Common mistakes 🤦‍♀️That people often make washing their curls—
1. Shampooing /co washing too often – Shampoo not more than once in 2 weeks and co-wash not more than 3 times a week. More than that is too much for curly hair to handle.
2. Rubbing on hair in a rough manner – Apply the shampoo/conditioner in a smooth manner. Do not rub side to side. Use the tips of your fingers to gently massage your scalp.
—Mistakes in conditioning curly hair
1. Same point as above. Do not rub aggressively – Even while rinsing, gently lift hair to let water flow and remove excess conditioner. Do not rub.
2. Not using enough conditioner – You should apply enough conditioner so that your whole hair is covered and it feels velvety and saturated. Your hair should be dripping in conditioner.
3.Not using enough water – There should be enough water on your hair so that the conditioner can work in unison with the water to smoothen your hair and moisturize it. If you feel like there’s friction while detangling, just pour more water (if you already have used a lot of conditioner).
4.Not detangling thoroughly – If you don’t detangle thoroughly in the shower, no amount of technique or product will help your hair look good while styling. You hair should be 100% tangle free.
5.Not leaving some conditioner in – Do not wash away your conditioner completely. Leave at least 10-20% in your hair to condition your hair.

here’s to a frizz free summer for all my curly girls !!!!!!

How does @thehairenchantress maintain her awesome pink hair? 💕with @watercolorshair #intenseshampoo and the NEW!!! #iconicolorlock by @brazilianbondbuilder
Alexis uses the professional protective system that utilizes breakthrough bond building + ionic technology to help RETAIN the vibrancy of week one color between appointments!
—Stabilizes Color Molecules
—Prevents Pigment Shift & Color Washout
—Counteracts UV Fade
—Protects Against Color —Transfer Onto Fabrics
—Repels Dirt & Pollution
—Reduces Styling Time
—Won't Build Up Or Alter Color
Shake product thoroughly and apply throughout clean damp or dry hair to keep cuticle closed and dramatically reduce color loss.
Who is ready for summer-tastic hair .....MEEEEEEE!!!!!

It’s a great morning at @pepperplacemarket and we have your breakfast for today...tomorrow...and Monday 😉🇺🇸 If you can’t make the Market, our shop in Pelham is open til 1!

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Britney said it best “Oops, I did it again..” Another “Just Leased” in Chelsea. Don’t let your investment sit empty! #chelseaalabama #instagrambham #forrent #realestate #waltontower

Totally loving all your springtime Cahaba photos. Enjoy the river and keep those posts comin’ 😎
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We drove out to West Blockton today to explore some and see the Cahaba Lilies. It was quite the adventure...we saw two snakes (in the river 😰😭😫), my husband and I each slipped and busted our tails while navigating slippery river rocks, but the kids had a blast! And I was thrilled to be able to photograph the lilies up close and personal 😍🌱. #baughnsinbham
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