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Sunday's are the best! #worship

Stop and smell the tulips. 🌷Only a few sky blue Ballet dresses left in the shop, and I'm over here anxiously wondering how I'll ever be able to repost every one of the beautiful customer photos we've received of this color before it totally sells out?! #instagramproblems @blondecoffeebean

Now if you're having issues with Instagram in playing my previous edits or technically ANY Instagram Vids IN GENERAL cause it happens to me EVERY time... This is a step-by-step guide I just created... Yes...I created them... So if you repost, please give credit 😊☺ ANYWAYS! So if you go to like one of my older edits that are really stubborn and don't want to play but you want to listen to it
Step 1. Go to those 3 dots at the top right corner of the post and the last option where it says "Copy Share URL", click that.
Step 2. Go into Google and touch + hold down on the search bar till an option comes up that says "Paste", once it comes up, click on it and press the search key.
Step 3. A pop-up bar below or wherever SHOULD appear asking what browser you want to watch it in... My phone has chrome and it's really up to you what browser you want to use but it HAS to be an internet browser NOT the app
Step 4. Once you choose your browser, it SHOULD pull up the Instagram WEBSITE and my edit SHOULD be COMPLETELY able to play EXACTLY FINE in the browser... This is ONLY if the edit doesn't work IN the app! But it WILL load on the website!
You can ignore this post if you have no such issues... I have these issues myself... Sometimes when I want to go back and look at an edit, it won't play and I have to pull it up on the Instagram website... Idk if this is just a bug that Instagram has or what 😕😞
SOMETIMES if I play TOO MANY Instagram Videos/open up TOO MANY Pictures that have trouble loading, my WHOLE phone restarts 😑😒 I honestly don't know if my phone is just stupid, or maybe this is an Instagram bug that everyone is forced to deal with *shrug* but yeah! 😊☺
If you have ANY questions, don't be afraid to ask! The comment section is ALL yours and I ALWAYS reply to comments! The ONLY time I don't is when it doesn't show up in my notifs 😒 but yea! I'll be glad to help you guys out! 😊☺😉
One last thing... Is anyone on here OTHER THAN ME having these issues? 🤔🤔
May 11, 2017 1:48 P.M.

"Kanka şimdi ben haberim yokmuş gibi yapayım sen de beni çek" #instagramproblems #doitforthegram

У меня у одного Instagram стал жестко глючить, после их глобального сбоя?

Видео вчера одно залил со 150 попытки, другие не смог и сегодня ничего с видео не получается. И это при отличном интернете😡

Я уже молчу, что постоянно Инста стала глючить при переключении аккаунтов, при ленте новостей порой.

Со сториз лентой вообще забавно - там уже полгода миллионы людей пишут, чтобы разобрались с автоформатом (размером), с качеством и т.п. Но нифига, разработчики забухали видимо)
@kevin разберись уже!

#instagramproblems #крикдуши #thewallstreet

When you discover it's #nationalpinkday and you have like a thousand pink photos in your camera roll to choose from... Happy Friday friends! 💗

The spillage in the dressing really bothers me 😤 #instagramproblems 🤔 anyway...thank you guys for the support on my #transformation pic! 📸 love you all 🤗❤ soo excited to see where tracking #macros takes me on this journey! 😃 xo 🖤

🔥🔥🔥 THIS IS THE BEST #Repost @_zoethefrenchie_
Here's the full video of my #mannequinchallenge #instagramproblems 🙄😏


One more picture of beautiful #Vienna. This is a #panorama #photo taken from a #galaxynote5. Unfortunately #instagram limits the picture size :( Anyone knows tricks that allows you to post a picture without limiting its size? Follow us around the world!
Mais uma imagem da linda cidade de #Viena. Esta é uma #foto #panoramica tirada com um # galaxynote5. Infelizmente o #instagram limita o tamanho da imagem :( Alguém sabe truques para colocar a imagem sem limitar seu tamanho?
#instagramproblems #panoramicphoto #Austria #travel #worldtraveler #brasileirospelomundo #vivaunlimited #Europe #ficaadica

When you discover it's #nationalpinkday and you have like a thousand pink photos in your camera roll to choose from... Happy Friday friends! 💗

I've been holding my phone instagramming for so long that my hands have started to go tingly. Am I on my own here? 🙈#instagramproblems
Hope everyone is having a glorious Friday... I'm having a rather warm and fuzzy one as the AC in my house has gone out. This is problematic seeing as Tennessee is only in month 5 of the 9 month long heatwave that is our way life here. Here's where the fuzzy part comes in: very excited about reaching my first 100 followers! Too soon to celebrate? Friday is usually reason enough to break out the bunting as far as I'm concerned.
I'm really feeling the love ♥️ You can too, if you celebrate with me by giving this photo, expertly taken by @aaron.etc , a double tap!
Loving these chimney potted buildings in this shot taken around Bristol, and this snap's interactive nature. Well done!
🇬🇧📷 by: @aaron.etc —————————————
So, the thing is #IHaveThisThingWithBritain. You too? Well then! Don't forget to tag #IHaveThisThingWithBritain to have your snaps of 🇬🇧 featured.

Anyone know how to fix this???? @trixierixx keeps trying to dm me and i dont even get a pending and then when i go to dm her i get this??? Help?? #instagramproblems #instagrambug #dmproblems #dmproblem

Chalk Bluff❤️ and what do you do when you can't fit the whole vertical photo😟 @dannybatista ??? #instagramproblems

So something that I wanted to talk about for a little bit is that these doodles are only semi-autobiographical. Meaning that some of the posts are inspired by real events that happen to me, some are events that happen to other people, some are inspired by quotes or things that I've seen online, and some are just random stuff that has come into my head that I thought would make a good comic. And most are exaggerated for comic effect.
So yeah, just thought I'd mention it because I've had more than one person irl say "is everything okay?" when they've seen a mopy ig post from me.
Also this is prefacing what might be a series that I'm half planning that really really doesn't have anything to do with me, but might be doodle me. 😐 I dunno yet...

So I'm not able to upload videos to Instagram again.... Come on guy. Step your game up. Seriously.
#terrystechandthings #youtube #youtuber #contentcreator #contentcreation #instagram #instagramproblems

@ donna_devil_or_angel ok everyone my instagram is playing up and me an my nanny account is not working good an having problems on this account so I will put posts on my other account @donna_devil_or_angel feel free to follow that if you like 😉. #followotheraccount #followifyoulike #instagramfollowers. #sorryforhassle #findmeifyouwantto. #meanmybabies💕 #look#instalike. #instagramshow #followmefollow #instagramproblems.

Instagram live is not working. 😕 But we are meditating anyway😊 #instagramproblems #problemoninstagram

Today is Tuesday, you know what that means? New releases and #CoverofheWeek 🎊I did a blog feature on black white and red covers but I have to say, loving the black white and hot pink 💗💗 What do you think? #bookstagram #summerreading @rivetedlit #instabook #bookgram #pink #yalit #bookish

Reposting my #isseymiyake feels because color blocking is a real thing and I'm an artist so I'm sensitive about my shit. #instagramproblems #erykahbadutoldyou

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