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Hey Avgeeks! 🤓. Sorry for the long wait between posts 🙈. I am in the middle of a move from my condo to a new home that I'm building and have been a bit consumed with moving, selling and storing all my stuff until the new home is finished! The vlogs will be a bit different with no morning mirror shot and garage/car scene... Time for new scenery anyways right?! What have you Avgeeks been up too?!? Here we go with story time! Story Time Part 4: For those that ask, I enrolled in Humber College's flight and aviation management program. It's a two year program with most of the flying taking place in the summer as our Canadian winters aren't too accommodating to flight training 😂. During college I worked pretty hard and I won't lie, when I am passionate about something...it is very easy to give 100%. I was fortunate to have two supportive parents that paid for my college, apartment and food🙏. That being said, if I wanted fun... I had to earn it and pay for it myself. That being said, a typical day was a 0430 wake up and hop on the streetcar downtown Toronto. 0700 flight with my instructor until 0900. Debrief until 1000, then back on the streetcar to college. I would get there by 1130 and have 1hr for lunch. Class from 1230-1700 then took the streetcar to my job. Worked @sportinglifecan in Toronto from 1800-2200 then streetcar back home. Sleep from 2230-0430. Repeat... Why do I tell you this? Because following your dreams is exhausting and you need to be relentless. I was not a perfect student and I had to study whenever I was on the streetcar... Occasionally missing my stop!🚦. Some of us have it easier than others but everyone struggles along the way and my way to overcome the stress was to look up..... See the goal flying over you🛩. You will get there if you try. I promise 🙏. Next up, failure.... Hope you all have a great weekend! Safe Flying & Tailwinds to you all - JeffreyThePilot

What do Juneau about the Last Frontier? 🏔️ #Alaska #CruiseNorwegian
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favorite part of sorcerer's stone? 🌂✨
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We All Have An Idea How Funny Danny Morrison Is In The Commentary Box 😂

Here Is A Rare Video Of Danny Boy Bowling One Of The Most Funniest Deliveries In One Day Cricket.

Even Wasim Akram Couldn't Control His Laughter 😂😂😂 Tag Your Friends.


Teejay Sidhu used to host a show called ‘Forever Rock with Teejay’ on 94.3 Radio One on Wednesdays. I used to love it so much that I can’t really tell you how happy I was to find her under the Christmas tree in 2015. Well, Teejay doesn’t work for radio anymore. But someone’s got to keep that fire burning. So we’ve recorded a rendition of the Survivor classic ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ to help celebrate the song’s 35th anniversary on Monday, May 29. Do tune into 94.3 Radio One if you are going to be in Mumbai. If you are going to be elsewhere, no worries. We are making a video for it and you will be one of the first to know when it’s out on YouTube. Talk soon. :-) ________________________

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Make it on my own, but I don't wanna grow up, we can stay forever young 💃🏻 ~Zedd & Alessia Cara

Promenade 🍃

#santamonica #california

Monaco getting ready for F1 GP👌🏎

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