🔸Looking for a healthy, fully customizable meal prep service in Los Angeles that uses only ethically sourced, quality ingredients? I am excited to say that @completetaste by my friend and cohort @8_degrees_of_donna is up, running, and ready for business! CompleteTaste stands apart from other meal services in that it is 100% customizable as per your health needs and fitness goals, they use biodegradable vacuum sealed bags which are better for us and the environment, and they take care to source the best quality food available without leaving a giant footprint.🔸
🔸As a fitness professional who has tried a number of meal delivery services for myself and my clients, I can say that no other service on the market currently is as customizable nor as nutritionally and environmentally sound as CT. This is HUGE for those of us with specific dietary restrictions and needs, as well as those of us who care about the environment.🔸
🔸Check them out @completetaste or completetaste.com and get ordering 😊🥕🥑🥩🔸

I Thought About Killing This Salad

It’s like ‘06 in your backyard

Cookin with the sauce

A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to photograph for my good friend and colleague @8_degrees_of_donna’s new meal prep & catering company. 🔹 Watch her instagram for the launch of Complete Taste, a meal prep service dedicated to scrupulously customized meals for the health and fitness minded individual. 🔹 You have a specific macro breakdown you want? They’ll accommodate your needs to a T. Don’t have any idea where to start with your diet and fitness goals? They’ll give you specific guidelines. Dietary restrictions such as vegan, food allergies, etc? Your needs can be easily accommodated. 🔹 Complete Taste will also be offering certified, experienced, well-rounded personal trainers as an option on their website if you’re interested in tackling the fitness aspect of your health!
As a certified personal trainer in Los Angeles myself, this service is what I will be recommending to my clients. Your health and fitness success is 80% diet, so watch @8_degrees_of_donna for the Complete Taste launch this month and DM @8_degrees_of_donna for any other details 😊🔹

Balansiran obrok😊
-200g belog mesa
-100g djuveca
-50g sitnog sira
-krastavac salata
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“Look at This Cute Trendy Lite Sustenance I Bought (feat. some cute dead guys)” - Lil WeHaux

Essa foi de ontem à noite, mas ainda está valendo! Bruschetta de pão integral: eu uso o 100% integral da Nutrella. Coloquei queijo minas sem sal, azeite, tomate, cebola roxa e coentro. Mas fica a critério do gosto de cada um. Usei o que tinha na geladeira! 😋

But first, coffee! ☕️Hoje eu comi apenas um ovo com café, porque não estava com muita fome. Normalmente são dois ovos. Mas acredito muito que você precisa “sentir” a sua fome e comer o que te satisfaz - nem a mais, nem a menos! O café da manhã também varia, no meu caso, depende muito da pressa de manhã e o do que tem na geladeira, rs!

E quando você ganha trufa no trabalho e ela ainda é 60% cacau? 😍 🍫

Quick salmon stir fry. Only used a little garlic salt and lemon juice (no tamari) because farmers market produce is already full o flavah

Oats, organic pumpkin seed protein, handful of berries. A basíque rest day haiku

Doing a blood type diet with my coach @robertmathis_protraining. Fresh atlantic salmon on wilted spinach with roasted garlic, celery micro greens. Even coaches need coaches 🐟🍃

“Oh hey it’s aggro triple-chicken girl” - every trendy salad chain employee in LA

Back on that stack game 🥞💛 Regen day vanilla birthday cake pancakes are 50 G protein, 20 G carbs, 2 g fat.

Egg free fluffy pancakes

1 C self raising flour
1 C milk
2tbs soft brown sugar
Pinch of salt

Combine very well (it’s a very thick batter) let it sit for 2ish minutes then on a medium-high heat, cook in a non stick pan that’s sprayed with oil, melted butter/marg or coconut oil.
Enjoy. .
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