Hi furiends, Betty and Stanley’s meowmy here. I have some sad news. Betty is very ill. You probably all remember about a month ago when I took Betty to the vet because she had been eating less and less. All her bloodwork had come back fine and her exam went well at that time. Well, little by little she seemed to keep losing weight and eating less. I had a trip scheduled to go out of state to visit and watch my grandbabies and I was gone for almost two weeks, hence the lack of posts recently. When I returned home this weekend I came home to a very ill cat. I took her to the vet right away on Sunday morning and she has been there ever since. She has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, (Hepatic lipidosis) a very serious illness only cats get, and an upper respiratory infection. She is being treated with antibiotics, other medications, sub Q fluids and being fed by syringe. She will not eat on her own. I have no idea how my beautiful, fluffy, rotundly purring, sweet furball of a Betty who normally would eat anything in sight could just quit eating all together and become so ill so fast. I had no idea a condition such as this, almost like anorexia, exists in cats. Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve researched and learned it could take 4 to 7 weeks of force feeding for her to begin eating on her own again and recover if she makes it through these few days in the kitty hospital. I’ll do anything for Betty and try my best to nurse her back to health and would love any suggestions from anyone who has gone through this. Please pray and/or send up pawsitive thoughts for Betty. I’m just totally heartbroken. ❤️🙏🏼

Just look at da shock on their faces! Meowmy comes home from da store and catches catdad on her bike wif Betty (not me!) in da basket riding down our street! What in da double fluff is going on here?!? 🙀😼🙈😹 #adventurecats @adventurecatsorg #guyswithcats @guyswithcats

Happy #FluffyButtFriday efurrypawdy! Betty and me’ow wish you a pawesome weekend! 😽💕✌🏼 Thank Mew @hyper_n_helios fur the #fluffybutt tag! We luvs our furiends!! 💋

Insert ‘extremely loud purring’ from her happy self. 🤷🏼‍♀️😹💕 #restingbitchfacecatclub queen 👸🏼 👑 #OhBettyFurGrey #IfLooksCouldKill

Diz stuff is purrty cold, but I had a fun time exploring at 9,000 feet. 🐈❄️⛰ #catsinrvs #adventurecats @adventurecatsorg #campingwithcats @campingwithcats #hikingwithcats @hikingwithcats #travelingwithcats

You iz green wif envy, right?!? 😹 Happy #FluffyButtFriday efurrypawdy! 😻🍀💚 #leprechauncat

‘I’m easy like Sunday morning’. 💁🏼‍♀️🎶💕#OhBetty #HearMePurr #Easy #LionelRichie #OnTheRadio
Happy #SnazzySazzySunday efurrypawdy! Betty has been nominated by nice furiends fur da #BestRestingBitchFace @mr_mosey_mouse #cosmocatawards2018 Betty thinks it’s a purrfect CATegory fur her! 👸🏼😖😹 #restingbitchface #restingbitchfacecatclub #rbfcat #bestcataward

If the dumb humans won’t open the door fur me, I’ll do it meowself! 👊🏼🚪😹 Little does she know she’s in the closet with the vacuum monster! 🙀🙈 #OhBetty 😆

XXXtra floofy rated. 💁🏼‍♀️🙈😹 Happy #NakeyWednesday efurrypawdy! 😽💞

Happy #TongueOutTuesday, #BowtieTuesday and #NationalLoveYourPetDay efurrypawdy! Diz is Betty on Valentines Day eyeing my treats. 😛😜😹💞 #catswiththeirtonguesout @catswiththeirtonguesout

Bobby @bobbyandsadie, will you be my Valentine? Love, Betty 😽❤️🌹💋 #mylovefurevermore
Happy ❤️ day efurrypawdy! 🌷😻

Fat Tuesday? I iz fat efurryday. Love, Betty 💁🏼‍♀️💃🏼😹 #fluffynotfat #bigandbeautiful #dancinginthestreet #tongueouttuesday #tot #tacotonguetuesday #ttt #catswiththeirtonguesout @catswiththeirtonguesout
We is going #downtoneworleans to
#graciesmardigraspawty3 in @specialgraciecat’s memory. Come join us efurrypawdy!! We love and miss you Gracie! 🐱😇🌈🎉

When Betty says no, she means no. 🙄😾😹 #storyofmeowlife 🙈 ⬅️Swipe

All hail Queen Betty Fur Grey. 🐱👑 Why so purrty, yet so bishy to me’ow? Love, Stanley So Sad 😾 #StanleyLovesBetty #BettyHatesStanley 🙈😆

Betty being her furrocious rotundly fluffy self. 🐱💁🏼‍♀️😹 Hope efurrypawdy had a pawesome #WhiskerWednesday! 😽💞

Derpilicious nomnoms, derp, derp, slurp, slurp, nomnoms! 😜😹😻 #CaturdayNightDerpOff #CaturdayNiteDerpOff

I iz da life of my own #boxpawty. 🙄😹📦🎉 #thankmewforbeingafriend efurrypawdy! 😽💞 #fridaynightboxpawty hosted by @_thecattery_
Betty is Queen of her #restingbitchfacecatclub 🐱👑👸🏼

It’s #NakeyWednesday! Betty Fur Grey’s furavorite day! 💁🏼‍♀️😻 #purR-rated #LetItAllFluffOut 🙈😹

Tonight we iz #LoafinForEddie. Our furiend Eddie @eddie_the_lilac_lion sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. We will miss you Eddie. You and your humans gave special needs kitties a voice. You captured hearts near and far and all around the world. The world is a better place because of you. If you knew Eddie you were lucky. If not, please go to his account and look back on his life. It will change yours. RIP Eddie and play furever young over the Rainbow Bridge. Eat endless tuna and please gibs Gracie @specialgraciecat a kiss fur us. You and her are now free. Until we meet again...sending peaceful purrs...💔😿🌈 #thankmewforbeingafriend

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