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The sun is back in LA! 🙃 Sharing my top 6 denim pieces for spring today on the blog. Link in bio! #ontheblog #springtime http://www.sazan.me

This is #21weeks....I feel you every morning and every night, and even sometimes during the day after I eat (btw you love fruit!). You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and I am constantly thinking who you will look like? I haven’t started decorating your nursery yet, but I keep telling myself I will start soon. It’s been five months and you have already travelled the world with me and we are headed to Paris next week. Trust me, you will love the croissants… ok maybe even the macaroons. I can’t wait to show you the world, and I hope you love to travel as much as we do. You still don’t have a name because your mom and dad can’t seem to decide, but I promise by the time you are born we will have one (hopefully? lol)
I try not to stress about the small stuff and even the big stuff at work, because I know you feel it too. Instead I give thanks to God for the miracle that’s being created inside me and all the turmoil goes away.
I have had to turn down so many trips and jobs since we found out about you, but in the end, it doesn’t matter because nothing could make me happier than to be in this journey with you. Can’t wait to meet you 4 months. ——— Hoy cumplimos 21 semanas juntos, y aveces no entiendo a donde se ha ido el tiempo. Te siento todo los días, y te encanta la fruta porque no te dejas de mover.

Eres lo primero que pienso cuando me levanto y me pongo a pensar a quien te vas a parecer? No he empezado a decorar tu cuarto, pero espero pronto tener el tiempo de hacerlo. También, tu papa y yo nomas no nos podemos poner de acuerdo con tu nombre pero espero que para cuando nazcas ya lleguemos a un acuerdo jaja. Somos indecisos pero ya nos iras conociendo.

Llevamos 5 meses en esta aventura y ya has viajado el mundo conmigo, y solo sueño con ensenarte el mundo entero cuando nazcas. Espero te guste viajar como a nosotros! La siguiente semana nos vamos los tres a Paris y creo que te van a encantar los croissants, y seguro los macarrones también.
Trato de no estresarme con el trabajo porque se que todo lo sientes y cuando si me estreso me pongo a pensar en ti y en el milagro de la vida y como cada día te estas formando a la perfección. Me he perdido

‪wow the new cars look fierce. that's how it should be. 👍🏻‬

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Oui!! Is this baby elephant from the Clouds family drunk from all the fun of playing with sand? Wish we could join in!
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