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Hey everyone, remember you to have a good week this time. #cute #sunny #instadvice #avocadotoast #queenbey

"geometrically appealing with a dramatically eye-catching composition" #instadvice from @woahsabear herself 🎨 #ViolatingTheRuleOfThirds #yolo

We must learn who is Gold and who is simply Gold plated. #just a simple rule to follow====>>=> #ma instfrnd#instagram
#instyellon #instadvice

Find a girl who looks at you like my daughter looks at her stuffed puppy. #threemonths #instagood #instadvice #datingadvice #shewilldatethatstuffedanimaluntilage23

I have been wanting to make a new head pipe for this bike ever since I bailed on the turbo. Yesterday I finally did it. I will get it coated to match eventually. #pangeaspeed #bosozoku #youshouldalefttheturboon #instadvice #equallength

Maria's job isn't hard 🤔 #youcouldbemaria #instadvice

Like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow, in all the places people said you never would. #wildhair #quotes #instadvice #lifelessons #wildflowers

I'm trying to think of what advice someone would tell me if I explained to them my entire situation. Sometimes I find it easier to advise others than myself. I can see it clearer for some reason, I guess it's easier to be rational onto someone else when your own emotions, dreams and ideals aren't getting in the way.
Anyways, just this second my phone buzzed and I actually got a piece of advice from a friend, he said "go get your mind off it" so here's a sunset from up the California coast and with that ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 #instadvice #agoodsunsation #blemotions


#QuickTip: Many women experience dry skin during menopause. Apply a rich moisturizer day & night, or whenever your skin become dry. Try the NuGlow® Revitaleze Value Pack!

#Skincare101: Irish Moss is a seaweed that soothes, softens & hydrates skin. It also contains important vitamins & minerals to keep skin looking radiant. Find it in the #NuGlowSkincare Seaweed Exfoliating Soap by clicking the link in the bio. #BeautyVocabulary #ScienceSunday

#QuickTip: Shave your legs & bikini area the night before you head for the beach or salt water! This will give your pores time to close & prevent irritation & burning sensations.

#QuickTip: In addition to sunscreen, protect the delicate skin around your eyes from UV rays with sunglasses. Look for a pair with wider lenses clearly labeled to block 99% of UV rays. #NationalSunglassesDay

Maria's job isn't hard 🤔 #youcouldbemaria #instadvice

#Skincare101: Cranberry seed oil contains a balanced ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids that help moisturize, strengthen & protect skin. It also helps keep skin firm, fighting the signs of aging. Find it in the #NuGlow® Neck Firming Cream at the link in our bio. #BeautyVocabulary

“Why do I always get rejected from job interviews?” “Why do I feel dead inside when I’ve just been offered a promotion?” “What should I be doing with my life when I have a job but I don’t feel proud of it?” “Can you tell me why I keep having a meltdown at work every two years?” "Why am I scared of what I really wanna do?" "Is my boss hitting on me normal?" These are some of the average questions I get every week. As you know I share my learnings on social media when I can - and I’d love to do that more often in a way that helps you guys. So! Ask Me Anything by submitting in the link in my profile (happinessconcierge.com.au/ama), DM’ing me or in comments below and I’ll respond on video on Sunday. Please note I will not be reading anyone’s names, or workplaces out in my responses due to confidentiality. Thanks and looking forward to hearing your queries so I can share the mojo!

Saat kita berada dalam kelenaan, tak sedikit dari kita yang berusaha acuh terhadap esensi waktu.
Padahal waktu itu bergerak bagai cahaya, Cepat dan meninggalkan bekas.
Hingga kita yang tengah terduduk sadar, bahwa inilah yang kita lakukan di masa lalu. Semua ada bekasnya. Pasti.

Όταν ζεις σε κλίμα τροπικό, όλα αλλάζουν στο λεπτό. Το μάθημα, για λίγο θα γίνει μέσα.
#gyristroula #travelunusual #adventuretravel #thailand #watpho #ancientmedicalschool #thaimassagehealing #bangkok #instatravel #instago #instadvice #lifomag #athensvoice #doctv

🏌🏼🏌🏼🏌🏼 #itwords #instadvice

#QuickTip: Kick the can this summer! Sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners, preservatives & coloring. Opt for sparkling water, green tea or infused water to beat the sugar overload.

#Skincare101: Shea butter is a solid fatty oil that is derived from the nuts of the Karite tree. Shea Butter has hydrating qualities that helps with stretch marks & scarring as well as cellulite by smoothing & softening the skin. Find it in the #NuGlowSkincare Stretch Mark Cream. #BeautyVocabulary

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