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Starting the week with some Rilakkuma sugar glazed donuts. 🍩🍩🍩

Shots from SFC 6, Rise of Legends! Anyway, It's been slightly over a year that I've been a Ring Girl for @singaporefightingchampionship and I have nothing but love for what I do there. Very grateful to @arvindthejuggernaut for hiring me back then! Over time, I brought in a couple of girl friends to do this with me and also, it's the second time where @culturedbrute and his friends are the security for it. The organizers, fighters and the people who work hard to make this happen are all amazing people too. That's what makes this so perfect getting to do it with people I love and with new friends that are made every time. ❤️ I wish it happened more often! See you guys at the next SFC, looking forward! 😘🥊#sfc #sfc6 #singaporefightingchampionship

Over the past weekend I had the most wonderful time with the best people, and we had SO MUCH FOOD!!! 😍
Yet, even after eating "unhealthy" foods - fried, oily, soupy, etc... I still look like this today. Didn't you watch my stories? 😜 Don't miss my #instastories, I post daily!!
One bad meal or a bad weekend will NOT ruin your physique if you're smart about it. In fact, it was a hella amazing weekend spent with amazing people!!
The point is if you're consistent to your training and your nutrition, you can still have a life and still eat the kind of foods you like.
ONE MAJOR KEY 🔑 to maintain my physique over the weekend was to eat WITHIN my daily caloric intake, since I was not eating more than my body requires, I was able to ensure minimum fat gain.
When I ate too much earlier in the day, I simply ate lesser as the day goes by. For instance, If I ate too much carbs earlier on, I cut back carbs later in the day. ⚖️
Above all, OVERALL consistency is KING 👑 . Let's put in the effort to reap the results we want!
#PressOn #StopWishingStartDoing

<Swipe at your own risk> Halloween Horror Nights 7 was terrifying-fantastic! Experienced the first-ever Korean themed haunted house as well as hands on the thrilling game - Zombie Laser Tag (my favourite)! Visit #HHN7 to find out what are your sins today! @rwsentosa

Having fun at bicycle cafe...

You'd be grinning like crazy too if you found a neon-pink ice cream parlour that made the best vegan salted caramel ice cream 💕@madpopsbali

Street style gaming stronger than yours ♡
Another photo outtake from one of my favourite shoots ever / photo by @fidelityinme ~
Also, I will be hosting a Q&A about beauty, fashion and lifestyle with #AMAfeed going live tomorrow, Sept 26. I'm taking in questions now so head on over to the site and I'll gladly answer anything ☆☆ link's in my bio! #clozette #bloggerbandfam #MMAZMCycle2


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新加坡环球影城万圣节之七宗罪!看看我们一群那副”万圣”的样子 😄😂 感谢 @rwsentosa 的邀请。#HHN7

There're no stories like the ones told by a seaman.
Today, listeners of radio station Capital 95.8FM got to hear from veteran captain, Wavelink Maritime Institute GM Capt Joe Chen and promising young PIL deck cadet, Benjamin Yip, of TNTA Cohort 12 as they shared about their experiences and the diverse opportunities in Singapore's maritime industry.
#smou #smousg #maritimesingapore #TNTA #SeafarersOnAir #igsg #sgig #instagramsg

I bought this whiteboard sticker. Test a piece for tonight. Gonna paste my entire bedroom and turn it into a war zone (s3 branch) if you understand what I mean.

Sometimes it’s just the calm before the storm 🗯

#sparky #seizethemoment

Helmed by Chef Kota Tanabe with 12 years of experience under his belt, Yatagarasu (name after the Japanese God of Guidance) is a Yakitori Joint serving an array of Skewers including their signature Pork Belly Wraps where there are 15 kinds!
From the more common Pork Belly Wrap with Tomato & Enoki Mushroom (both $3.5++), there's oso one with Shiso Leaf (same price) which was our unanimous favourite for tonite's DinDin. One other unique one involves Fried Noodle; the Pork Belly Yakisoba Yakitori ($6++). That pipette of soy sauce allows one to decide how much seasoning you need!
Pic taken @ Yatagarasu Yakitori
72 Circular Road
# 01-01
Singapore 049426
Phone: 6221 7785
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat
6pm - 12am
Closed: Sun
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yatagarasu72

#YatagarasuYakitoriSg #brandcellar #HiakKorShots #darkfoodphoto #SgFoodTrend #food #foodie #foodies #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodpic #foodpics #foodporn #foodspotting #foodstagram #buzzfeast #eeeeeats #gastronomia #getinmybelly #ilovefood #nomnom #Singapore #tslmakan #finditliveit #hot_shotz #liveauthentic #10likes #webstagram #vscogood #vscogrid

🔞Explicit content: 🚧Your ass is sexier than mine. 😫
#nacibtravels with 📷@maggiemtmt

Fight Skin Cancer with EHA Sun Shield 24Hr SPF 100! Get your special 10% off at @eha_skincare just by quoting LUXURY HAVEN! 😎👍❤️ #sunscreen #beauty #skincare #SkinCancer #bbloggers #beautyblog #lifestyle #aesthetic #beautyinfluencer #instagramsg #instadaily #sgblog #sgbloggers #sgbeautyblogger #ehaskincare #EHAclinic

In this gorgeous designer lounge with Moorish feel at the Louis Vuitton Exotique showcase @ #AtbaraHouse (former French Embassy), I can't help it but to strike a pose after viewing the million dollars exotic leather collections from #LouisVuitton 💎💎💎

Have you tried our limited edition Mid-Autumnal flavour "Over The Moon"? Relish in the rich Salted Egg oomph and crunchy Chocolate Cereal bits...You will have to try it before its gone! #dontsayinehshare 😋😋😋

Just finish dinner only, limpeh has to go dabao again. #eateateat #supperclub #fatdieme #laopehlife #hawkerfood

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