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Happy 7th Birthday to my precious little Adina!!! Yes people she is a normal kid who eats cake!!!! Living full n free is NOT about deprivation and never eating treats again. I believe in balance... The way most people eat is not balanced either because they eat way too much sugar and processed foods which leaves them constantly craving more and never feeling satisfied. When you learn how to really feed your body the right foods your brain starts to clear your appetite stabilizes and cravings disappear. You start to hear your gut and know the difference between physical and emotional hunger. You may choose to enjoy a treat on occasion but you will naturally want to go back to the wonderful way of eating that makes you feel full, free and fabulous! Living full n free really allows you to have it all... People think they are free when they can eat whatever they want that's not freedom that's being a slave to your cravings and pressures of society. True freedom is the freedom to listen to and trust your gut to be able to choose the foods that truly satisfy and to trust yourself that if you do choose a treat from time to time that you will go right back to eating the way you know works for you! You can live full free and fabulous!!! #integrativehealthcoach #livefullnfree #healthybalance #selfcare #selflove @fashionisha

That #coachlife ! 😂😂😂 In all seriousness though, sometimes you need to talk it through with someone else on why you can't make fitness a part of your life consistently, or why that last 10 lbs won't budge, or why you can't stop smoking, or simply why life doesn't feel as happy as it should....Integrative health coaching can help.

Integrative health coaching is unlike therapy in that therapy focuses on analyzing the past and emotions. Therapy is a VALUABLE tool for many reasons and for many people. However, not everyone needs to pull up the past to figure out what could help them in their future.

An integrative health coach is someone who can help you get between your TODAY and your FUTURE! Someone to hold you accountable. Someone who doesn't judge you or your vision. Someone who understands the realities of your present.

This neuroscience-based, scientifically proven program helps my clients love and honor themselves because success is based upon spring boarding on what works in your life - not what doesn't.

I would be honored to walk beside you as you work towards whatever goal you have for yourself. Shoot me an email at Tiffanie@momscanbefit.com if you're interested! #integrativehealthcoach #healthcoachlife 📷 @letterfolk

|| I ❤️ my job | I feel so meaningful to talk to people to help them to walk out from the darkness, im glad that im capable of to motivate people to exercise, assist people to break the addiction to cigarette and alcohol, educate people about nutrition and inspire people adopt a health eating pattern, teach people how to relax and release stress through yoga and breathing technique...etc | "I teach my lifestyle to people and i hope i could help people to achieve optimal health and if you are ready to change, contact me - the Integrative Health Coach" || #fitness #wellness #integrativehealthcoach

"That smells like bacon!" From my meat eating, pancetta making guy. I'd say that's a win for my coconut "bacon". #vegan #integrativehealthcoach #functionalmedicine #thischeeseisnuts @srimati #plantpowerway

Most excellent road food ...thank you Erika @clejuicebox #vegan #veganeats #springrollwednesday #integrativehealthcoach

What is your favorite work out machine? Mines is the row machine, it gives a total body work out and gentle on my joints. My first time in the sauna. It feels so good. Comforting. Ok back to work. My last cleint will be in soon. #integrativehealthcoach #rowing #abs #sauna #selfcare

My new favourite way to spend the afternoon with baby goddess - listening to music using my amazing #bellybuds while connecting to myself and to the magical soul growing inside of me 🤰🏼🙏🏽 It has been so helpful spending time getting into my body and acknowledging all that it has already done and all that it is capable of doing. Creating a sense of trust in this process of growing life - I think for a lot of first time mamas this can be a time of fear as our bodies morph and change, there can be a sense of having lost control. But the more I relax, love on myself and show myself gratitude for all that I am doing the more I realize I can handle this and that I am so very powerful in this process just by being a woman. I am divine and so is every woman on this planet 🙏🏽

First time climbing a mountain with no pants ........Feeling pretty good about it ✌🏽- for the record though, the reason I have no pants is because they don't fit me anymore 🤰🏼🙃


Oh boy, isn't this the truth! This is one of the wonderful things that happen with age...you gain wisdom. My younger self always felt as though my life circumstances were happening to me. Now, I recognize and acknowledge what is showing up in my life is actually for me. A change in perspective can yield some great results😉

Remember those peaches I was talking about earlier? Ummm, yeah! Grilled those babies up, sprinkled with chopped dark, dark (like 88%) chocolate and salted pecans. Why haven't I been doing this all peach 🍑 season long!? #yummy #peaches #coloradopeaches #colorado #farmersmarket #cleantreats #dessert #foodporn #goodfood #nutrition #integrativenutrition #integrativehealthcoach #nomnom #iwantmore #firebrighthealth

