As I struggled with jet lag, this incredible blue-orange cotton candy gradient emerged at around 4:00 AM, and I was immediately reminded of the fact that Japan is referred to as the “land of the rising sun.” This is the literal translation of 日本 or nihon. People often claim that New Zealand is the actual “land of the rising sun” as that’s where the day begins, but Japan was referred to as 日本 as its location was compared to that of China’s. Because China was such a major country, Japan was described as east of China, where the sun rises.

Being a work from home chick can be amazing, it can feel so freeing But could it also be damaging...?🤔 I’ve heard a lot lately about all the ladies that are happy that they don’t have to get ready in the morning, or put on nice clothes, do their hair & makeup , etc. 🤦🏼‍♀️But when I also hear that I hear you saying: I lack self-love & how I feel about my success. (Okay, maybe not in all cases)

〰️ but here me out 🙃 〰️

During the last few weeks we’ve been practicing self-love & the way it has amazingly transpired into our work & success path! ✨
When we take pride in the way we look, even when no one else sees us.. We Still SEE OURSELVES! 👱🏼‍♀️👀 .:. This we’ve notice leads to our confidence & the more we feel confident in ourselves the MORE we feel good about ourselves, feel creative & the MORE success we create... crazy right?
::So I challenge you with our Top 5 favorites::
1️⃣Make that hair cute, even if you don’t go out
2️⃣Wear that cute sun dress , even if Noone watching
3️⃣Tell yourself ALOUD 5 things you love about yourself each day, look in the mirror while you do it!
4️⃣Send a love letter to yourself. Post it.
5️⃣Leave your phone at home and go for a romantic picnic, just you, yourself and possibly a good book.
Side note: I realize that self-love is wayyyy deeper than our images but for those of us that are just beginning this practice , it is such an easy beautiful way to start 💗

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