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Summer hues come with gorgeous views! 🌸
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📸 @ksenimili: Неправда, что сказок не бывает.✨ Иногда в реальной жизни случаются волшебные моменты. Просто их надо не пропустить⭐🌈
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ADORABLE PUPPIES, GIVEN THE FIRST EUTHANASIA INJECTION, SAVED AT THE LAST MINUTE. Georgia animal shelter. No one came to adopt the cute and healthy puppies. The Australian shepherd mixes were unwanted puppies thrown away, like trash. They didn't even have a name. They had been given the first ‘euth’ injection prior to a poison filled syringe to end their lives. “We wish we were never born. We were laid on a cold concrete floor. The injection, then we fell down. The vet then came into the room to inject the killer shot. Then a miracle." Animal Aid USA volunteer Anesha rushed to the shelter, and saved the puppies." (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost)

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5OO.- оффтоп: на фото стикер напечатанный на эмбоссере из @moonandstarstationery . 🖤
Вы бы знали как было его тяжело найти!!! но мы это сделали и по пипец какой крутой цене. теперь можно подписывать все предметы дома, что бы не потеряться.
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Park seo joon ig update: upcoming drama WHY SECRETARY KIM
Xciting !!!!! Aura😂😂
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