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How has it taken me so long to discover the hyperlapse phone ap? I want to make a series of these mini timelapses just in case having a visual helps you work out how to put arrangements together. This one, as you can see, is hardly rocket science. I'm using the fresh green fennel fronds from the side of the road along with the tall dried fennel stalks still standing amongst them from last year and plonking them in a bucket of water. The intense, green fennel smell has filled the kitchen and I am very happy. An arrangement that is free, fragrant and that can be put together in a couple of minutes is what it's all about. 🌾#thedailys

Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves. Oh we would make wonders with all that time where we could boost and cherish ourselves, and also love and give courage to each other. I love to talk about how women can support each other, how we grow stronger when we work together, how we are as likeminded as we are different, how we can be both strong and weak, how we raise by lifting others. If there were anything I would do in life, except for taking photos and writing, it's to encourage women to go your own way, to believe in yourself and to make magic with what you have. So let me know, what are you most proud about when it comes to you, what's your superpower and why do you love it so much! Can't wait to hear the buzz #metoo #alliseeispretty

Slowly making progress on this piece. #happycactusembroidery

A little something beautiful to start our Wednesdays! I’m slightly worried about my @foxhillgarden while I’m traveling because we got a frost warning back home 😬🍃 Hoping I’ve still got some blooms when I return, but we’ve had such a great season so far, I can’t complain!

Next year, I’m going to be removing most of the roses that were previously planted in our rose garden. Some I’ll save (like this beauty), and some won’t make the cut. We’re going to be giving that area a big makeover. I’m already dreaming about all the @david_austin_roses I can plant! 💗🌿

Snowflake flower template has been released! ❄️❄️❄️❄️ Find it on our direct site or in our Etsy shop in the holiday section!

🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁Я люблю осень 🍂 за её красоту... яркую и спокойную. Осень щедро одаривает нас своими яркими натюрмортами, улыбается нам оранжево-желтым ковром опавших листьев🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁...Именно осень мелким моросящим дождем смывает все то, что не удалось нам осуществить в уходящем году, дарит надежду и веру в будущее, заставляя нас снова мечтать о весне✨✨✨ Всем уютного осеннего вечера🙌🏻 Have a wonderful evening🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁
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Hey #leominster !! 🎃🍂🍁 Join us 11/21 @435barandgrille 435barandgrille for a evening of Thanksgiving blooms and seasonal cocktails. Info in comments. #atevents #worcester

Yellow Flowers for Beloved King Rama9 ❤️Thailand

Yellow Flowers for Beloved King Rama9 ❤️

~bloomin~ PC: my dad :’)

Yellow Flowers for KingRama9 ❤️

Getting ready to dive into this Thursday - who’s with us? 🍂🍂 #thursdayhustle

Solidago ‘Fireworks’ ☀️

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