The Vail farmers market did not disappoint! Good pickin's for grilling tonight's dinner = line caught wild salmon, fresh organic veggies and some Palisade peaches 🍑 Fresh, whole food means healthy body and mind. #goodfood #farmersmarket #vailfarmersmarket #cleaneating #paleo #guthealth #celiac #nutritious #learnhowtocook #integrativenutrition #integrativehealth #fresh #freshfood #integrativehealthcoach #firebrighthealth

In desperate need of some rest and relaxation after the past few weeks. I just organized 72 colored pencil into color families while watching football #sunday 🙌🏻
Tomorrow begins my journey into becoming an #integrativehealthcoach at @nutritionschool and I couldn't be more excited to begin this chapter of my life.
Ever since this new Instagram algorithm came into play, I have lost a significant amount of followers and have decreased engagement. It can be discouraging, but if I can inspire, motivate, or encourage even one person here, it is all worth it. So keep an eye out here and turn on #postnotifications so you don't miss anything! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!
Oh and Go Steelers!! 🏈

I am on a mission to help women to get their groove back! Increased energy. Better health. Higher self-esteem. Revived sex drive. A more powerful, meaningful life. As an Integrated Health and Nutrition Coach and Biofeedback practitioner, I guide women to remove hidden emotional blocks, improve their lifestyle, and reboot organs and systems to achieve a healthier, sexier body – regardless of age! I usually work one-on-one with clients, but I'd like to offer my guidance to the first 25 women who contact me from outside of New York City – to help address specific health issues by working on their emotional blocks and the physical symptoms, related to hormonal changes. Are you ready to join me on the journey? Contact: www.Bio-Matrix.net for a complimentary phone consultation!
#menopause #hormones #perimenopause #hormonalchanges #ageing #holistic #health #integrativenutrition #integrativehealthcoach #getyourgrooveback #nyc #biomatrixhealth #biofeedback #coldlaser

How do you talk to yourself? How is this little voice in your head like? Is it a tone of love, and encouragement ? Or a tone of blame and guilt?
Be kind to yourself, use a tone of understanding and blame free..trust me, it will brighten up your World☀️
كيف هو صوتك الداخلي.. طريقة كلامك مع نفسك؟هل صوتك الداخلي دائمآ يطمئنك ويشجعك أو يحاسبك ويحبطك؟
كن لطيفآ مع نفسك.. كلم نفسك بحب وتفهم وإمتنان! تذكر، علاقتك مع نفسك بقدر أهمية علاقاتك مع الآخرين..
#holistic #integrativehealthcoach #healthcoach #healthcoaching #healing #healthyhabits #healthylifestyle #wellness #wellnesscoaching #kidshealth #childrenhealth #becausewecare #healthyalternatives #healthyfoodchoices #healthandhealing #thingsthatmatter #awareness #primaryfood #growth #bekindtoyourself #mentalhealth #positivevibes #positiveselftalk #yourrelationshipwithyourself #bahrainbloggers #healthybahrain #bahrainwellness #bahrainhealth #صحة# #نمط_حياة_صحي

Somehow pulled together the ingredients to make Guatemalan Turkey and Tomatillo Stew served over Brown rice and topped with Green onion, Pickled jalapeño and Avocado.
To Your Health!
#victoriapardue #integrativehealthcoach #yogafit#yougateacher #healthcoach #fitandactive #fitnesscoach#yogalifestyle #recipe #healthyrecipe #whats4dinner #tomotillostew#energy #proteinandveggies #vitality #peacebewithyou #toyourhealth

What's that reality cooking tv show where the contestants are given a handful of odd ingredients and are to create a tasteful *wow* dish?
Let's play that right now!

First few days of being back from vacation and haven't having gone to the grocery in ohhh over 2 weeks, what I have to work with is;
Turkey breast
Black beans
Garbanzo beans
Brown rice
and these Tomatillos that I snagged at our Community Garden (the Radishes are a snack for my love).
*I'm good, I do have every spice imaginable
Soooo give me some ideas! What would you whip up with some (or all) of those ingredients?

To Your Health!
#victoriapardue #integrativehealthcoach #yoga#yogalifestyle #recipe#cookingshow#ingredients #communitygarden #whatis4dinner #energy #veggies #vitality #peacebewithyou #toyourhealth

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