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The narrator of the movie is suggesting that Kong Island is really Antarctica and the storm that surrounds the island is in fact the ice ring that surrounds Antarctica.

My take on this, as I posted this early in my IG career is that the Anunnaki live there in Antarctica.

If they live 450k years, then they haven't went anywhere, they're still here.
They prefer a cold environment with little sun because it is similar to their home planet, Nibiru.

They are giants compared to us. While they made us in their image, they made us smaller, and mentally inferior to them to keep control of us. We are their slaves.

Many of you do NOT understand how COLONIES work. You think you are free because you can go and come as you please.

The greatest magic, if you will, is to convince a slave he is free. The devil convinces many he doesn't exist. So did the mafia for years.
When you convince ppl a real thing is false, then you can achieve what you want. If I convince the world Im dead, then I'm free to live as i choose.

This world is designed around 2 things that has never changed. Gold being the basis of all currency and ppl working.
Ask yourself 2 questions: Who established gold as a currency, and who the fuck am I working for?
In other words ppl, for gold to be valuable, there must be a usage for it causing a demand. If you think Egyptians wanting trinkets made a world demand, you're ignorant of how trade and commerce works.

And if you own your own business and think you work for yourself, you're ignorant of how the economy works.
Whether you're a billionaire or the working stiff, you live in an economy, based off the sell and buying of goods and services.

Every time you buy something or sell something, you just contributed to the economy.
Where does the buck STOP? The dollar stops with the few corporations who own everything we consume. Who are they? The Elite. What do they do? Take orders from the real rulers of this colony\planet, the Anunnaki.

This is a complex system. It is not cut and dry. You are not, and we never will be, free.

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August Bank Holiday Sunday is going to be a very special one with @definedldn back in Cargo! The tickets are already selling and tables already being booked so start making plans for this spectacular Sunday! 💁🏼

This Saturday we have a inhouse mini festival! Come down - live & club all rolled into one - party til 6AM! 💃🏼

Student night is ON tonight - £2.50 drinks deals + £1 shots til 11PM!

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