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I’m about to be extremely, almost shamefully honest. I had a really tough time coping with my first semester of medical school. I set out wanting to be my personal best, something I’ve always set my mind to, but I didn’t realize that that perfectionism could harm me so much. I thought I was past the perfectionism. I thought I had gotten really good at accepting myself for what I was. But in truth, those first few months of school, I lost all of my mindful practices. I lost my clarity and peace of mind. Thoughts of “you can do better” daily, almost constantly, pervaded my mind. I really thought I had an amazing balance. I worked out daily, went to yoga class at least once every weekend, took on leadership roles, maintained a healthy diet, kept up my social life. But it would be wrong to pretend that this balance gave me happiness or peace…check out my blog to read the rest of my story and how I learned stress management, and what I plan to do to make a difference in medical student burnout. Link in bio!
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Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry seminar taught by the amazing Dr. Turnpaugh! #apexenergetics #integrativemedicine #preventativemedicine #functionalmedicine

||| Hey there sweet thang, Thank you! |||
Just wanted to give a warm thank you and express my appreciation for all of the amazing connections and conversations last night. It fills me up getting to talk clinical herbalism and exchanging thoughts and information on the bridge of western medicine, pharmaceuticals, and that of holistic and botanical medicine. It was so much fun getting to share that dialogue and hear how other women in the community have been navigating their personal health and sharing about other preventative health options out there!
Spending a lot of time out on the farm provides a humbling and immersive experience into growing food, herbal medicine, and the work behind it. It is something that keeps me grounded and a visceral experience where I am firmly aware of each part of the process of cultivating, making, and teaching about herbal medicine. *
Sharing that narrative through markets and the sacred circle herbal products is what this brand is all about: the visceral, physical, scientific, and felt experience of growing, tending, and creating these products. It is not something that is "done on the side," rather it is a lifestyle - a lifetime of learning and discovering just how incredible and potent botanical medicine can be. I feel proud to be exploring the wide world of clinical herbalism and making that information accessible to the public and our community via these products and this company. Message me with any Q's!
📷 by Stephanie Maratea ❤️
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Poke bowl with @mclairdmedicine treating ourselves and working hard on patient files and research 🤓🤓#functionalmedicine #integrativemedicine #naturopathicdoctor #toronto #torontonaruropathicdoctor

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles! That’s why this morning we will be doing an exercise that was taught to me by a couple of incredible integrative medical doctors from UCSD school of medicine. Below is a simple 5 step positive emotion-focused technique that is designed to help you self-induce & sustain states of appreciation & gratitude:

1. Take a time-out so that you can temporarily disengage from your thoughts & feelings - especially stressful ones.
2. Shift your focus of attention to the area around your heart - now feel your breathing coming in through your heart & out through your solar plexus (practice breathing this way a few times to ease into the technique).
3. Make a sincere effort to activate a positive feeling (this can be a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone, some place or something in your life).
4. Ask yourself: “what would be an efficient, effective attitude or action that would balance & destress my system?”
5. Quietly sense any change in perception or feeling & sustain it as long as you can (heart perceptions are often subtle. They gently suggest effective solutions that would be best for you & all concerned).
Positive emotions have been demonstrated to improve health & increase longevity! They increase cognitive excitability & creativity, facilitate broad-minded coping, innovative problem solving, as well as promote helpfulness, generosity, & effective cooperation. With this in our hearts lets make the intention to remain on a constant quest to get better week in & week out! For more info, swipe left & check out these evidence based charts that are related to this concept of heart-based emotional intelligence! If you tried this technique out & felt a positive change, comment below & share your experience! Wishing you all an excellent start to your Monday!

Written by Student Doctor: @medspired ©06/19/2017 All Rights Reserved.
Inspired by: The Psychophysiology of Positive Emotions & Optimal Functioning by Dr. Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. HeartMath Research.

