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#fallfootworkchallenge Day 6️⃣ I'm loving this challenge. I also love that it makes me take breaks from work to 💃🏻💃🏻 @isafreiberger @bohinilove @8andone .
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Your breath is your path to peace.

Exploring Catalina Island this past weekend was a real TREAT - thanks to @sonomanomad 💖
Plus, traveling over in a private propeller plane sure makes you appreciate the technology of planes! 👀
Have you been in a small plane before? 🛩
Speaking of TREATS, I’m holding a special Halloween edition of the Instagram Growth Challenge - starting Monday! 🎃
This is a live challenge where I’ll be there with you each day, sharing TRICKS 🎭 to growing on Instagram, and TREATS 🍬 (including a giveaway for the challengers!) inside our private Facebook group.
❓Up for the challenge❓
We start Monday (but the treats have already started flowing!) so get in ASAP - the link is in my bio! ✅

Day 24-Accessories-of Fall for Costume is the feathered fan that will be made to match my Tudor Gown. I have no clue how I am going to make this but I might cave and by the Elizabethan Lady’s Accessory pack if I can’t figure it out! #challenge #instagram #instagramchallenge #fall #fallchallenge #fallforcostume #fallforcostumeday24 #day24 #elizabethan #tudor #tudorgown #renaissance #feather #featherfans #fans #howto #craftproject #experiment #research #drawing #sketch

It’s DAY 5 of the #YogaAndWineChallenge! Checking in with everyone to see how they’re feeling? Anything pop up for you during this challenge that resurfaced or has showed up for the first time? Positive or negative? Anyone ready to have this over already so you can potentially win the exciting prize package?! Or should we extend it out a few more days?! ;-) Just kidding, we wouldn’t do that to you! That said, the art of balancing is a skill you can keep up in your daily practice. You don’t have to be “all yoga” or “all not yoga”. There is a Wheel of Balance within us that is innately there. When we are in balance, that is when happiness surfaces (because it is ALWAYS within us to begin with). When we are too focused on just one spoke of the wheel (whether it be something in Mind, Body or Spirit), we become misaligned and it is how things like sadness and disease can potentially take over. I do have an eBook I just put out called “40 Days to a More Balanced You!”, and if you have any interest in checking out what this could mean for YOU, check out the link in my bio to sign up and receive your own FREE copy for your eShelf. I also do my best on my Instagram to give you tips and tricks on how to live a more balanced life, so feel free to continue to stop by even after the challenge! We are now officially friends, and I will also continue to check out what you have going on in your life, too. :) So, here’s what is on the yoga docket today! Balancing postures! There are SO many to choose from, and that’s what I love about today! YOU get to choose what gives you energy and excitement! For me, I chose a series of inversion balancing postures because frankly, they’re my favorite! But you choose anything you would like! Is it Crow, Tree, Mountain Pose (YES, that is a balancing posture, too!), Handstand…? Don’t forget to tag your host MOI @balanceandvine, and our lovely sponsors @yoga.junction, @junc.clothing, and @girlfridaystudio! And like all postures in this challenge, I recommend warming up with at least 3-5 Sun Salutation A & B before going into your peak poses mindfully.


My apologies as I'm about to blow up your feed with some catch-up challenge posts for the week.😁 #sorrynotsorry
I may not have posted Days 2 & 3 on the actual days, but I did the most important part and practiced each day with #focus on the #principles of the challenge. I've been working on a #guiltfree attitude lately. Knowing that I still put my attention on the challenge each day when I didn't have time to post, helped me not feel bad about being behind. Life's too short to worry or feel anxiety. It's meant to be lived to the fullest!💪💃🌎🙏💗
Belated Day 2️⃣(Tuesday 10/17) of #NoPlasticWorld challenge is "Bring your own bag to the store or go bagless!"
I've been using my reusable bags for years now, but as we all know, remembering to bring them is another thing. It can be a fun practice to train your brain with memory games and make it part of your routine by working on those healthy habits. The more you practice, the better you get. Memory included. 😉
Thank You to the marvelous Sponsors and Hosts! 🙏🙏🙏
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Guys! I'm in the top 5 results in my #sparklersigchallenge ! I appreciate your love so much! If you want to help me out even more go back and give Zeus some love, comments help too so say hi to him too if you haven't already! .
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#Repost @lara.heimann (@get_repost)
Support Breast Cancer Awareness with this super short and sweet IG challenge that my yoga studio @yogastream is running! Even if you don't live in Princeton NJ, you can win one of our lovely tanks and be a part of spreading love and support! This incredible woman @lindagrenis in this post is a breast cancer survivor and yoga teacher at our studio who donates her time to teach classes for the Breast Cancer Resource Center. @bcrcprinceton.
Join us for 5 Days of Heart Openers from October 21st through the 25th. Each day, we will be posting heart opening yoga poses. We believe that a healthy heart is the key to healing and a healthy life 💖
Here's how it works ⬇️
1. Follow @yogastream on @instagram
2. Check our page daily for the heart opening pose of the day
3. POST pose each day of the challenge
4. TAG us @yogastream & #5daysofheartopeners
5. Raise Awareness 💗
A local winner will receive a free meal from our amazing Contemplate Kitchen Cafe! Another winner, from our out of area followers, will receive a pink YogaStream shirt!
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Reto Instagram: Día 19 - Paisaje.

