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Shelfie Saturday. I removed a few books I haven't read and have lost interest in over the years and I added a few new books. The sun came out to play for just a minute so I could take this photo.⛅️

It's another #SockSunday beautiful people! The weeks are just flying by.
This Sunday I'm not actually wearing socks. I'm wearing leg warmers and my fav oversized sweater!
It's almost time for me to continue my HP reread. I'm on Prisoner of Azkaban. I've actually been listening to the audio books narrated by Jim Dale and Stephen Fry. I switch narrator for each book. Jim Dale is up next but I think I might stick to Fry. He's better in my opinion.
This awesome pillow is from @littleinklingsdesign. You can get it from their Society6 page! You can also use FINDS10 to get 10% off in their Etsy shop!

"Gaston: [rudely flipping through Belle's book] How can you read this? There's no pictures!
Belle: Well, some people use their imagination." #beautyandthebeast
😍 @spireside's candle has captured the essence of BELLE'S LIBRARY so perfectly ... book stacks and worn leather covers and the fragrance of her enchanted rose 🥀at the center of it all #magical !!
Rheney is the fairy godmother of candles ✨🎃Bippity boppity boo! Order your @spireside candle today! Use MER10 for 10% off 📲

the mortal instruments & the infernal devices are two of my fave series but i still haven't read lady midnight yet 😫

This picture is inspired by @unabridgedearlgrey whose picture I came across in @obviousstate's feed!☺💕
I'm starting to get into Non-fiction books lately! It makes me think a lot about life, but most importantly it shapes up my mental state of mind (if that makes sense?😂). I come out of reading these books feeling so much better about myself. I tend to worry less now and that helps me focus more on the positive side of life✨Love it! I'm not finished with this book yet though - I pick it up whenever I feel like I need a boost or some type of motivation💕 I would love some Non Fiction recommendations! It's nice to explore genres outside my comfort zone☺🌸

Happy Saturday! 💗
Today I decided to take a #shelfie 😋
I love my library! Do you like it? It's much bigger, though, but it didn't fit in the picture 😅
Also, today I finally recorded my first YouTube video. I'll edit it and as soon as I have it finished, I'll post it 💕 I'm so excited! •

¡Buen sábado! 💗
Hoy decidí mostrarles mi biblioteca 😋 ¡Me encanta! ¿A ustedes? Es mucho mas grande (para abajo y para la derecha) pero no entraba en la foto 😅
Les cuento que hoy también filmé mi primer video para YouTube. Lo voy a editar y en cuanto lo termine, lo subo 💕 ¡Estoy muy emocionado!

Selam💕🍰Fotoğrafta bitirdiğim beş kitap var, bu paylaşımla birlikte kendi okuma gündemimi yakalamış oluyorum. 😇Hepsi çok ince ve kolay okunurdu. 1-M. Tolga Uluaydın "Papatyaların Eylül'ü". Sevenleri beğenenleri kusuruma bakmasın, içinden işte budur dediğim tek bir şiir çıkaramadım, tavsiye listeme de almıyorum. 2-Sabahattin Ali "Üç Öykü" . +10 yaş çocuk seçkisi. Okuyanların hatırlayacağı, Yeni Dünya kitabından 2, Sırça Köşk kitabından da 1 öykü var. Çocuk kitaplarını her daim sevdim, üstelik resimli. Elbette tavsiye ediyorum. 3- Joseph Roth " Aziz Ayyaşın Efsanesi". Küçücük bir Alman klasiği, çanta kitabımdı zaten. Yazarın ölmeden önce vasiyetimdir dediği eseri ben çok sevdim diyemem, tercih sizin. 4- Nathaniel Hawthorne "Rappaccini'nin Kızı". İngilizce edebiyatın üstatlarından çok ilginç bi uzun öykü. İki kez filme alınmış, bi çok dile çevrilmiş. Amerikan edebiyatının ilk psikolojik romanı kabul edilen Kızıl Damga'yı da yazmış. Bilimkurgu meraklıları yazara üstat diyor, çünkü kaleminde fantastik bir yaklaşım var, tavsiyemdir. 5- Lisa Keypas "Aşkın Son Yankısı" . Uzun zamandır historical romance okumuyorum diyerek başladım, nasıl bir dikkatsizlikle aldıysam, historical filan değll tabi☺Allah verdi cezamı. Yarabbi ben sinir oluyorum diye mi denk geldi, nedir. Bunda da iki kız kardeş aynı adamla oluyor, biri diğerinin elinden alıyor (elinden alma kısmı tartışmaya açık). Neyse mağdur olan gerçek aşkı buluyor, içinde sihir filan da var. Okudum bi gecede bitti de, okumasam/okumasanız da kayıp değil. İşte böyle💕 Sevgim üzerinize olsun💕💕😘😘#fotoğraf #istanbul #winter #happy #home #mutluluk #bookworm #bookshelf #booknerd #kitapsevgisi #kitaptavsiyesi #kitapkurdu #kitaplar #vscogram #ya #yasamtarziniz #like #like4like #bookblogger #vscogram #instagood #instabooks #instaturkey

