Its fun being noisy

When you get interrupted by a dinosaur

Best view in town

You can't beat fresh sticks!

What have you guys been doing today? I've been playing drums on a pirate ship dressed as a weird demon clown jester type thing

Rehearsing for Halloween shows. Pretty decent view up here!

If you had the chance to play any venue in the world where would it be? Mine would be Red Rocks Amphitheatre Colorado USA. Such an inspiring looking venue that I can imagine is truly amazing to play. What a beautiful place to play and listen to music

Play time

One of my all time rudiments and one that I use a lot is the double paradiddle. I find it really easy to use around the kit and has great flow. A really basic rudiment but sounds great and you don't have to play it at the speed of light to make it sound good

So my fat ass broke my drum stool but a brand new shiny fat ass resistant bracket has been fitted!

An absolute pleasure to play with this dude @fijahmuzikhesson

Great shot from last night's show!

WHAT a crowd for the last party in the park of the summer.

Thanks @we_love_drums for the love!

New stack!

That time in the set when it's your time to shine and this happens 😐

When it rains gold

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