Going to India was a unique experience. I will never forget the times we went shopping especially when we went shopping for sarees to wear at the Taj Mahal 😀 #takemeback, #india, #memories, #sarees, #txamiu, #txamiuabroad, #shoppingabroad, #tamiu, #instagramchallenge, #instachallenge, #happiness

Give yourself time to celebrate life and all its glory. 🍂 But always give yourself space to be sad sometimes too (just don’t stay there too long). Life is meant to have seasons. Highs and lows. Peaks and valleys. 🏔✨ But wherever you are in your journey— know that you’re where you need to be and that no matter what... you’re capable, worthy and so valued. 🙂

If any of my content has touched you in some way—— I currently have some polls on my IG Story that I’d love to see YOUR feedback on 😆 It’d mean the world to me! Thank you thank you! 🌙

• DAY 7!!! •
We are halfway through, and my feet are on fire! 🔥

Thank you @isafreiberger for giving me a serious cardio every day, and to your amazing sponsors, @8andone and @bohinilove , who have given us all non-stop support and encouragement! 🤗❤
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Hey 👋🏼 Fam!! Here's Day #4 of This week's #FBPChallenge!! ⭐️🔥50 Alternating Squat kicks with movement front then back after each squat!⭐️ 💪🏽COMBO!! 💪🏽 - 1 squat equals the rep.

I recommend breaking these up into 5 sets of 10 reps each set. If you'd like to break them up into smaller reps and more sets, that works too! 😉👊🏽💪🏽 ‼️Form over everything!! Keep that back straight, watch your knees, take your time! Engage that core while you work‼️ This combo is 🔥🔥 😜❤️💪🏽👊🏽
Remix it however you please, have fun with it!! This challenge is beneficial for full body resistance work every day! More movement means more calories burned!
Move at your own pace, it's not a race! Be sure to breathe correctly so oxygen is flowing to those muscles. You do not have to do these all in one set, split them up! Mix them in with whatever workout you choose!
Challenge yourself because that's the only way you will see and feel change! As always, No equipment needed! 😁💪🏽👊🏽 🔥Nothing works unless you do! #weeklychallenge #upperbody #lowerbody #legs #core #arms #legs #back #challengeyourself #challengeforchange #igchallenge #Weeklychallenges #challengeyourself #challengeforchange #instagramchallenge #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #getglovefitwithprissy #fitspirationbyprissy #movesomething👣👣 Tag myself @fitspirationbyprissy so I can cheer you on and tag a friend to join you!! Benefits: ✔️Legs
✔️Light cardio

Such a pretty rainbow row of books (this is some topshelp @roscoe_books )

Day 19. Open Book ❤️
Had to pick King by @t.m.frazier
I mean who doesn’t love Preppy?
“Did you shave?” I asked. His beard looked just as long as it had that morning. “Huh?” he asked, looking down at me. “You smell like shaving cream, but you still have your beard.” “It’s a date, baby girl. I manscaped in case I get lucky.” I laughed. “You’re not getting lucky.” “I know. King would kill me, and I rather like my life.”
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Joining the 7 days of 7 black and white photos of your life! Photos of your every day. Thank you @balanceandlive for nominating me to join! No people, no explanations. Each day challenge someone new. Today I challenge @ellie_does_yoga to join me. Day 1. #creating

✨NEW yoga challenge starts MONDAY ✨Yogis!! Come join us for some Halloween fun from Oct 23-30th,and a chance to win a gift from our sponsors!🎃👻 how to join the challenge:
1. Repost the banner.
2. Follow ALL host and sponsors.
3. Post the chosen yoga pose and tag all host and sponsors and use the hashtag #HallowsYogis 👻
4. HAVE FUN 🤗🙃 hosts: @clariseantonietta @wild_flower_child_yogini @hwolf2389 @jicketyjacq
sponsors: @elektrixlove @perfectbalanceworld @zendomarket @loveandasana @confusedgirlla @shaktiyogawheelbyjess .
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Technology- instagram challenge- #technology #instagram #instagramchallenge

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