Out of the office for the next 4 days to deepen and expand my clinical knowledge! Advanced blood lab analysis 💉to effectively identify imbalances in your body's metabolism now available at #thienlakeacupuncture #integrativemedicine #functionalmedicine

🌿 Double tap if you like sunsets ☀️ Best wishes from the sea ❤️

Saw this #antinflammatory food pyramid and thought it was pretty interesting. Do you think this is a better version? #integrativemedicine #functionalforum #foodasmedicine #functionalmedicine

Queremos que você prospere, não sobreviva!! E simplifique 💚🥑🌿 ☯️Na nutrição e cuidado holístico,
usamos os alimentos e suas propriedades terapêuticas como ferramentas fundamentais para o sucesso dos indivíduos, no que toca à consciência de que o alimento é energia que leva uma informação preciosa às nossas células.
Atendendo às suas necessidades físicas e emocionais, o conceito busca a relação adequada entre corpo, mente, alma, intestino, emoções, pensamentos, sentimentos, energia e seu diálogo interno! 💮Pontos a serem levados em consideração;
✔️Boa saúde emocional, psicológica e física do paciente na elaboração de um plano alimentar equilibrado.
✔️Planejamento realista de acordo com as necessidades individuais, rotina, hábitos, preferencias alimentares e facilidade de execução para que se adeque e a adesão seja feita encontrando o ponto de equilíbrio. ✔️A nutrição holística busca a cura pela boa alimentação, natureza, auto conhecimento, estudos, consciência mental e psíquica, meditação e empoderamento, tratando corpo como um sistema perfeito, complexo e interligado. ✔️Meu objetivo é que meus pacientes sejam realmente saudáveis e felizes, ficando livres de males como inflamação, ganho de peso, insônia, depressão, TPM, enxaqueca, hiperatividade, constipação, queda de energia, apatia, olheiras, entre outros.
✔️Aumentando a energia vital e alegria de viver, além da disposição física, força e bem estar, auto estima, determinação e brilho pessoal! ✔️Rejuvenescimento celular (pele, unhas e cabelo) com ritos tibetanos ✔️Fortalecimento do sistema imunológico;
Entre tantos outros benefícios!
Além do trabalho em equipe com terapeutas, treinadores, coach, psicólogos, radiestesistas, massoterapeutas, médicos, acupunturistas entre outros!
Meus contatos estão no perfil, se tiver alguma dúvida, por favor entrem em contato comigo pelo e-mail ou WhatsApp que terei o maior prazer em ajudar!! Muitos beijos um ótimo final de semana a todos, com muita luz, amor, saúde, boas energias e alegrias!
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My fridge at home is otherwise covered in Shakespeare quotes, Star Wars, and Studio Ghibli magnets, but I cherish the few acupuncture ones I've collected so far.⠀

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You can't take care of everyone else if you don't take care of yourself. Prioritize your health with our integrative, bespoke healthcare combining the best of Eastern & Western medicine. 772.266.4258 #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ModernTech #sunset #prioritizeyourself #beach #lifewelllived #wellness #holistic #holistichealth #holistichealthcare #holisticmedicine #integrativehealth #integrativemedicine #luxurylifestyle #ConciergeHealthcare #modernmedicine #cellular

Son muchísimos los beneficios de la aromaterapia, ya no sólo para la piel, sino incluso para la propia salud en particular: ✔- Ayuda a relajar el cuerpo y la mente.
✔- Resulta útil tanto contra el estrés como contra la ansiedad.
✔- Ayuda a relajar las articulaciones y el cuerpo físico en general.
✔- Aporta hidratación y relajación a la piel.
✔- Puede convertirse en un buen complemento para los tratamientos de belleza.
✔- Equilibra las emociones.

