This week’s focus is frequency. I usually drop so much information on one post but I’m choosing to extend my topics of choice throughout the week to dive deeper. This is a part of my “slowing down back to mindful living to connect deeper with what I’ve been calling in” process.

Frequency has been my main jam lately. Did you know that there’s science behind your “aura” or “energetic field”? This release of energy that circulates around your body is call the Toroidal Energetic Field or Cardio Electromagnetic Communication. This energetic field communicates with other energies, particles, beings, and the quantum field. It will repel what is in dissonance with it and it will attract what is in alignment or harmony with it.

What this means is that surface level work like reading, mantras, prayers, and other practices while highly suggested don’t do much to change your frequency of being. It only gives you moments of high frequency. This isn’t what living in alignment is though. Your frequency comes from your being, your core.

The real shift is in updating your programming (the conditioning, beliefs, repetitive reactive patterns), operating from your heart space instead of your rationalizing mind (meant to store information and makes lists not choices), and slowing down enough to allow this field to communicate with you and show you what it needs (listening to the symptoms, emotions, feelings, and body).

The above are all infused into your energetic field thus inviting in situations to reaffirm the story you’re playing into because that’s the frequency you’re vibrating on. You need to learn to listen deeply and communicate with your operating system, your vessel that you’ve been gifted in order to be a being of high frequency.

Imagine that field around you. What stories are still playing in the background that don’t serve you any longer? Now imagine the energy of that old program, belief, or story infusing into and intertwining with your Toroidal field. This is why you’ve been attracting the same lesson 💫

Understanding the lessons by being able to be with them to process, listen to receive the lesson, and integrate will have an impact on your business.

Our minds are the most powerful things. ⁣

Each day we can wake up and decide the type of day we want to have, and throughout our days we have the choice to decide what we want to focus our energy on. We can choose to focus on the good in our lives or choose to dwell on the bad.⁣

There are a lot of things in life we can’t control, but our mindset is something we can. When we shift our attention to the things we’re grateful for and remind ourselves that there is no sense in stressing over things we can’t control, we start to look at life differently. ⁣

When you start to have a negative thought, recognize it and try changing it to something positive or something you’re grateful for instead. ⁣

The more we practice gratitude and the more we realize that we have control over our thoughts, the better our lives will be ✨⁣

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Today is the day to bring your dreams to life.
Meet me @naturally_yoga at 1:00 for a day of play and creativity. Get clear on what you want and a plan to get you there.#yourtruthfulllife #makeithappen #visionary #soulsessions#dowhatmakesyouhappy#lovemylife #integrativecoaching

I dug deep into my past tonight and the power of forgiveness is so liberating. Taking responsibility of where you’ve ever gone wrong and forgiving those past circumstances is such an incredibly powerful thing. The past has nothing to do with the present, and the future depends on this moment. Taking the steps to let go of the past is so important in order to move forward and fully live in the present moment ✨

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Pay attention to how you feel... law of attraction doesn’t care if you believe in it or not ✌🏽💚
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At a molecular level we are light in motion. The electron travels at the speed of light.
As we raise our vibration we begin to shake off all that isn’t us. The brain has mirror neurons that mimic people and their behaviour, this is partly so we can understand ourselves in relationships to others.
The more you elevate your consciousness the less you need to understand who you are based on another.
An explanation of who you are to answer another is, either defending who we think we are or trying to sell someone on who we believe ourselves to be. .
Remember this is conditioning.
When you are fully embodied on who you are there is no need for any explanation, you just are.
Being you, can be the most challenging experience in today’s world but it’s vital to your well being.
Shake off the shackles of the past. Own your power and light.
Be the creative genius you were designed to be with no explanation. .
A star doesn’t need permission to shine.
xx 💫💜

Truth: Everyday you have a choice to wake up with a clear vision for you and your life or to keep questioning ‘is this it?’ Hungry for a richer fuller life but think you can’t have it. Well you can, because magic happens when we follow our dreams. It’s not selfish, it’s not crazy, it’s your life!
Join me this Saturday Nov 17th @naturally_yoga for a creative workshop to claim and thrive in the power of YOU!
Call the studio and reserve your spot...
And don’t forget your journal! ✍🏻📿🖍🎨#yourtruthfulllife #unlockingsecrets #visionboard #truth #dream #liveit #findyourpassion #purposedrivenlife #yoga #naturallyyoga #integrativecoaching #motivationmonday #shareyourvoice #

Day 10 Grateful Gram: an indulgence.
Nasya Oil from Banyan Botanicals is part of my morning self care routine, especially in Winter and especially with Sjogren’s Syndrome (hello extra dryness). I put a little drop on my finger and put it in each of my nostrils. Combined with my humidifier at night, these are two indulgences I wouldn’t want to live without in Winter ❄️ #integrativecoaching #sjogrenssyndrome #sjogrens #sjogrenswarrior #celiacdisease #autoimmunedisease #chronicpain #chronicillness #fibromyalgia #gratefulgram

