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📸 Credit: @jimmy_nikos

Airplaned ear boy!! So cute!! 😍 ✈️ Follow Reaper 👉 @reaperthemalinois 👈
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The perfect spot for a trip😍Double tap if you like this unique fur colors❤
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Little man is 7 months old today, time flies when you’re trying not to kill your dog every day and he’s trying to kill you every day 👯‍♂️💀 • Thanks to everyone who has been with us since 8 weeks and all our new followers as well. Almost at 9k, you guys are fucking crazy 🖤

#flashbackfriday to Lil Doofers working on his Recall. #fbf

I'm teaming up with @normthegsd and @b.b_mcd for another #cmondog challenge: RECALL! 👊
Beginning, middle, end or brushing up, post wherever you are at in the process. Use whatever tools you use, long line, ecollar, treats, Frisbee, show us what works for you and how you're working on it. I love c'mo dog challenges, it's a great reminder of how fantastic the online dog community can be. So many people sharing their training ideas and encouraging others. 👍👍
Rules:3-5 entries, video only
Be safe not stupid, do not push your dog before he is ready, show where you're at currently and how you are increasing the distraction.
Use hashtag #cmondogdoyouevenrecall
Follow all vendors.
US/ Canada
Ends Oct 9th
Tag a friend to join the challenge and Have FUN!

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Anyone else had a week like this?! #TGIF

Working with @draxthedestroyer_mal in Montana. (Last video sped up for time) #Repost @thirdeye_k9 (@get_repost)
Drax The Destroyer. Dogs can think, adapt and fight. When raised correctly, in tune with nature, anything is possible....Before folks ask, yes we do live fire drills with our handlers and dogs. Why? Blanks don’t count, neither does setting the tool down before the dog even gets to the “adversary ”...sport training has ruined working dogs. Dogs must take the appendage holding the weapon...believe me dogs know the difference between live fire and blanks, they behave and react very differently to both. I personally run all live fire drills and in twenty years, training thousands of dogs, I have never harmed a dog or handler. I am very aware of my “foreground and background” here. Yes, we do send our dogs on armed individuals....weapons are not always present at time of deployment. Never forget, if the bead is on the dog it isn’t on you or teammates....fight with your fucking dogs people. Dogs give one distance, time and space...use it, and fight accordingly.
Our dogs have been around live fire since 6 weeks of age...they are indifferent to all tools. Handlers and teammates are NOT targets just because they hold a tool...just because you don’t know how to do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
Drax is doing what we call “reversing”, ie fighting. Reversing allows the dog to avoid taking unnecessary punishment from the “adversary”....take notice on the out of car deployment.... These are VERY BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL drills....Handlers
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We're ready for training; what's taking you so long? #instamalinois #malinoislovers #malinoisworld

Saturday feelings ❤

I missing this precious baby so much. I know she's learning, and will be even better when she comes home, but not having her around is draining me. However much she may get on my nerves, it was always worth it. You never really know what you're missing in Life until you get a dog, and feel how full your heart can truly be. 🐺❤️😢 ======================== #Aryathemal #puppy #pupper #DireWolf #belgianmalinois #Staffy #maligator #galswithmals #dogsofinstagram #BlackMalinois #varðhundr #pitsofinstagram #MalinoisofIG #malinoisofficial #malinoismom #shepherdsofig #schutzhund #malinoisworld #BlackMalinois #ABelgianintheSouth #Staffygram #malinoislife #instamalinois #Malinoispup #Malinoisnation #StaffordshireBullTerrier_feature #dogoftheday

Before and after photo. Pushing Brix to eat more. I will continue to keep his growth healthy. 😘😍🐕 #belgianmalinois #bmpuppy #instamalinois #malinoisofinstagram #dogsofinstagram

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