Good bye Thessaloniki. After four weeks visiting, seeing relatives (who I only see when I come here), and exploring the city, its been a wonderful memorable experience.
During this time living in the heart of Thessaloniki, I've finally been able to get a sense of this buzzing metropolis like never before.
Thessaloniki, mostly outshone by the majestic Aegean Islands, and overshadowed by the ancient glories of Athens, Greece’s second-largest city is hardly a household name. "The once-powerful port is still filled with the Unesco-listed remains of the three empires that ruled it — the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans — as well as many traces of its multireligious past, which saw Muslims, Christians and Jews living side by side. (Two world wars, a Turkish-Greek population exchange in the 1920s and the deportation of the Jews in the 1940s effectively ended the “Jerusalem of the Balkans.”)" Pictured here are today and yesterday side by side, the cafes and social life today with the reminder of the ominent past standing proudly in the background.
The White Tower (structure in the background) the most iconic symbol of Thessaloniki was built by the Ottomans in the 15th century. Sadly the tower was at one time during its life used as a prison and the home of mass executions during the period of Ottoman rule. As a result it
was once known as the Tower of Blood until a prisoner painted the tower white in exchange for his liberty in 1890, when it was renamed Lefkos Pyrgos (White Tower). As the story goes.
Thank you Thessaloniki for sharing your treasures with me. Until we meet again and as the locals say Καλή συνέχεια! (Happy continuance).

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