Yes, I'm finally reading Sarah Manguso's The Two Kinds of Decay! To be honest, I've been avoiding this book out of fear. I love Manguso but I knew in my heart that I wasn't emotionally, mentally, or even physically ready for this book. When a book has the potential power to break you... Too real. Too personal. Too raw. It's immensely uncomfortable for me to revisit my past as I read Manguso's own experiences but I know it must be done for me to go on with my own writing. Good news is that I'm in a good place with my health right now which is one of the reasons why I don't talk about my illness as much these days. I've been genuinely enjoying my good health and happiness. There are good days and bad days but lately, I've been having more good days. I'm at a place where I'm comfortably managing my symptoms although some days I'm reminded of what can happen if I don't take care of myself. Still a work in progress.


{🇺🇸} Hey guys! 안녕! How are you? I have to admit! I'll never get tired about The Selection series! I love this series! It's so cute! 💖💖 !! ⠀
{🇧🇷} Oi gente linda!!💖💖 Como esta o final de semana de vocês? Pra mim passou tão rapido e eu nem descansei direito :(⠀
Quem ai como eu também ama A Seleção! Acho que eu nunca vou me canser de postar fotos dessa série!💖⠀

🎥Gente!! Tem video novo la no canal ✨respondi uma tag que a @proximocapitulo me marcou 📚!! O link tá ali na Bio !!👆🏼⠀

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"Her mind was lost in thoughts of plots; escaping reality at whatever cost."

Hello fellow book lovers! 💕
Hope you're all doing wonderful! I've been lazing around and basically didn't do any of the cleaning I had planned 😂

Actually I've had the worst allergies today and I can't seem to stop sneezing 🤧 now my throat hurts and my eyes are itchy. I've got a headache from all the sneezing, too. Damn spring always gets to me 😒

BUT! I wanted to do a couple of shoutout because the last one was so fun! 😁 Like I mentioned before I just want to show some love to wonderful accounts that took time out of their days to interact with me on my posts or stories. I might do this every week or biweekly or maybe monthly depends on my time but I definitely want to keep doing them! 💕

This was supposed to happen yesterday... let me just rejoice that it was completed this early in the day! #victoryismine #subhanallah

@Regrann from @bournebrilliantco - #promotingliteracy We appreciate this book for many reasons; the imagery and artwork make this book highly relatable! Just like the character in the book we have always been told to celebrate our natural hair. While Keyana gets her hair done nightly, getting our hair done is also viewed as a ritual. We understand that many of our hairstyles have cultural significance and some have been worn for generations in our family.
#1 and #2 prefer beads and baubles in their hair... cowrie shells, bobos and/or barettes, too. #3 never likes "hair day". Finally, #1 was able to capture a few moments just before a chase ensued. This is the play by play: #3 is peacefully reading, she senses Mamabearx3 coming towards hair (comb in hand), "Jaws" theme fades in, #3 makes eye contact with Mamabearx3, she drops the book and runs... We ALL wish this lovely book was a tad bit longer!
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books are a uniquely portable magic #bookstagram #instabooks ❤️❤️

In anticipation and excitement for the 7th season of Game of Thrones, a bunch of us who love the series decided to cohost a GOT themed challenge for y'all! Please give my fellow gals a follow if you haven't already because they are awesome not only for their good taste in liking GoT, they are just lovely all around!
Please spread the word and show your support to whichever Westeros House you belong to! Don't forget to tag your photos with #AprilofThrones !

