🥣 Cub Holi-day 22 🥣
Slime up your life.
I finally cracked it. Slimefest. I’m no pro, it’s blatantly over activated now that playtime is over but come on, it’s like Salmon cooking mark 2 - you know I’ll be an expert shortly.
Today we took it easy like Sunday morning. Mr Winch came to fix Wavvy McWavFace (wasn’t even broken, just jammed and had pulled itself free of its clasp, we now have a rule in place to prevent) and we nipped out to return some broken stuff. To the wrong shop. So that was embarrassing. Shoplifter alert. (I’m not a shoplifter. At all.)
Cub sang to the car park & we were reminded of the stark contrast between people who look at us like we just landed from planet alien & the lovelies, who bend over backwards (quite literally sometimes) to help us. There is no in between.
Can I just shove in the small snippet that I love our van. It is the easiest thing I’ve ever driven & my gosh, it has some power. Don’t underestimate Tourneos for sure. Especially not the ones with seats removed. Rocket man.
After my spondylosis-flare-hands knocked almost everything off the shelves in B&M & Cub grabbed a trolley with someone’s poor kid in it (almost liquidised with embarrassment), we came home to make slime & be still Cub’s bod. She doesn’t understand her limitations right now, I have to schedule sneaky breaks of rest & recuperation.
My first successful slime bowl was a hit. I could watch her play for 500 years & not get bored, hence the two videos. I mean, I could have uploaded more.. she’s just magical. We deserved our quiet day.
Number of winch replacements fitted: 0
Number of alien spotters: at least 5
Number of lovelies: 3
Number of times I failed at slime before I passed: 4
Rate the day: 8.5/10 (just because she smiled a bit) #💋🐯 #meetthesenparent

That’ll be oor “SOLD OOT!” faces! Best get your #BlackoutPlay tickets for the rest of the run! #soldout #edfringe #intotheunknown @summerhallery @madeinscotland_showcase

Might not keep the evil grin. Too big ? But Big time mash up. Haha. Le Chat Noir meets @painting_with_jane ‘s Halloween kitty meets Venom? #mashup #halloween #stuff #spiderman #venom #grin #showmeyourteeth #instagrin #instasmile #paintingofthenight

You know on Super Mario Bros or pretty much any old skool video game (yes, I know I sound prehistoric) where you get through the level but then have to defeat the boss at the end. In doing so, you can unlock some goodies or a secret level? Well that’s how I feel about these grins right now.
Cub grins used to be constant and plentiful, perhaps sometimes even taken for granted. We seemed unlucky, bad things still happened, there was always a surgeon hovering over with a scalpel or a hospital admission for her lungs, I was always on guard, but in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t know how lucky we were.
After what has gone on in 2018, the catastrophic diagnoses and untold torture of a child who doesn’t understand what happened to her blissful (on the most part) life - or brain - my daily goal is to see those massive teeth. They’ve been elusive lately. She swings from good day to bad week, seizures and stomach pain steal her sunshine and oppress the winning grin.
Luckily for Cub, I’m her secret weapon. Like the super mushrooms on Mario, I’m bigging her up every step of the way. Like the bonus finds that offer Luigi protection, I’m deflecting as many of the baddies as I can so she can finish the level without getting KO’d.
Not every day is as easy to win at yesterday. This weekend I feel like I’ve defeated the boss. No, I know it won’t last long, I know the boss is bigger and uglier and meaner than me. He’ll be back.. But right now we’re getting bonus points on our secret level and it feels FANTASTIC. Grin level: Expert. #💋🐯

~ My small friend always argues that vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are the three best ice cream flavours. I think he has a Neapolitan complex. Hahahaha! 🐾 #smalldogbigattitude #smilesarecontagious #mondaymadness #instagood #instagrin #pupperz #pupperina #doggolove #dogsarethebest #lifewithdogs #pawsome #longhairchihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog #adorable #sweetness #pupstar

I think my face says it all , stunning day celebrating @hilll101 's big day #instapic #instadaily #instaselfie #instaboy #instasuit #instawedding #instagrin #cheshirecat

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