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#InstaAnswer 7, second part of getting to know more about @abduow:
5. Favourite mobile app to edit photos? - Vsco, lightroom for mobile, snapseed
6. Who or what inspired you to do what you're doing now? - My close friends and the new environments I met during vacations
8. How would you describe #Narratrs?
- Something useful for instagrammers
9. Share some of your favourite Instagrammers or who you think deserves more visibility!
- Favorite of mine @puanindya @rishad @samhorine @itchiban

#InstaAnswer #6, second part of getting to know more about #Narratrs @a.mandayong:

5. What are your rules for Instagram posting?
- BE REAL. This I cannot emphasize more, because there are so many fake accounts and fake bloggers on Instagram. Furthermore, no one wants to follow someone who isn't relatable, down to earth, and honest in their reviews. ▪
6. Favourite mobile app to edit photos?
-VSCO Cam, Lightroom, and Touch Retouch

7. How would you describe Narratrs? -Interesting campaigns -A community of micro-bloggers who can kickstart important conversations -Love the social touch

8. Share some of your favourite Instagrammers or who you think deserves more visibility! - My favourite Instagrammers are those who work really hard and are really nice people.This includes @kevin_the_hiak, @mykemotus and @oneclickwonders

#InstaAnswer # 7 : Get to know behind the lens of your favorite #Narratrs @abduow.
1. How did you get started on Instagram? - I started from my vacation in Bali. Initially I was not interested, after I see some of my photos are quite interesting, I started uploading them to my IG account.
2. Describe your Instagram style. -Actually there is no specific style, but more of my pictures are about the scenery and the people I met during my short vacations, also the urban environment around me.
3. What were some of the hardest lessons you've learned about being on social media? - Idle and lack of inspiration. Sometimes I do not find anything interesting to share.
4. What do you look for in partnership with a brand or company? - Success of our partnership, including brands and myself.

Ok. Real talk y'all. Living your life in the best way possible isn't something you put off. If you are unhappy about something why aren't you changing it ? Why not now ?? I'm being dead serious when I ask this. Please answer. I want this to spark conversation so we can dive in and figure out why not now ?? #whynotnow #whatsholdingyouback #thepresent #thismoment #beyourownguru #helpishere #askinsta #instaanswer #happy #whyarentyouhappy #whatisyourpurpose #whereisyourlove 💎💎💎💎 #doyoushine

Examination malpractice is one bad cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of education in our country. People even come up with nice names just to rationalize this ill behavior...... some call it “Corporation” “help” “chips” etc

This doesn’t stop the fact that malpractice is bad and the effect, disastrous. Examination malpractice is the reason we have had unqualified medical students make it through school only to end the life of unsuspecting patients in an attempt to cure their ailments. It is the reason a graduate cannot perform well on the job he or she has a good qualification for.
Our schools these days are now regarded as “open minded” and less rigid when it comes to examination, forgetting that the aim is to really examine if a person has understood what he or she has been taught and if he or she is ready to move to the next level.
The fact is, there are many sides to this problem, but the question we are asking this evening is...... in present day Nigeria, who do we blame for malpractice? the Teacher, the Parent or the Students?

Let’s hear your thoughts!

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Often partners break apart because they do not have a proper understanding between themn or one of the partner chooses to stay silent and keep all the pain inside..... This is a question to you all.... Is hiding pain in order to keep the relationship away from complications and fights is wrong? .
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Let's gist, it's funny how we think we know ourselves so much, but when asked the simple question "who are you?" It becomes quite difficult to answer. Sometimes the reason it's difficult answering this question could be because we are not sure of what the person asking the question really wants to know about us.

This is pure english language...... Who are you?
Now tell us, what's the first sentence you will say in response to the question? Do you say your name first, do you talk about your family, what exactly would you say first?

Talk to us

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