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Apparently he loves his cocktails smoked…😳😂

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After a full long week of tastings, seminars, friends, classes, and of course all the parties that only Tales of the Cocktails provides, I decided to go green. In cocktails that is!
I am calling this one The Green on Green, which apparently is also a term used in strip clubs but that's a whole other story.
What's in it? Funny you should ask;
1 1/2 oz @brooklyngin | 1/2 oz Green Chartreuse | 3/4 oz Cucumber simple syrup | 1/2 oz Pear juice | 1 oz Lemon juice | 3 dashes @hellacocktailco ginger bitters.
How green can you go?

İçmemiz gereken bir rakı var konu neydi?

As a cocktail creator, it's not uncommon that there are only a handful of drinks that we are ever truly, truly happy with. Some may display our technique, others may be a personal spin on a classic, and some are just simple, yet beautiful. This is one of those simple cocktails, but the story behind it is what means the most.
Kathy, my mother, gave me a baggie full of dried roses to make tea. As she explains the health benefits of rose tea, my mind is already working cocktail recipes, of course. This one utilizes rapid infusion in a pressurized container, an infusion technique that takes only 4 minutes instead of days or weeks! 😆 In this case, it's @reyka_vodka and mom's roses. Though simple, this is one of the most beautiful, aromatic, delicate, and balanced cocktails I've put together yet. Dedicated to (and inspired by) my mother, this is 'Roses from Kathy.' 🌹
60ml Rose infused Reyka vodka
20ml Vanilla syrup
7ml Lemon juice
7ml Lime juice
5 drops Saline
20ml Aquafaba
Rose water spritz

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Sometimes there's nothing better than keeping drinks simple. This is one of the recipes I typically batch and pour up when I'm laying low and taking a break from mixin' through the week. What's your favorite cocktail to batch when you're keepin' it simple?
2 oz bourbon
1/4 oz demerara syrup
1/2 oz amaro (I usually use Cynar or Montenegro)
Stir with ice. Strain over a large ice cube. Orange peel garnish
p/c: @justin_sisson

Happy Thirsty Thursday!


Office jobs, smofice job. Get some fun and energy back into your day with me, your favourite protein smoothie. #healthyhipsterau

How about one last cocktail before July is over!

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Great night for a Fish Bowl 🤘🏻

Double the fun with #HappyHour from 4-7pm and DJ tonight starting at 8pm!

Aged in brand new American White Oak barrels; we'll be able to call this whiskey in 2 years & 7 months. Just a few months in and it already tastes soft and bready, with hints of caramel, smoke, oak and French chardonnay.

I think we broke our American brother @robbyryan14, not being able to drink until your 21 might not be the best training if moving to the UK, we all started at 18* *14

Robby, it's up to you now, you have to train all Americans sent to the London office in how to drink...like Brits!
Robby, I've told Trump you're a Transexual, Muslim American Solider from Yemen so you'll be back in London before you know it... They'll probably even take your passport off you.

*Piña colada*

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It's #nationalrefreshmentday and we've partnered with @angelsenvy to bring you "The Ultimate Refresher" available today only @burgerandlobsterusa Flatiron! Come drink all the things! 🍹by @linds_r_elly
Horrible name by yours truly. .
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Brooklyn happiness 👌🏼

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