Jagger is so sweet and funny. And so handsome 💕

It's #whiskerwednesday. Way to go, Fluffy!

Mental purroblems 😹 🐾

이쁜 내냐옹이♥

Sweetie has #tongueouttuesday perfected. Or she's blowing me a raspberry 😄

💔🚨HELP ME🚨💖 I was wandering across a road I probably shouldn't have been on, late Friday night. I know this because I woke up in a lot of pain but with very kind faces peering down at me. My owner might not know I've been hurt and won't be finding my own way home, so for now at least, I am in the care of Perth Rescue Angels.
They organised the care I needed, as soon as they saw my situation. I'm hearing all kinds of things like "Snapped femoral head, the bit that keeps my leg in its socket" and cracked acetabulum", which I definitely need fixed if I'm ever going to walk again.
Luckily with a little help from you, I will get the surgery I need and I am determined to walk again. This will mean many weeks of physio therapy with my wonderful foster parents and a REALLY big vet bill. (Tax time is coming don't forget, so get your donation in then get your receipt!) My Rescue's Bank Details are:
Name: Perth Rescue Angels
BSB 066 161
ACC 10709139

I promise, that if you can spare a few dollars, I can give it everything I've got to get through this big surgery tomorrow AND I will do alllll my physio. #purromise
Maybe my owner is still out there worried about me, looking for me. So please if I look familiar, let them know where I am <3
#helpme #perthrescue #petsinneed #taxtime

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