturalfood #realchocolate

Man. Perfect song to unwind to after a long day. #snarkypuppy #intelligentdesign

You are Gods own handiwork created unto GOOD works which He preordained for You to carry out. BASICALLY Before you even got to the planet there was a plan and purpose for your life.
Whether you believe in God/The Universe, Aliens or NOT: MOST of us would agree that there is a Divine Design for our lives . I believe that we each have a purpose find yours and let NOTHING stand in the way of fulfilling it !

"Royal Candles" - Let it shine! #nature #plants #flowers #naturalbeauty #intelligentdesign

Дизайнерские тумбы prince. Можно использовать как прикроватные в спальне и как придиванный столик для гостиной. В наличии.

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