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Fresh scrolls, take I through the thresholds.

Blessed Earthstrong to the Revolutionary One called the Great Walter Rodney.

#Revolution #Philosophical #Cultural #Economic #IntellectualRevolution

Is your debate with White male supremacy or the slave? Lol, be conscious my brothers and sisters! #intellectualrevolution #blacknationalism #identitypolitics

"I got my technique down and everything, I don't be tickling or nothing."
#blacklove #intellectualrevolution #blacknationalism #massagetherapy

I lost sleep each time I remember we have no synergy among Nigerian youth despite the obvious marginalization experience from ruling class instead of Alliance every body want to be leader and champion. Let Rethink, time is no longer on our side. #IntellectualRevolution

Sometimes people accuse me of spreading hate doctrine. They tell me Jesus died for my sins and that should encourage me to forgive others. They even go on to say that psychologically it's not healthy to dwell on the past. Lol, lol, lol... That's all well and good, and I appreciate their good intentions if such exists in their infantile consciousness (can a baby have enough consciousness to possess good intentions?😕). But what they continue to fail to comprehend is their spirituality and religion are not equivalent to a political agenda. Nor are their spiritual and religious beliefs doing enough in them to develop a political agenda for Black folk to be successful in this country or around the world. So... Respectfully, I must decline their recommendations and offer some of my own, wise up and stop acting the part of a political chump! #getapoliticaleducation then address my concerns! #intellectualrevolution #blacknationalism #democraticsocialism #politicalagenda

I saved this photo for today. This guy on striped red shirt is my man! He just made all of us at university of Uyo.
Congratulations on your first class honors in The Nigerian Law School. I saw this coming!

My Lawsan president that year!
Your CPS celebrates you!
LawSchool Goals!

It's not so good to refer to yourself as a minority. You give yourself an inferiority complex when you do that. Think about it, you didn't name yourself that. The majority did. And when you adopt this label you adopt the position they have assigned you. #theballotorthebullet

Review, the definition of minority, see that even a minority has to have commonality, so it looks like White folk in America have built a majority out of a set of minorities based upon their racial whiteness. So, to counteract that, people of color could build an equal majority based upon their racial color. Or, the proletariat, the working poor and middle class, could build a majority based upon their socio-economic trajectory. Although trajectory is a big word that encapsulates both current location and target. #intellectualrevolution
Build a coalition or be manipulated by the Democrats and Republicans yet again in the next election. #blackagenda

Cultural appropriation?
Falsification of consciousness?
Fake News?
False flag operations?
Common denominator = mainstream corporate media with ties to human trafficking through its executives

Life is in opportunities to realize our potential. Death is in individualism and nihilism of our commercialized-Lord: White man's currency... And that's why dead presidents will never represent me! #intellectualrevolution #blacknationalism #democraticsocialism #politicalagenda #politicaleducation


THIS AFFECTS ALL OF US. Please spread the word and help people understand what this means. #NetNeutrality keeps the internet very accessible. It allows us to visit and contribute to whatever informational outlet we please. HOWEVER, on Dec 14th, the #FCC votes on whether or not to end it. And as of right now, 3 (republicans) out of 5 voters are aiming to END NET NEUTRALITY! This means that ISPs will be free to charge whatever they want and LIMIT YOU to what can be accessed on the internet. It means if you want to watch #Netflix AND scroll Instagram, you will be charged separately according to whichever plan you sign up for. THIS IS A PROBLEM. It gives more power to an already #corrupt institution AND effectively limits Americans' access to information. IF THIS PASSES the internet will be yet another federally controlled, capitalistic conglomerate product that we are FORCED into abiding by. Just something else that threatens our continued evolution as a human species. Controlled by another power-hungry, sadistic vampire organization who don't give a fck about humanity. Similar along the lines of #GMOs, #GeoEngineering and educational #indoctrination. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION. It affects everyone you know. We cannot afford to turn a cheek on this!!!

Why are we so ashamed to admit government assistance is more than helpful, that it's essential? Maybe our definitions and connotations have been polluted by hegemony. Or we are intellectually out of shape. Intimidation is also possible explanation. Anyway. Black men are quick to say I don't need the government, or run away from the government, or accuse the government of being corrupt. That they refuse to study government and unite to influence government. Similar to their obedience to their primal urge to seek female companionship and male avarice through hip hop entertainment, plantation athletics, and religious idolatry, they should obey: family first, each one teach one, and #intellectualrevolution through social entrepreneurship, technological training, and nutrition. Having said this. If I could control every black males studies, I would demand they study sovereignty of the white male land owner in the United States of America at 1812. Then I want them to watch some YouTube of #boycewatkins and #yvettecarnell. Finally, I want them to take notes while doing all this again and share on their ig profiles. This way our consciousness will align to specific political agenda items. #blacknationalism usa

If you understand what he truly is referencing about symbolism. Then you understand he is actually referring to western civilization, not a nation. Because do you think Black power is only being persecuted here in America? Don't be naive. Lol. Even in Africa western civilization has spread like a curse. So it's not a nation that must fall. It's a 3,500 year old civilization elitism that used deplorable, incestuous, f*gg*try to manipulate masses that has to fall. If we are more accurate in our descriptions, then we will be more effective at sparking the revolution.
Having said all this, I'm not a fan of organizing people to protest in the streets. Rather, I'm a fan of organizing youth to become entrepreneurs, to vote intelligently as a union, for elders to mentor our youngsters, for people to identify their communities and accountability reforms. I'm for the #intellectualrevolution to bring about #democraticsocialism reform. I'm for #blacknationalism

