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Marathons on your mind? The GEL-Kayano® 24 is the perfect pick for an ultra-comfortable ride—especially if you’re running ✌️ half-marathons like fitness enthusiast @nathletix. #marathontraining #instarunners

It’s been several years since the last Death Race, but every year around this time I’m reminded that it’s never truly over - it lives on in the friendships and bonds we forged, the tears we shed, the lessons we learned about human nature, and ultimately, about ourselves.
The Death Race was/is impossible to explain or justify to someone who never witnessed it. There were many naysayers, and many who thought it was a terribly dumb idea. My frostbitten toes might agree. .
But here’s the thing. The Death Race was never about winning, or even finishing. The Death Race was a metaphor for life. It wasn’t fair. Most of the time, it made no sense. You never really knew when it started, and, like life, you definitely never knew when it was going to end.
But what became clear to me in those five summers/winters I spent in Vermont (aside from the fact that my horrendous axe skills were a precursor to my poor spear-throwing abilities) was that, amidst the wood chopping and hallucinations and trips up Bloodroot and macerated feet held together by duct tape, a group of lost souls managed to find themselves. And how you handled yourself in the darkest moments of the Death Race revealed how you handled yourself in every day life (and it wasn't always pretty).
Like life, it was always about the journey. One foot in front of another into an uncertain future. Get out of it what you need, and leave the rest. #tbt

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10/04/16 - 02:28 Pace 07:04 NIKE Women Victor Tour - Minha primeira meia maratona, só queria terminar a prova bem fisicamente. 💁🏼

16/10/16 - 2:16 Pace 6:28 - Minha segunda meia maratona com alguns meses de treino. 🚶🏼‍♀️

18/06/17 - 2:02 Pace 5:49 - Minha terceira meia maratona com uma qualidade melhor dos treinos. 🏃🏼‍♀️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Tudo é possível! Ainda tem dúvidas? Devagar a gente chega. Rumo aos treinos para os meu primeiros 42km da @maratonvalencia. Eu quero, eu posso e acredito. Basta se preparar!!! Bjs 💋💋💋 e um ótimo treino a todos.
@viverecorrer #viverecorrer #nikerunning #nrc
Foto 📸 @guileporace

Easy 8 mile endurance run this morning before that southern Cali heat blasted us all away by 10am. I don't know how you AZ people do that 100 degree + weather 😰I'm dying over here in the 80s!! So, I've been trying this whole morning running thing and my body doesn't seem to like it too much. Even with 9-10 hours of sleep, my body is being a princess and wants to take its sweet time warming up. But, as with anything, practice makes perfect 👌🏼 so I'll be back at this morning running until I can do so with ease 🤗 The biggest issue I have in the morning is getting enough food in me and allowing my body to digest it before heading out the door. I run best about 2 hours after a bowl of oatmeal. I broke that routine this morning and it didn't turn out well. So I'm going to stop experimenting and just go with what my body needs! As we all do, sometimes I get caught up in seeing that my other fellow runners can run 10+ miles on empty bellies and I have to remind myself not to compare. My body simply needs more than that and mastering good performance is about listening to the demand of your body!!! 😉 seriously guys, listen to your body!! It's incredibly smart and knows exactly what it needs to reach optimal performance 💪🏼🏃🏼‍♀️ speaking of which, my body is asking for a nap right now 😴 and then it's off to #EQXrunclub Happy Thursday running friends 😘 #zensah #runinrabbit #radrabbit #summerstreak #happylegs #runhappy

En un mundo que circula a toda velocidad, es necesario hacer una pausa para preguntarnos si estamos corriendo porque corren los demás o porque verdaderamente nos dirigimos a algún sitio.
El porqué es nuestra pregunta. ¿Hacemos las cosas porque siempre se han hecho así o las hacemos porque realmente creemos en ellas? ¿Actuamos movidos por la inercia de los acontecimientos o por el sentir de nuestro propio corazón?
Vivimos rodeados de mensajes y refuerzos (positivos o negativos) que crean dentro de nosotros la idea de que existen unos caminos más adecuados que otros, provocando que la mayoria de nuestras decisiones sea tomada desde el deseo de acertar en lugar del de “La libertad" sin darnos cuenta  que "no es el acierto lo que nos convierte en personas de valor, sino el coraje de atrevernos a dejar un trocito de felicidad a cambio de ser dueños de nuestro propio destino". Y es que ser capaz de inventar tu  propia historia es abandonar los tendría y los debería para hacer de nuestra existencia nuestra propia obra, Sin copias, Sin imitaciones. Es colocar delante de cada acción o decisión que llevemos a cabo un porqué. No como un acto de rebeldía, sino como un ejercicio de responsabilidad. Es, en definitiva, poner los recursos del mundo al servicio de nuestros deseos en lugar de nuestros deseos al servicio de todo el mundo.
No esperes a que la vida te ponga en las manos tu plan perfecto. Eso nunca ocurrirá. Si el trabajo que amas no existe, invéntalo; si la casa de tus sueños no está en el mercado, constrúyela; si tu ilusión nunca ha sido realizada, persíguela.
Haz tuya la aventura de vivir. 💙💜💙💜 texto dedicado a @carolineh2o 😘#run #running #go #runner #workout #training #sport #mountains #runners #motivation #healthy #exercise #instarunners #halfmarathon #goprotravel #instarun #runhappy #neverstopexploring #trailrunning #instarunner #runnerscommunity #mountaingirls #iloverunning #trailrunner #worlderunners #mountain #runnergirl #lovesmountains #womenwhoexplore #neverstopdreaming