My review for Use Me by @mjfieldsbooks and @chelseacamaron is live on the blog (Spoiler Alert: I loved it - but I may or may not have a weak spot for all things Caldwell) #series #SportsRomance #Legacy

Fantastic beast and where to find them. A new stage that the writer JK Rowiling began to create from Harry Potter and the cursed child, original script of the work that is presented actually in London, with this second script this time from the film, the author gives us a vision a little more detailed of what was seen on the screen, which means that it is not something new, since there are no deleted scenes, nor any extension, so if you are a fan of this universe this book should be in your collection, if you´re not, but you may have the desire to start your career as a screenwriter is an excellent book to learn how to create one.
Animales fantásticos y donde encontrarlos.
Una nueva etapa que la escritora J.K Rowiling comenzó a crear a partir de Harry Potter y el Legado maldito, script original de la obra que se presenta actualmente en Londres, con este segundo script o guion de película la autora nos brinda una visión un poco más detallada de lo que se vio en pantalla, algo que significa que no es algo nuevo, ya que no hay escenas eliminadas, ni extensión de alguna, así que si eres fan de este universo este libro debe estar en tu colección, ya si no lo eres pero puede que tengas esas ganas de iniciar tu carrera como guionista es un excelente libro para aprender cómo crear uno.

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I love to spent Sundays holding a cup of coffee and reading a book. My current read is #WhiteHotKiss by #JenniferLArmentrout ☕️📖 It's not that good but at least it's entertaining 🤗
What are you currently reading? 💕

Me encanta pasar los domingos con una taza de café en la mano y un libro en la otra. Mi actual lectura es #ElBesoDelInfierno de Jennifer L. Armentrout ☕️📖 No es la gran cosa pero entretiene 🤗
¿Ustedes qué están leyendo? 💕

Quer completar a sua coleção de caveirinhas? Tem promo la na @amazonbrasil compre 4 e pague 3 📚
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the @bookbiff shop is now restocked! breanne's new prints are so cute! so grab one while you can!

as always use code EKINSTA10 for 10% off!

I've seriously only heard good things about All The Bright Places. Super excited to read it 😍 Has anyone read and loved it?

Chocolate anyone? 🍫 @darksugars in #eastlondon is chocolate heaven😍🍫🍫🍫

Looking forward to this one. Enjoyed the first one. #instabooks #bookclub #instagrambooks

Herkese iyi akşamlar🙆Fidandaşlarım kitapta epey ilerledi🙈Hatta 1 günde bitirenler bile var🙈
Tüm yogunluguma ragmen 200 ü gördüm bende 💃💃 Çookk polisiye/gerilim okuduğum icin henüz gerilmedim ama acayip gizemli ve merak uyandırıcı 🙄😉
Bir an önce bitirmek için can atıyorumm😍Çünkü Çalıkuşum beni bekler📚☕
Huzurlu boll dinlenmeli geceleriniz olsun💙 Sevgi ve kitapla kalın📚🌹
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Boa tarde pessoal, como está o domingo de vocês? Por aqui a preguiça tá dominando 😂
Saí na sexta feira a noite e até hoje não recuperei o sono perdido! A idade chega para todos 😂😂😂
Para não deixar o dia passar em branco trouxe para vocês esse provérbio muito inspirador que tirei do livro 826 notas de amor para Emma! O livro é lindo e cheio de mensagens maravilhosas! Um prato cheio para quem gosta de frases marcantes! Vou fazer uma resenha dele depois! 😘
Esses post-its fofos eu ganhei de presente da @chrisakie São tão lindos que eu tenho dó de usar, quem mais é assim? 😂
Bom fim de tarde e boa semana a todos! 😘

#grupoamigasliterárias #grupoamigasliterárias2 #quotes #frases #proverbios #tempoentreleituras

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