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St. Patrick's Cathedral Sunset

A colourful sunset over St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dundalk Co. Louth Ireland. Like, share, leave a comment.


This morning Curt spent 30 minutes alone, without the crowds, photographing the Long Room at Trinity Library

This is not a Dublin Pub

You may have noticed that the frequency of our posts wasn't up to much for the merry month of June. We must assure you that we haven’t gotten tired of talking shite about boozers just yet. We were simply out conducting some field tests and formulating data for future use – or to put it more succinctly; we’ve been flat out on the pints.

The last few weeks saw the return of two of the lads, two solid pintmen who’d gone to seek their fortune in lands afar. Like any decent emigrants they returned to holy ground with an unwavering thirst for decent stout. And given that their repatriation was only temporary, we’d a lot of drinking miles to cover. We’ve taken in many boozers and there’s plenty of tales ripe for transcription and a few pictures that need to be reshot in sobriety.

We happened to be in Bundoran recently and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to drop into Brennan’s –a pub in league with the likes of The Gravedigger’s or Mulligan’s. Untouched in decades it’s a living, breathing relic and given that we thought we’d stick it up here even though it’s well outside the pale.

The Criterion Bar (as it's also called) is staffed by two adorable yet formidable elderly ladies who also live in the building. There are 3 rules in Brennan’s: no music, no TV and no swearing. The staff even knocked a bit of craic out of one of the lads gently reminding him of the no music rule, having noticed a guitar which he had in tow.

We took a cosy alcove opposite the end of the bar and indulged in the type of craic that bars like this were built for: conversation, storytelling, joke-telling, craic! We agreed that the pub is the homeliest any of us had been in. One of the lads even stumbled upon one of the owners in their sitting room in his search for the jaxx. He returned remarking how the hallway smelled of Mass, it did!

Other than a shy member of the gang getting scolded for cursing we’ve no major story. The overriding memory of the visit is one of fuzzy nostalgia. We left as if leaving our granny’s gaff, feeling we were welcome back at any time. We implore you to visit Brennan’s if you’re in the vicinity. You won’t regret it.

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There is an infinite delight in using techniques and materials which draw back to more than 2000 years history; when I paint using this ancient painting process I do tap into that long lineage of artists over the ages .. this deepen my relationship with this amazing process 🔥

‪We're gonna rock down to... #ElectricAvenue
Hello from a very wet London. I mean VERY wet, like hard to take a good picture wet 😂. It was 34 degrees here last week. Oh well, roll with it. -
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El GPS está loco. Ayer salimos de Irlanda del Norte y volvimos a la República , pero en algún momento no lanzó por un "atajo" que implicaba volver a cruzar un pedazo de Irlanda del Norte. Cuando vimos el cielo espejado en el lago nos detuvimos unos minutos para estirar piernas y tomar fotos.

Nada dice #playita como el sol tras las nubes, el mar frío, la sueta, el jeans y las tenis de caminata.

Rainy #galway we were quite Lucky TO get only one full rainy day so far I bet in our 13days #holiday and tomorrow we fly back to Sunny Italy 🇮🇪🇮🇹 domani si torna ... Un giorno di pioggia su 13 e' un buon record per l' Irlanda direi ... ☘ #sofiavicchi #sofiavicchiconceptdesign #ireland #rain #irish #viaggio #travel #womeninphotography #tourismireland #instaireland #like4like

It's all about house renovations these days so no time to take photos 😖! Here's another from Killarney, taken a few weeks ago #killarney #kerry #knockreer #ireland #instaireland #insta_ireland #icu_ireland #ireland_gram #loves_ireland #irishpassion #inspireland_ #rsa_sky #rsa_light #royalsnappingartists #ic_skies #insta_crew #skysnappers #skystalking

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