Interesting thought.
Flies, rats, raccoons, bacteria and other risks to household hygiene have an affinity to meat that is unattended. #ijs
Your health is our wealth #blacknationalism

I love when I come across exercises developed to explain social phenomenon.
Hopefully you will enjoy this one.
This is better than fake news and no news. This is news. Someone is conscious. Who made this? No matter. If they can make one they'll make another. By that time, I'll have my set of examples to release, and so will others... #intellectualrevolution is all that matters. It's the duties of geniuses and angels to safeguard the revolution for humanity. #blacknationalism

I found a message from #boycewatkins you might need to see right about now as you listen to your favorite rapper and are inspired by your favorite celebrity.
I just want to annotate this message with: Black celebrities are often controlled by rich white males that are great at smiling in front of Black people and still capable of manipulating Black celebrities into working against the collective interests of the Black community.
Knowing this is the key to unlocking your integrity.

I know we all have goals, but what is the meaning of existence?
What is the meaning of existing in a civilization versus living in wilderness?
What is the purpose of an urban development and agrarian policies?
Are we to always leave the meaning of our lives as esoteric in definition or erratic in behavior?
Can we decide to create reality from impossibilties?
Only if we decide to investigate.
Investigate #blacknationalism it is the gateway to any #intellectualrevolution

Dr. Sebi Warned Us
What's more harmful, institutionalized racism or in-your-face racism?
It took a statement being viewed as racist to get people to stop patronizing an institution that peddles substances contributory to diseases that make up the basis for the American healthcare epidemic?
I am not intimidated by racists. So to, I am not so inspired by a racist statements as I am by their head start in capitalism. I thought I understood capitalism. I thought I understood American-capitalism. I thought I understood Democracy and Socialism. I thought I understood unions and brotherhoods.

But then I researched #dramoswilson and my understanding went to a higher level. Not to mention my engineering education finally began to yield cognitive functions.

So from my perspective. Everyone who posts a video or meme of the papa johns CEO, without posting about the negative effects pizza consumption has on our population is not engaging in the utmost conscious conversation.
I am not ridiculing, I am only guiding towards what would be our focus if our ancestors had never been enslaved. Lol. Do you really think that ancient Afrikaans cared what European chefs were cooking in the caucus regions? So you must possess a falsified consciousness in order to be African-American or Black or indigenous or Moor/Muur or any person of color in order to be outraged by anything this man who has been selling lard, refined, bleached grain, moulded milk, and neatly sliced carcass to our communities had to say regarding the #nfl and the players kneeling.
Remember, everyone has a role. Our role is not the role of outrage. Nor is it the role of moral guide. Our role is the role of educator to our people.

There is only one path to justice: #intellectualrevolution #politicaleducation #blacknationalism #democraticsocialism

I never had cancer, but I'm on a preventative lifestyle.
I do stand in solidarity for all those whom have suffered under the ravaging effects of cancer.
This was posted by an IG account I follow and it inspired me to not quit the #intellectualrevolution that our communities require.
Because the substances on this list are either demonized by our government or labeled vegan or foreign, nasty food. When in actuality these substances each hold one of the many keys to vitality.
Learn the truth through #research and #development

Key to generational success:
xx Investigate

xx Divide and conquer

xx Guerrilla tactics

xx Adaptability

xx Forecasting

Still #intellectualrevolution #blacknationalism and #democraticsocialism based upon a #politicaleducation. Let's develop a #politicalagenda. Research areas of human relation knowledge and disciplines.

Memory of an Elephant
Nope. Nice try. Idc whom is sitting, standing, or singing. They can be holding hands and kissing. No protest other than lack of interest will pass the test of time, which is why knowledge in rhyme is how no child got left behind... Now look in the back of yo mind, and see if it's creativity you'll find. Success isn't personal it's corporeal but who would know if it took you to incorporate your flow in order to eat crow? It's what I know! Before what do we need in order to go... Forward. Onward. Upward? It's too much time spent apolitical. In other words nonsensical. To be without power, is to be impotent not innocent and this is an endgame chant in terms of a race demanding its rent. The people who built the wealthiest, most richest nation in the world is the poorest people in the country they built. It doesn't make sense. For my people to watch a pig skin game while there is a chance to recapture the African consciousness, why waste our precious resources. Again, it's not about #Kaepernick. It's not about Black men being murdered by police. It's not about the racist owners and their affiliations. It's about the respect for myself and my ancestors. It's about changing reality to fit my destiny. That's African consciousness. That has nothing to do with a player's career stats or physical prowess. Because at the end of the day, to give power to one's own thoughts is to sleep with the Gods... #dramoswilson #blacknationalism #intellectualrevolution #politicaleducation #politicalagenda #democraticsocialism#collectiveconsciousness

I saved this photo for today. This guy on striped red shirt is my man! He just made all of us at university of Uyo.
Congratulations on your first class honors in The Nigerian Law School. I saw this coming!

My Lawsan president that year!
Your CPS celebrates you!
LawSchool Goals!

Just finished reading this book.. A dystopian kind of story but infused with philosophical realism and ways of people on earth. Antoine de Saint Exupery has very well put a child's perspective into the adult world without saying much and yet saying a lot! #theprince #antoinedesaintexupery #bookstagram #instagramindia #instagrammer #lovebooks #kaffeinatedread #KaffeinatedKonversations #loveforreading #ayearofreading #intellectualrevolution #leatherbookmark

This one's been in my #TBRpile for a few years now. #ThinkingFastAndSlow by #DanielKahneman. Tough read, but very rewarding. 🤔💭

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