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Korhaishutir kochuri r Alur Dom❤❤

Food ignored on large scale pack with health benefits .one of my favourite salad option • provide dietary fiber: The high percentage of fiber helps improve the body’s ability to digest food and also keep the metabolism at the right pace. The fiber content also adds to the amount of roughage you need in your diet and keeps you feeling full for longer.
• loaded with vitamins • full of iron: Iron available in radishes has positive effects on blood.
• metabolism booster: Radish consumption boosts the metabolism process in the body, which in turn helps the internal functions to perform better. • great for your liver: Radishes are extremely good for the liver and stomach. They are powerful detoxifying agents and help purify blood and eradicate waste and toxins. • treat jaundice: Red radish is known to remove bilirubin from the body that is the main cause of jaundice. Excess presence of bilirubin causes jaundice symptoms, which can be eliminated by increasing the intake of red radish. It also restricts the destruction of healthy red blood cells during jaundice

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