Day 9 Grateful Gram: Food!
This is easy for me, I love food. Maybe it’s my Italian heritage but I literally show people I love them by preparing food for them. Is food considered a love language? 💜

Right now I’m indulging in a sweet treat without the guilt... chia seed chocolate pudding. Chia seeds, coconut milk and cocoa powder. Yum!
Chia seeds are a great source of omega 3’s, antioxidants and fiber. What’s one food you are grateful for this weekend? #integrativecoaching #celiacdisease #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #sjogrenssyndrome #gratefulgram #idearoom #womenswellness #colitis

Day 8 Grateful Gram: Clothing Item.
Everyone should have one item of clothing that makes you feel like a freaking rockstar when you put it on. Mine are these boots. Thank you boots for keeping my feet warm and making me feel pretty 👢 💜 💃
Go ahead, don’t be shy... What clothing item are you grateful for or makes you feel good about yourself? If I can get brave enough to post pics of myself on IG #introvertproblems you can too!! 😘 #integrativecoaching #gratefulgram #celiacdisease #autoimmunedisease #colitis #fibromyalgia #sjogrenssyndrome #chronicillness #chronicpain

Day 6 Grateful Gram: an emotion
This might sound unusual but if I had to say I’m thankful for one emotion, it’d have to be anger. Anger has been one of my greatest teachers. Usually beneath anger is a whole other myriad of feelings; fear, insecurity, and grief to name a few. I used to be afraid to be angry because I thought anger meant volatility, lack of control and distrust.
Peeling back the layers beneath the anger is powerful because it allows you to confront the underlying emotion, get to the root of the issue and encourage growth.
What’s one emotion you are grateful for? #gratefulgram #integrativecoaching #chronicillness #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #sjogrenssyndrome #colitis #autoimmunedisease

It’s Freedom Friday!
What will you do today to find yours... you get to decide.....fly free or stay stuck in the cage.
Today I choose freedom. Free to be me!
I am taking flight!
Let’s fly together!
#yourtruthfulllife #freedom #choice #truth #shareyourvoice #integrativecoaching #lovemylife

Dare to Dream
One thing I come back to again and again with clients is learning to dream big.
Giving ourselves permission to dream and dream big.
Getting heart centred and learning to listen from this place where the soul communicates from can help you create different choices in your life.
My choices continue to be fuelled by my dreams and visions.
If you can dream from the inside out rather than the outside in your dreams will manifest.
Not always the way we imagined but it’s all about us experiencing who we are made manifest.
I’m not looking for a dream to fulfil me I’m experiencing myself at deeper levels through the expression of my dreams.
I am anchored into feeling complete and whole.
I am fulfilled just as I am.
Not only have I been able to feel and live this truth I experience with my work and bring this energy forward for my clients.
If you are struggling on how to get clear on your dreams and the life you long to live from.
Message me now I would love to support you in shifting your energy to create a different experience for yourself.
Big Love xx

Catching up on my Grateful Grams!

Day 5 Grateful Gram: Kitchen gadget.
Love, love, love my Nutri Ninja Blender and use it weekly if not daily. Instead of sharing a pic of my blender, I thought I'd share one of my fave detox smoothies that I make in it instead!
Enjoy! #gratefulgram #integrativecoaching #autoimmunedisease #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #chronicpain #autoimmunedisease #colitis

Gratitude Challenge Day 4: Technology

I’m super thankful for my computer. Without it I wouldn’t get to connect and work with people across the US!

All that being said, this is a great opportunity to learn more about EMF’s, safe practices and the havoc they can wreak on your health. Knowledge is power! Head over to this great article on EMF’s written by Wellness Mama for more info!

https://wellnessmama.com/129645/emf-exposure/. #gratefulgram #integrativecoaching #celiacdisease #fibromyalgia #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #chronicpain

Resmi mengucapkan selamat tinggal pada papan kerja lama (sebelah kiri) yang telah menemani tahunan perjalanan menerapi banyak klien untuk digantikan papan kerja baru (sebelah kanan)

#ADayInCoachLife #ClinicalHypnotherapy
#NLPCoaching #IntegrativeCoaching #JourneyOfSouls #InSearchForIndividuation

How do you start your day? Waking to what lights you up or pulled by the demands of responsibility and obligations... The choice is yours and everyday you get to decide...#yourtruthfulllife #unlockingsecrets #truth #beautiful #shareyourvoice #mondaymotivation #passion #integrativecoaching #livelife

Had a lot of fun switching up my workout today with this HIIT leg circuit with @kc_highvoltagesign .
I’m grateful to be surrounded by great friends who continue to motivate me in and out of the gym. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend 🤗✨
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Grateful Gram Day #3.
A household item I’m thankful for is my bath/shower. I literally soak in my very un-fancy bathtub every Saturday morning if time allows. Not only is the household item a luxury but so is the 30-45 minutes I have to myself. 🛀
What’s one household item you are thankful for? #gratefulgram #idearoom #integrativecoaching #chronicillness #chronicpain #autoimmunedisease #sjogrenssyndrome #celiacdisease #fibromyalgiawarrior #colitis #womenswellnesscoach

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