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Mmmmm hi! ✌️

For one day only, we're bringing you the ultimate bacon burger, The Bacon! Available tomorrow from 12pm exclusively at Welcome To Thornbury's Bacon Appreciation Day, and only while supplies last so get yours while you can!

Starting my preparation for my @growassembly dish yesterday #thingsthefarmerwouldhavewasted

Richmond is hosting Trivia Night this Wednesday and as our theme is movies, try warming up with this question - Michael Jordan might be the star of "Space Jam", but can you name two of the NBA players who had their talent stolen?
If you think you know the answer, get the crew together and book by contacting richmond@belleshotchicken.com or (03) 9421 6904!

Happy #nationalselfieday ✌🏻

Perfectly crunchy boneless fried chicken at the more casual @puresouthdining downstairs


So, this is the last full week working in the south side of the city; next week we'll be moving to our new building in the East. I'm keeping positive and thinking of the fresh new views on this other side of town (like the Terminus Hotel pictured here).

I cut up vegetables on these exact chopping boards at home 😉

Enjoy this beautiful city ❤️

Grab life by the MATCHA buns @brighton_soul . Where are you brunching this weekend 😉?

So so sad that my favourite Mexican restaurant is closing down tomorrow night 😭😭😭 because we obviously need more buildings in Brunswick 😒 thank you for all the 🌽 and 🌮 and 🍸 and 💃🏻 @micorazontequilabar 💛 #tacostacostacos #weekendmood

When the plane first touches down on foreign ground, it is absolutely exhilarating; the sound of your heart beating against your chest seems louder than the sounds of the engines, louder than the wheels making contact with the tarmac, and in that moment everything seems possible. Everything left behind seems to have been worth something greater, this very moment.
This. This. This!
This is it, you say. And you believe it too. That's the problem. Because the novelty fades quicker than one could ever anticipate, even sooner than you have the chance to wash off the scent of your country from your skin and the little of your belongings that you brought in tow.
This country grows too old, too tiring, too quick with only the slight pretense of excitement left at all like a pinch of spice in a dish you can barely taste. And once the names and accusations come, and they will, you will not believe that this is what you have left everything else behind for; to be demonized in a land where they seemingly welcomed you in with open arms, only now to blame you, its most humble guest, for its own faults and shortcomings. Despite your successes and achievements, this is the story of your life. Underneath all of the layers, this is your legacy.
Welcome to paradise...

Looking for a place to burn off that faux meat parmigiana?
We'll be open tonight till 5AM.

Docklands tonight! 👌🏼

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