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Zoey , Kenzie, and Killian #cairnterrier #instagrambuddies

Received these beautiful flowers from my daughters amazing friends from WB you know who you are #instagrambuddies they are perfect I even got chocolates too, but I have already eaten those 🍫💐🍫💐 you are always welcome here, THANKYOU x

Sip plaga little by little, by the glass. #Repost @toargentinajkt with @repostapp
Shout out to Jess @browniesareforever and @mymilarasati for making it over on Friday night for the Plaga event! Jess has been my mate for ages on Instagram, and then by coincidence we ended up living in the same apartment block. So thanks for your support Jess, the photographer got this lovely shot of you (must have been before all that free wine went round ;-) )
#plagawine #lapostajakarta #instagrambuddies

Little trivia question for all you Instagram followers who's shop am I at today ? #lineboring #instagrambuddies

thank you for the birthday wishes - you are all so sweet 🍬🌈🍬☺️ #FeelingLoved #InstagramBuddies #MeringueGirls #BuddyAndBear

Seriously I don't even know a better way to spend my Monday morning than in the tiniest group fitness room known to man... in 100 degree heat (not really, it just feels that way). Good ole @rickiraefitness kills me! 😂😂 She makes feeling like I need to throw up for an hour enjoyable. 🤢🤤 After my sweat sesh I was able to send my new found-Instagram friend @fitwithsmith some doTERRA goodies! 🤗 Everyone go follow her, cause she's one Bad A$$ Mama! •

#mondaymorning #highfitness #feeltheburn #aboutthrewup #instagrambuddies #essentialoils

I got a great shot of Mikaela with the bottle of @korbel_1882 in Squaw that she reshared, and then got to introduce myself in Aspen! (After seeing her win the overall World Cup!) #selfie #instagrambuddies #aspen2017 #skilikeagirl


How's that song go... "Easy like Thursday mornin' ?" No. Maybe not but it sure was nice to sleep in today and wake up to this gorgeous Florida sunshine and our version of fall weather. Since I have no excuse for being tired now I am clicking away at the computer to get my week 3 ORC post up. Happy Thursday friends!! Make sure to checkout my pal this week @pheatherann who is featured on
#thepottedplant she has some amazing style and I'm kind of in love with her and everything she does. #thepottedplant #plantstyle #plantsofinstagram #decorhashtagfeed #showmeyourplants #girlswithplants #cactus #cactuslove #instagrambuddies #jungalowstyle #jungalow #desertvibes

Still soooo many more rabbits to catch 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽 However, I’m suuuper happy with my #run today 😀 No goal other than to put in #miles but I was #running at above a #PR pace and it felt effortless ... almost like “#jogging” 😜 I hope I can bottle this feeling for my 2 races coming up at the end of the month (too bad those have extreme inclines 😬) 10mi done ✅ Good luck to #instagrambuddies @runwithwalter @runbethabara @jaimerunspdx and @jenna.runs on their weekend #races 🙌🤘

I feel like turning my back on Instagram .
I went back through my Instagram feed last night...right back to my first post in January 2012 - that's 5 years worth of photos! Boy has Instagram changed, and to be honest I don't feel it has changed for the better. What do you think?
IG used to be about posting what you wanted, when you wanted, how you wanted. There were no strategies in what time you posted, what hashtags would get you the most followers and there was certainly no advertising through sponsored posts...No, instagram was free and it was all personal. It was about being in and sharing the NOW. It was about forming AUTHENTIC connections and building a community of friends (not clients or consumers or soulless double tappers. It was FUN.
The last week I've seen an incredible drop in my engagement - its so bloody frustrating when there is no explanation for it. I'm still posting the same times, similar content, blah blah blah... but why do I care you ask? Well because of the way the IG algorithm works... based on engagement, if I don't get more likes and comments, my posts start dropping out of people's feeds, and when that happens it's seems the people who I'd regularly enjoy communicating with drop out of my feed too... and for some, years have passed without me seeing a single post from them.
I miss everyone. I miss the old crew from back in the early days who lots I've slowly lost contact with. How can I get you all back into my daily Insta-life??
Have you joined the #keepmyinstasimple and #findmykinsta hashtags?
I'm getting so frustrated. I'm wasting so much (real life) time 'strategising' my Instagram rather than connecting with people. Anyone got any ideas on how we can all band back together again??
#bringbacktheoldinstagram #alltoohard #findmykinsta #friends #instagram #moodygrams #instafriends #instagrambuddies #folkvibe #keepmyinstasimple #folkportraits #thesimplelife #adelaide #myhome #house #homeinspo #momentsofmine #rainydays #keepmyinstasimple #keepinstagramchronological

Instagram buddies. 💚☀️
Fina människor jag lärt känna genom Instagram, som förgyller, stöttar och peppar trots att vi aldrig träffats. Än ☺️
Här har ni en av mina favoriter, Sandra @sfurulund, som driver Hållbart Liv Stressrådgivning i Jönköping. Hon är stressrådgivare och föreläsare, driftig, varm och energisk. En person som läser mellan raderna och skickar omtänksamma och kloka meddelanden till mig då och då, det är värt massor i denna stressade, glättiga, stundvis ensamma värld.
Tack för att du finns Sandra! ⭐️ Är helt säker på att dina lyckliga klienter tas mycket väl omhand.

#hållbartliv #stressrådgivning #instagrambuddies

My new friend @rachen95 came to let me play this week! She allowed me to do whatever I wanted, which is #alwaysfun. We took her much shorter and created a #softer #morenaturalhaircolor and got this as a result. Thanks so much Ryann, I had fun!

I got the chance to hangout with @feisty_butterfly71 today. Hello!•

#abvnetworkcrew #instagrambuddies #igbuddies #bourbon #whiskey #whisky

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