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Throwback to baby Pooky❤
Ps. You may have seen us post this before. That's because it's one of our favorite photos! 😊

Откройте дверь человечешки 😰. Наша выпускница @missandeiya 👈. #ПроданДеборкадер

That tail swoosh says everything

Yea uhhhhh can you try not to breathe so close to me? K thanks bye.

It's almost like he's doing an eye-roll because we've got a visit of that one uninvited guest named Monday 😣

The last thing Monday remembers seeing before being brutally assaulted 😵😹 [Penny] #catshatemondays #sodoespenny

Shout-out to my doppelganger @teddysphotos 😸❤ I hope you have a speedy recovery! ❤ "Everything will be OK in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end" ❤❤❤ #edsheeran #WhoWoreItBetter#JTCatsby#mondaymotivation #mcm


Do you think that Chip knows he's a stud? Because I kinda think he does. 😉

Happy #tot everyone!! This was after my bath and dad wanted a photo so i ran to mum and gave him this 😸😹😹 #catswiththeirtonguesout #tongueouttuesday #catsrule #adorable

It's important to be cozy

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