Sea Containers, London🇬🇧 Sunny Sunday with bloody’s and oysters😍😍 Nicely spiced bloody but a bit on the sweet side. After adding some seasoning 8.5/10

Tucked away in the Californian desert lies peaceful Sparrows Lodge. The desert is hot and so is Mary.
Verdict: Strong 🍅🍅🍅🍅/5
"That's hot" and Paris Hilton agrees. The taste is awesome and it's got bits and pieces inside which I love, must be a house mix own recipe and all that jazz. A big fat glass is always a hit and the garnish was lemon, lime and some sort of pickled chilli pepper that tasted like a gherkin yasss! I'll be back I'll be back baby.

The Jugged Hare Bloody Mary 8/10 - lovely and spicy, maybe a bit too sweet for me but I still have 2! Also this place is amazing - Sunday roast and decor to die for, it’s a whole experience. Can’t wait to come back, would highly recommend!

📷 me 📍 @dayblockbrewing // day after the #nadnmiggywitit wedding!!! ❤️ while the specialty bloodies with spicy mezcal or gin were not for me, the OG was tasty 😋 #bloodymary #bloodyflight #bloodymaryMN #hangovercure #sundayfunday #instabloody

Who knew Bloodys could taste so good on a sunny jet lag morning (I did obv). In the most amazing Hollywood oasis lies The Roosevelt where I was fortunate to stay for a few nights.
Verdict: 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅/5

Presentation amazing, I cannot express enough my love for olives (and a great celery stick) and wow it's spicy - a proper wake me up slap in the face. They did it and I knew the US wouldn't let me down. Salty, peppery, Worcestershire, Tabasco, lemon juice in perfect harmony. Yes, when I'll come back I'll have it again and again and again.

Wake up and smell the... tomatoes? Bloody on the balcony at undoubtably the most glamorous hotel in town.
Verdict: 🍅🍅/5

Quirky presentation with the two cocktail tomatoes and olive on a stick, although very hard to drink without a straw. Tip is to eat the garnish straight away. Spicy wise great with a lingering tang in the back of the throat but flavour wise it was lacking big time. Don't even think there was any salt n pepper, so seasoned to taste my self and still felt like something was missing. Probably Worcestershire sauce. Which I like. Like a lot. You know. Plus a bit watery. I will order it again but next time I'll have a lil' word with the bartender first.

Sunday fix with a seaside Mary. The Polish riviera delivered more than well although must admit my bloody-expectations were not high.
Verdict: 🍅🍅🍅🍅/5

Not a lot to comment on this one to be honest. Nice presentation, a nicely peeled (!) celery and lemon is always appreciated, perfect seasoning and spiciness. Reason I'm not scoring a five is because is was a little too watery. Next time I'm Sopot bound I would order it again.

Monti’s Deli Bloody Mary 7.5/10 - it was great, kick of horseradish, simple but enjoyable! The food here is definitely worth the return, deli serving Jewish inspired food, I mean I am obsessed with bagels so this is the place for me. We had a Shabbat style dinner, roast chicken was probably the best I’ve had! .
#bloodymary #bloody #cocktails #drinks #eatdrinklondon #london #instadrinks #tomato #vodka #brunch #weekend #spicy #passmeabloody #bloodysofinsta #bloodymarytime #bloodymaryfix #hangovercure #hairofthedog #boozybrunch #instabloody #bloodymaryaddict #deli #montysdeli #bagels #shabbatdinner

Nybrogatan38, Stockholm🇸🇪 One of my favorite bloody mary spots in Stockholm. Always great seasoning as you can tell by the color of the tomatojuice. 8.5/10

📷 @stanleysbarroom📍 @stanleysbarroom YOU GUYS! ITS OFFICIALLY PATIO SEASON! I’ve been stuck inside all day writing papers ( #gradschoollife )but I hope some of you were able to enjoy the day. @stanleysbarroom has a great pup friendly patio to enjoy with your four legged friends. AND they have a special menu for dogs! 🐶☀️🥤 #patioseason #northeast #bloodymarymn #bloodymary #summertime #instabloody

Supper Åre🇸🇪 A bit different but unfortunately not as good as the one I had at Supper Stockholm 6/10

Curfew Cocktail Bar, Copenhagen 🇩🇰 This is the ultimate bloody that will tickle all your tastebuds. It’s sweet, sour, spicy and salty in the right proportion 10/10 #dropmic🎤

Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas🇺🇸 A great presented, fully loaded bloody with great flavour but lacked spice 8/10

Fotografiska, Stocholm🇸🇪 Great flavour but bloody spicy 🌶 🌶🌶🔥 8/10

📷 me 📍 @mspairport // @delta concourse has stepped up their game! I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty this bloody was. Always love coming to the MSP airport, one of the best! ♥️ #midwestdoesitbest #bloodymary #bloodymaryMN #mspairport #travellife #airportdrinks #happyhour #delta #instabloody

The Ned Bloody Mary 9/10 - this place is INCREDIBLE! Just stumbled across it for a drink when walking home through the city- amazing drinks, including the bloody, live band and singer and probably one of the most beautiful building interiors I’ve ever seen- can’t wait to go again!! And apparently at the weekends they do an all you can eat feast, just wow 😍

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