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Following in his brothers footsteps. He’s been able to dunk for a few weeks. So easy for him now, maybe we should raise it 🤔 #babyjojen #futureballer

I’m not quite sure what to do with my hands. •
#kpthebaby #talladeganights #rickybobby #lildudebiggloves

Outfit by @janieandjack

Peek-a-boo cutie!😍💗
Repost: @carolinedemir

Harry’s gloves 🧤 from @gobabygo_dk have rubber pads on the inside of the fingers that make it easier to grip on to things when playing outdoors. He also keeps them on a lot longer than mittens. 💙🧤

(Reposting since bare bums offend people 😆)

"Come they told me pa rum BUM BUM BUM"... ''tis the season to start seeing this little booty start scooting all of the place. He is going to start taking off any day now. 😭😭 these milestones definitely feel like they are happening faster this time around. •
@honest thank you for keeping my #honestbaby 's little bum cute, covered & chemical free 😂❤️

Cherub Doll ❤️

말귀 다 알아듣고 의사소통되니까
귀여버가 미쳐뿌겠음,,❤︎
👩🏻 라우리집 놀러 갈 쏴람 ? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
👶🏻 이이이잉! (저요!)

More of Naomi and her awesome little curl! The #froggypose is my most requested pose and have successfully achieved this with 99% of the babies I’ve photographed. There is that 1% that will throw me a curve ball. Haha! Always a classic.
Backdrop @rosesandruffles
Hat @pooksandlulu

오늘만든 따끈한 양배추감자미음 60ml 완죠니_성공적 😘
감자만 줄때는 안먹더니 양배추는 입맛에 맞으시단다
한입 한입 기다리는 자세가 아주 맛있다고 발 동동😂
요 까탈스러운 지지배🙈💕
리니 헤어밴드〰️ @love_bbom

Our life is filled with endless hugs and cuddles with these little angles!!!

How I eat a #Reeses is by putting it in my hot coco. Sweater weather is all about the hot coco and even better when you add @reeses to the mix. It’s safe to say that it’s one of our favorite drinks around here😋#sponsored#nowrongway#reeses

복어 서아탱🐡

Try not to yawn 😊🌸💕 @littleellarose.and.me @babies

today was a day for the mom books. this girl staged a 7 hour nursing strike, screamed our way outta Target, and had me calling the pediatrician for an emergency visit before they closed this evening. the lesson? she eventually ate, without a fight, and was perfectly sweet. everyone in Target was incredible (thanks @audramarieblog for saving me!) and after checking her oxygen and listening to her lungs, i was declared to have a perfectly happy & healthy 13.3 pound baby. oh this mom life is such a sweet adventure!!! | #ourlittlegomes

Enjoying Washington with my sweet little girl! So nice to be together with family ❤️ #jamieleannefedinchik

چشمك ميزنه 😉😉😉 😉😉داشتم ازش فيلم مي گرفتم بزارم استوري اخه خيلي تو فكر بود🤔يه دفعه گوشي و ديد و چشمك زد#دختربچه#نيني#كودك#عشق#نفش#زندگي#بنيتا#كنجد#خانم#baby#babygirl#babyinstagram#instababy#justbaby#ig_kids#kids#love#angel#myangel#beautiful#chubby#Cutie#benita

05 meses do meu bebê bolota! 😍

Just 2 weeks until my baby turns 2! 😱 Just look at that sweet little face 😍😍😍

Revisión y vacunas de los 4 meses ⚖ peso 6.260 kg
📏altura 60.5 cm
Todo genial !!! Mi princesa está genial🎀
Lo que ha llorado con las vacunas 😣😣😣 y lo mal que lo pasamos nosotras cuando lo vemos 😭.
De momento está genial,no llora ni tiene fiebre .Espero que siga así 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Functional AND adorable! Whether you're using it as a car seat cover, nursing cover, scarf for Mom or shopping cart cover, score it 15% off with code ESSENTIALS at checkout. #PNshop

Darf ich vorstellen: Unser jüngstes Familienmitglied 🤓👩🏼👶🏻 Nein, nicht der kleine Junge mit dem verschmitzten Grinsen und dem Holzfällerhemd 😀👷🏼‍♂ Ich mein‘ den #Kipplaster von @bigbobbycar_official 🚚 Den hat der Nikolaus letzte Woche durch unseren nicht vorhandenen Schornstein gebeamt 🎅🏼💫 Seitdem wird hier geladen und gekippt, was das Zeug hält: Bauklötze, Autos, Kuscheltiere 🏠 🚗 🐻 Wie es sich gehört, teilen wir uns die Arbeit natürlich auf – #Papa lädt, #Baby kippt 😂 Praktisch auch, dass es das Teil gleich in drei Größen gibt 1⃣2⃣3⃣ Mit der Mini-Variante fangen wir gar nicht erst an, das Mittelding jetzt ist zum Üben... und nächstes Jahr im Frühling gibt‘s dann die XL-Version für‘n #Sandkasten 🚜

Well, I have yet to do anything other then make paper airplanes for Mason's party this weekend. And I've only made like 1/10th of the airplanes I'll need at that! Let's just say my to-do list is LONG. So when Hank wants to lick the door clean from the cake smash, I give him the green light and then point out spots he's missed. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️👏 #noshame

Whitney’s first ❄️ experience in her Sweet N Swag Mox!! ❤️ ❤️ Oh my heart ❤️ Tag your videos and photos with #sweetnswag @sweetnswag so we can see your sweet ones! ❤️ www.sweetnswag.com @thewaltonadventure

🙋please follow these 👉 @moms @baby .. . 📸 @yelenam

50% Off 💙 The softest organic cotton swaddles naturally dyed with indigo, madder and logwood bundled up with a dreamers feather keepsake! Swipe through and tap the photo to grab your bundle while they last. These make a perfect gift for a new baby or you can just stock up for yourself but hurry there’s only a few of each color available. All orders placed will ship within 1-2 business days so they should arrive by 12/24. 📷: @jasminetaraphotography of @reeseypiecey

If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you... Don’t disappoint her. 💕 -
📸 @lxcyn
#godisgood #blessings #unconditionallove #shop #styleinspiration #fashion

عاشق این عکسش شدم یه ارامش خاصی داره توش ❤❤❤❤❤❤نفسمی توووو

# عکس_یلدا_کارن
#fashion #fashion_baby #baby_boy #boy #babyphotography#instaboy #instababy#photo#mylove
عکس از دوست خوب و هنر مندم
لباس کارن از پیج

Finally got this shelf up 🙌🏻 Also, who remember Moomin from their childhood? I do ❤️ #designlifekids #moomin #childhoodmemories

The cutest sisters in their matching Christmas jammies! ♥️ @modernmoni

Novidade em loja ❗@bagattellababy

A luva mordedor Munch Mitt é a solução para o problema dos bebês com o surgimento dos primeiros dentinhos. Eles sentem um desconforto enorme e começam a morder as mãozinhas, tentando aliviar a coceira nas gengivas. Com isso, muitas vezes acabam mais irritados.
Munch Mitt é perfeita para ajudar seu bebê nessa nova etapa!
Adquira já o seu na @bagattellababy por apenas R$ 139,00 😍😍😍
✔ Regulagem com velcro
✔ Material de Silicone ✔ Livre de BPA

I’ve been wearing the same pair of jeans for three days and haven’t brushed my hair yet but at least my kid always looks put together 🤷🏼‍♀️ #putthatinthewincolumn

❄️W I N T E R❄️W O N D E R L A N D❄️ with my lumberjack ❤️ Why is flannel so hot? Someone plz tell me!

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