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💥🔥Todos pendientes, 5 de Mayo Bien Linda en todas las plataformas digitales 🔥💥

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS YET?!!! I'm so lucky to have been involved in this amazing project, with phenomenal musicians, and never could have imagined doing this when I started instagram 😊😍
@arianaflute is amazing for organising it ❤😊
Here is: The "Global Insta Orchestra" performing Mozart's Overture to The Marriage Of Figaro 🎵❤
Presenting from top left to bottom right : 🎵@arianaflute Flute (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
🎶@veronisab Oboe (Copenhagen, Denmark)
🎵@laura_clarinetist Clarinet (Melbourne, Australia)
🎶@justanotherbassoonist Bassoon (New York City, USA) 🎻@estherabrami 1st Violin (London, UK) 🎻@rachelviolin 2nd Violin (New Bern, USA) 🎵@nikolaciric French Horn (Novi Sad, Serbia)
🎻@thatviolakid Viola (New York City, USA) 🎻@kkubota8 Cello (New York City, USA)
Its so amazing to think that even though we are in different countries and time zones, we are connected by music. Music has the ability to take you great places! 😊❤😍🎵

🔥🎹 @kingmidas Killing it on the talk box!

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"Who wanna listen to a symphony? I can't hear you!!!" #bethoven #classic #Music
#instamusic #insta #socialmedia #sharing #havefun

Not Everybody Yea! 🎤😂 @missjduhh

Me @ why am I awake
It's 4.40am in my country

In rotation: "Eat This" by @kristoferbryant | If ur music is 🔥& you should be on the radio, visit hexfm.com/submissions for more info

Best to You - Blood Orange🎧
Check out @hiimlexis, his photos are stunning ⛅️⛅️⛅️

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