I think this this is the easiest lesson that we all end up learning the hard way... Nothing lasts forever 🏃🙏
Pic by @mariasuntsova
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Da série #AntesEDepois
'Aiii mas não mudou nada 🙄'
Óbvio que mudou!!! Na foto da esquerda (tem uns dois anos) eu era a louca do aeróbico, a louca da dieta, a louca da academia.👎🏻
Da pra ver pela foto que me sentia fraca, minha auto estima n era das melhores, confiança zero em mim, fora os cambitos.✋🏻
Foto da direita: me ENCONTREI! 🙌🏻Aeróbico dia sim dia não e só pq treino pra corrida pq poderia muito bem diminuir. Como bagarai! MUITO mais relax com comida, como de vez em quando uma friturinha ali, um docinho aqui.. sem neurose, sei que quando quero meu corpo volta.
Auto estima infinitamente melhor! 😻Eu SEI onde eu quero chegar e não preciso ser aloka de tudo rs.
Enfim pode até não parecer esteticamente mas internamente ohan, mudei, mudei sim, mudei muito, graças a Deus!❤️
E a barriguinha a mais? #tonemai se vcs repararem nas fotos da Meia Maratona desse fds passado, estou com barriguinha em todas elas, pergunta se pensei em um segundo em não postar por isso? ÓBVIO QUE NÃO!
Sou ser humano assim como vc! Fiquei ansiosa SIM! Comi mais do que deveria SIM! Me deu barriguinha a mais SIM! Se isso me deixou por um segundo infeliz NEM!
Por um mundo mais leve!!! A vida é UMA só!🙏🏻
#justdoit #NikeWoman #NikeRunning #NRCRio #VemComElas #VemJunto #CoachFellippa #FamiliaPt #MundoBt


Gestern vor dem großen Unwetter noch ne Runde laufen gewesen und dabei sogar trocken geblieben 😎
Die Luft war Mega drückend und dementsprechend extrem warm. 🌞🌞🌞 #instarunners #run #running #vegan #runnersworld #runner #worldrunners #veganathlete #veganintopform #nomeatathlete #training #strava #polar #runnover #laufen #runnerscommunity #laufen #runnersofig #fit #hannoverrunners #asics #veganrunnershannover #veganrunners

Schön war's ... #Repost @jochenauswien (@get_repost)
Geiler Lauf heute mit fast allen Kolleginnen und Kollegen beim #LCC #Firmenlauf im Ernst-Happel-Stadion. Zeiten waren heute egal, im Vordergrund war Spaß und Freude. Danke an alle die dabei waren ... Team Tristyle / Dotzauer 💪🏻 #tristyle #swimbikerun #run #instarunners #runner #running #runlife #laufen #laufliebe #nevernotrunning #marathon #halbmarathon #triathlon #ironman #ironman703 #fitness #fitnessblogger #cardio #furtherfasterstronger #laufblogger #wien #vienna #earlybird #arvienna #whyirunvienna #jochenauswien #dotzauer

Leaping into a week off y'all! Stoked for wildflowers and waterfalls and sunshine and all the best things-yippee! Let's play! I've got nowhere to be and all day to get there...let's see where the magic takes me...✨
#choosestoke #lifeisagame #letsplay #wildflowersfordays

Das ist mal wieder Tristyle-Power 😁 ... #Repost @jochenauswien (@get_repost)
Geiler Lauf heute mit fast allen Kolleginnen und Kollegen beim #LCC #Firmenlauf im Ernst-Happel-Stadion. Zeiten waren heute egal, im Vordergrund war Spaß und Freude. Danke an alle die dabei waren ... Team Tristyle / Dotzauer 💪🏻 #tristyle #swimbikerun #run #instarunners #runner #running #runlife #laufen #laufliebe #nevernotrunning #marathon #halbmarathon #triathlon #ironman #ironman703 #fitness #fitnessblogger #cardio #furtherfasterstronger #laufblogger #wien #vienna #earlybird #arvienna #whyirunvienna #jochenauswien #dotzauer

F R I Y A Y 🎉 Welcome back you!!! Nog maar een paar uurtjes hard werken en dan is het weer WEEEEEKEND 🎈🥂 Niet alleen het sporten viel me zwaar deze week, ik kan me in de hitte ook niet altijd even goed concentreren 😓 Anyway, we hebben ons er weer doorheen geslagen en heb ook nog eens heel goed nieuws gekregen in een zaak 🎓 Daar doen we het toch allemaal voor! Cliënte blij, ik blij! 💪
Morgen eindelijk weer even de beentjes strekken in mijn geliefde polder 🏃🏼 Mochten jullie nog op zoek zijn maar een lunch of maaltijd voor vanavond: ik heb weer een lekker receptje (WRAPS!) voor jullie klaar staan op Fitfunrun.com 🌮 #ikverwijsjetochnaardelinkinbio #datisinderdaadafgezaagd 🙋

#latergram von gestern Abend beim @b2run in #Düsseldorf. Wie eine Grinsekatzen dackel ich da gerade nach tollen 6,2 Km zu meinem Rad, um nach Hause zu fahren. Ein toller Abend in der Espritarena. Das Einlaufen in einem Stadion ist doch immer wieder eine coole Sache. Und n @erdinger.alkoholfrei gab es nach dem Rennen auch noch ☺️ Und jetzt Go: Auf in den letzten Tag der Woche!

Good luck to all runners partaking in @safaricommarathon this weekend! #marathon #desert #kenya #run
#Repost @safaricommarathon (@get_repost)
Over 1,000 runners from around the world have signed up to be a part of this year's #SafaricomMarathon. Looking forward to seeing you all in June! @lewa_wildlife #instarunners

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