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I’m the center of the universe,
Gathering revolving attention
With my every spoken verse.
I dance on the stage of the galaxy,
With the stars as spotlights
For my displaying vitality.
Clothed in the blanket of space,
I’m given empty compliments,
For my saving face.
I look to the stars for comfort,
Use the planets to make a fort,
Then I can hide away,
I’ll be okay,
Take shelter in the Milky-way.
But then I found you,
My bright, shining sun.
And your gravity pulled me in,
There was no chance to run.
You titled my perspective,
And I took residence on your rings.
Your conversation was respective,
But I didn’t mind such trivial things.
But then you started to fade.
You lessened my own shade,
So ignored was the destruction you made.
I wanted nothing but the warmth,
So I ignored your burn.
You attracted planets and moons,
And my stomach churned,
My heart burned,
And yet my head stayed turn.
I guess I never really learned.
I was shocked you’d had thrown me
From your revolution,
But I never sought retribution,
Hoping you’d come running back to me.
I cried the meteor showers,
Fallen starry tears,
Watering terrestrial flowers.
But I guess I’m not enough, you see?
You had to laugh at me.
Mock me.
Degrade me.
And my remorse was lost
At the cosmic sea.
But here I am,
Mesmerized by the
Constellations within your gaze.
Oh my Orion,
I forget how you
Assaulted Merope, my pride,
You could call to me dying,
And I’d help without trying.
No reluctance taken in stride.
Because you’re still the one,
My bright, shining sun.
You are my universe
By, Emerald.

In the most absurd way -
I love you in quarters
And i love you in halves

And in the most

Flawed and
Fragmented ways.

And in these voiceless truths,
You are my faintest echoes

You are my blindest skies.

A girl sits alone
In a room, in the dark
Silence is an arrow
And she is the mark
She’s trapped in the room
And their words are the bars
Though she claws and she cuts
She can only make scars
Heartbeat in her chest
Hear it constantly growing
Her head full of noise
See the line she is toeing
One more step
Promises a swift end
To the pain, to the fear
Well, she’s already dead
Her vision is blurry
Her stomach is churning
Once so innocent but
Now she is learning
The world is cruel
The world is unjust
You pray it gets better
You say that it must
Frost on her hand
Whirls making art
It spreads up her arm
Heading straight to her heart
Oh small sweet girl
In a room all alone
The end is soon coming
Cutting down to the bone
By, Amethyst.

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