Tonight I have been for an evening walk and if you saw my first picture that I released this morning. This picture is photographed in the same place but now I'm turning my eyes to the sea instead ... goodnight to you. all💛Ekerum -Öland


#Ask_me_what _takes=◑︿◐ #instagood_sweden

💛✌🏻+10 våra barn är inga badkrukor.

Tinar upp oss med varma drycker. Bridgeblandning som bonus ✌🏻️

On peut vraiment lire le bonheur dans ses yeux ... ahah 😺💛🐾#monpetitchat #smile

What a lovely day it is😍🙌🏻 My besties are here again❤️

Petit bain de coquines 💕💕💕 www.mumintown.com

O seu sorriso me dá 🌊💋💁🏻

Elsker sort & hvitt til jul

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