You’re not just my boyfriend but my best friend and in the simple moments like this are moments that are treasured deeply.

Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds, because you certainly can @gathercafeest2017 . You can have your #icecream and #coffee too😊! HaPpY SaTuRdAy!

いろんな事があったけど、ここでコーヒーを飲んで生き返った。これが最高の贅沢😊#coffee #sky #toyama #instagramcoffee

Dün paylaşmayı unuttuysak demek kii 😜😊🎈🍃❤
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C O F F E E ☕️☕️☕️ I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, so whilst my mum did the school run for me earlier, I made us an Iced Latte ready for her return. I didn’t follow any specific rules?! I’ve stuck with the sugar free tea but I’d never give up sugar in my coffee! Here’s how I made it:
• 3 scoops of Brazil/Fazenda Santa Lucia coffee (by Modern Standard) can be bought from anywhere
• left to brew for around 5 mins before plunging
•left for around 20 mins to cool down in glasses (near a window) could’ve left for longer but I’m not that patient •poured almond milk and ice cubes into a nutribullet and added the cooled down coffee and blitzed 👍

I did add some brown sugar to mine for a sweeter taste but you could add some maple syrup instead for a healthier option or even leave it without as almond milk is naturally sweet on its own.
Only 1 more get up and it’s the start of half term and the long weekend - and it’s forecasted to be a scorcher, I’d definitely recommend a homemade iced latte if you’re a coffee lover like me. ♥️

Coffee break in the morning sun, checking emails ✨ Happy Wednesday! 😊 .

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