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Weekends are made for a balance of chill and play. Hope you are enjoying yours! X✨
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👉🏽Foto de hoje do evento #Solstício de #inverno ❄️☃onde eu dei dicas de Saúde no #inverno a convite da @loja.cheiro.de.mato. 🙏🏼Obrigada pelo convite e também muito obrigada pelos que compareceram👏🏽👏🏽😄
🗣A troca de experiências e o contato com as pessoas é algo que eu gosto muito!!! ❤️Quem me conhece sabe hehe😅
Bom final de semana!! .
#saudenoinverno #naturology #saude#health #healthylifestyle #saudeintegral #integrativemedicine #medicinaintegral

True Food Kitchen is amazing! Can't wait to go back! #foodasmedicine #integrativenutrition #integrativemedicine #drweil

Sunday morning cleanse ✨☮️ My vacuum cleaner of choice today .. my nifty sage stick + my go to oil of choice for lifting heavy energy = grapefruit 🍊 Pearly is out of sorts, probably from the house move so we need some extra energetic alignment help 🔮 I love diffusing this + combining it with a carrier oil - today its macadamia + rubbing it from toes to my head for a spruce up before we head out - heaven ✨💗 If you would like to sample this refreshing oil leave a YES below + I'll be in touch 🛍 xA #essentialoil #cleansing #sagesmudging #grapefruit #detoxandthrive #openroadliving #byronbay

30-day results are in. Total testosterone increased nearly 22%, and free testosterone is over 100 for the first time.
My exercise routine hasn't changed. My diet hasn't changed. The only change I made: nightly Cortisol Manager (made by Integrative Therapeutics). I have zero affiliation with them - just a genuine belief in their products. Cortisol manager helps control stress and balances cortisol, a stress hormone antagonistic to testosterone. @kypharmd first introduced me to it in 2015 - it is now a staple in my supplement regimen.

Exploring the garden and picking mandarins 🍁🍊 I love sunny days and citrus season! #byronlife #byronhinterland #worklifebalance #familyfun #winter #holdingspace #healthcoach #integrativemedicine #integrativenutrition #growyourownfood

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry seminar taught by the amazing Dr. Turnpaugh! #apexenergetics #integrativemedicine #preventativemedicine #functionalmedicine

El cochayuyo es una planta marina que crece en las costas chilenas, tiene un gran aporte nutricional y se puede comer de muuuuchas formas (guisos, ceviche, tortilla, mermelada).
Tiene un gran contenido de minerales, especialmente yodo, hierro y magnesio y es alto en proteínas y fibra. Qué mejor?
👉🏻 Para comerlo hay que dejar remojándolo toda la noche con un poco de vinagre y al día siguiente se cuece entero o ya cortado en trocitos por 20-25 minutos (ir probando que ya esté blando). Después se lava con agua fría para cortar la cocción. Yo lo hice con cilantro, cebolla en cuadritos y una manzana verde también en cuadritos. Aliñé con muuuucho limón 🍋, aceite de oliva @aceitedonaines y sal de mar. Si quieren hacerlo como ceviche lo dejan reposando más tiempo con limón y queda demasiado rico también con palta, ají y mango. Les aseguro que los mañosos del cochayuyo se reencontrarán con esta alga que es tan ricaaa! 😍

Is #coconutoil healthy? Different people have different needs, but coconut oil has a lot of #health benefits despite the recent news from the American Heart Association. Do you use coconut oil?⠀





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Today has been a loooong day, but it's going down as one of the most inspiring days I've experienced in a while. I was at a doTERRA Wellness Summit event in Raleigh, spending the morning hearing incredible stories about how essential oils have changed people's health and lives, and spending the afternoon learning about how to create a sustainable, residual income with doTERRA as a business. One of the things that inspired me most was learning more about the ways doTERRA has been able to positively impact communities all around the world with its Co-Impact Sourcing initiative: this picture shows a map of where our essential oils are sourced, and highlights some of the community service projects that have been made possible by doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation. I'm so proud to work with this company. And if you're curious to learn more about any of this, know that I'm here as a resource. Sending weekend love and blessings to all. ✨🌿

The truth is..you can't choose what you love..you just do.. and if you judge it or deny yourself of it, your LIFE will suffer 💙

Your passions are your passions.
Your desires are your desires.
Your people are your people.
They are the signs of your dharma or purpose .. the reasons why you were born🙏🏻✨💫🙌🏻❤️ #followyour❤️

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