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🙏 so sorry for not getting Back to everyone 🙏As well as trying to move Ralph became really unwell
and had to be rushed to the emergency vets 😔 he couldn't eat , his eyes were droopy , bloodshot and swollen , he was unsteady on his feet and he also didn't seem to recognise me he was growling whilst I stroked him ( something he never does ) as most of you know I rescued him a few months ago and obviously don't have a complete history for him but he absolutely HATES the vets , he is so bad he had to be sedated ( and then topped up to having a general anaesthetic) just to even examine him 😔The vets diagnosed him with retrobulbar abscess/ infection and have given him a months worth of high dose antibiotics, if when he stops he reverts back ( or he goes downhill in the meantime ) he will need to have surgery behind his eye ... not great as he is such a high risk patient for the vets 😪they won't even be able to keep him in so please pray that it won't come to this for him 🙏
He also has huge problems with his legs , he has hip dypslasia and will also need two TPLO doing on his back legs , again they won't even be able to keep him in or feed him etc so it's a huge deal for him at only two years old 😔❤️
Sorry for such a negative post , but wanted you all to know .. have a great Wednesday love all the boys ❤️
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We are twins.. 😍😂😘

So in love of this sweet lady, Dark, the queen of my ❤

Don't be afraid to rock the boat. If someone falls off your boat, they weren't meant to be in it🚤💙

⚓️Happy Monday my wonderful buddies!! Hope you're having a great day & off to a great start to your week💪🏼
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Parece que creció un poquitito! 😍🐶 #rottweiler #instarottweiler #rottie

Herlmoshita! 😍❤🐶 #rottweiler #instarottweiler #rottie

wow ♥♥

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