“when it happened
she was the one with wings
but now, she had no energy for rebirth
he had wiped away all she knew
she just wanted to feel her body
dust and all” prompt “rebirth” for @untwine.canada contest @vividshea #umcprompts ; pic/art of me by me. #WritersOfInstagram #PoetsOfInstagram #PoemOfTheDay #QuotesOfInstagram #WritingCommunity #QuotesToLiveBy #HerHeartsReach #PoetryIsNotDead #Instapoet #Instapoetry #Wordgasm #WritersOfIG #WordsWithQueens #PoetryCommunity #ArtlixirPoetry #PoetsofIG #WritersNetwork #ThePoemPress #AVoiceFromFarAway #ByMePoetry #WritersDen #LovePoems #LoveQuotes #GlobalWordsmiths

The wind is like my spirit: beautifully rambunctious

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The yellow tape around me
may tell you
that I am a storm,
sweeping the stillness of the waves
in the middle of summer
After all,
no formal dress can detain
my wild spirit
into the exiles of poise
I will laugh at my own jokes
dance to the beat of the drum
and leap silly for a photograph
The way I run the gas tank
until it’s empty,
and my mismatched socks
have scared them plenty
I have formed a ruthless league
with the king of havoc
that has since
been my accomplice
against the world,
riddled with shallows
All seem afraid
to learn me better
and see
that even in my clumsiness
my falling knives
don’t cut
and there is no burn
that accompanies my touch
No one yet
came close enough to see
that this caution sign
is only meant to shield me
After once
when I was crippled
by heartbreak
Near death
on frozen ground
And I have since
been making sure I don’t fall down
the same way again..
Elle Bor


This is for you, not him...
I remained mum
about the time
I touched the sun
And instead of burning,
I stole the very reason
why it shines
I was a villain on this one
But now I confess
inside this cocoon
of guilt and its inception
giving due merit
to this stabbing realization
This isn’t about him
This is for you
the one who held me
as warm and delicate
as fresh cottons
in the field
the one who picked out
the stars from behind the clouds
so I could see
Not “him”
whose memory
is a permanent resident
in my words
Yours we’re never spun
into a concoction
of kisses and tears
but of sweet righteousness
and honesty
I’m sorry
that I could only dip my feet
in the ocean that you gave me
that I doused myself in gasoline
rather than
suffocate in your embrace
We were mismatched pieces
from a perfect puzzle
glued by ideals
In them,
we saw love
A tale that was already ending
at its start
Our link was always meant
to fall apart
even in the absence
of rough handling
But I can’t apologize
for leaving
I can explain that now
The taste of new emotions
only one person can stir
I understand now
why I chose to fight
a raging bull
I chose it over
walking on the ground
strewn with rose petals
I set you free
so you can tell about
precisely how I feel
with the one
who carries
the other end
to your broken piece
I speak for so many of us
who chase stories
that are destined for tragedy
and saturate our paper
with words from the bloodbath
When there are already those
who write without fatality
and tell us
that we are poetry
Elle Bor

Dirígete siempre hacia el sol, y si te quemas. Al menos sabrás que llegaste al centro del universo rodeado de estrellas y galaxias ✨💫
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He smiles gingerly to the day that’s ending
The antique clock now ticking
eyes never catching the tug from the wild rose
Nor the scent at its falling
And he reminds me that even the most beautiful things are taken for granted..

The demons I fight in my head,
they all look like you
seething with fury
as my sanity lays endangered
I’ve been wasting away
sucked dry from your touch
It must be time now
for your coincidental exit
But you will return
soon enough
after the distance restores me
and my body
becomes ripe again
for your voracious taking
I will be ready
sledgehammer in my grip
breaking the same concrete walls
I once used
to keep you out
You and I, it goes like this:
The way I know of love,
it has always been an illness
Only true, in front of empty bottles
Only real, behind slamming doors
And the way I was taught about letting go,
it never means wanting to
Elle Bor

This is not a tsunami siren
but a loud calling
to us kindred spirits
who too,
ache at mouths
who call us black sheeps
and stepchildren
of this civilization
All because,
we color outside the lines
and refuse to tear
at the perforation
We don’t form a single file
and rules suffocate us
into resistance
I am with you
in feeling different
even as my feet
followed the crowd
my voice suppressed
from expression
passion killed
by practicality
I share with you
this pain of un-belonging
not outcasts
Let it be said right
We were always meant to escape
the confines of a world
blinded by the ordinary
Our hearts steer us
Our souls possess us

We are renegades of normalcy
Bleeding profusely with creativity
And remember that we are free
Elle Bor

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