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Hide and seek at Nannan and Grandpas.. Me hiding, Joey searching!!
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Break the studing with smiling
#insta_tot 😄

✨✨Fit Tip Tuesday✨✨
'Tis the season for tons of holiday parties and get-togethers with family and friends. 🎄🎅🏻🎁
Which means FOOD. Lots of FOOD!!! 🍪🍩🍤🍗🍫🍭🍰
So here is a quick list of holiday party fit tips to help keep myself and my current fitness challenge group in check during this season.
Have a happy and healthy holiday season! #happyhealthyholidays #fittiptuesday #holidaypartyfittips
#fitfortheholidays #hotfortheholidays #partyanimal #partytime #fx4fitness

✨✨Monday Motivation✨✨
Trust the process, sometimes it takes time to see the results or accomplish the goal.
Work hard everyday! Trust yourself to make the right choices whether it is to workout or listen to your body or to enjoy this one treat and not polish off the bag. 😜
IF you did polish off the bag, you can feel guilt for a minute, suck it up, move on, and make better choices tomorrow!
#trusttheprocess #makehealthychoices #eatclean #workhard #healthylife #fitlife #mondaymotivation

🌟🌟Join me in kicking off 2016!🌟🌟
Let's ring in the New Year with new goals and new determination and work towards a NEW YOU!
So many times, we as moms, sister, aunts, grandmothers, fiancé, girlfriends, (you get the point) We put others before taking care of ourselves! I even do it myself.
I have to stop and remember. If I do not take care of myself. And to me this is .... 🌟Centering our life around God
🌟 Working out (most days 😜 if anything still active on those recovery days) 🌟Eat right (me and my family)
🌟Stressing less (ever a working progress lol) 🌟And continuing to surround myself with positive people.
This is what helps keep me in check, so that I can be the best wife, mother, and friend.
Remember they need you!
Want to join us or need more info???
Comment or drop your email📧 below or send me a message @ fx4fitness@outlook.com
#newyearnewyou #fitlifestyle #fitforyou #fitforfamily #healthylife #fitnesschallenge #fx4fitness #newyearresolution #resolution2016

Weekends can be fun. Lots of food, and time to rest. Just keep in mind all the hard work you put in that week. Treat yourself, but be smart! Continue with the same healthy choices, and try a new workout or get outside to enjoy a nice walk, run, or hike.
#weekendfitness #saturdayworkout #fitontheweekend #healthychoices #fitlife #fitlifestyle #eathealthy #fx4fitness

A much needed yoga sesh post workout today! #loveinversions #yogamama #yogilove #inversion #postworkoutselfie #mommymetime

✨✨✨Eeeekkkkk! ✨✨✨
That moment you turn on your Beachbody on Demand, and you see your new fitness program is already available before you even get the DVDs.
Cannot wait to kick this program off after the first of the year.
Who is with me???? #workoutanytimeanywhere #beachbodyondemand #hammerandchisel #fx4fitness

Join me beginning Wednesday December 2nd for my FREE 12 Days of Fitness group! 🎄🎁🎅🏻
I ❤️❤️❤️ this time of year.
But it can easily be a time to put off the workouts and indulge a little more on the tasty treats. 🍴🍷🍫🍕🍪🍛 NOT THIS YEAR!
Each day for 12 days, I will post a exercise or workout and nutritional tip to stay fit this holiday season!
Who ready to join me??? Drop your 📧 email below or shoot me a message at fx4fitness@outlook.com if you would like more info! #hotfortheholidays #presentformefromme #earlychristmaspresent #fitfortheholidays #holidayfitness #12daysoffitness #fx4fitness

After this weekend, it felt awesome to get a nice lift in today. Excited Hammer & Chisel coming out in 2 DAYS!!! This new program focus on weights and toning. Plus comes with the super simple clean eating meal plan from 21 Day Fix. 💜💛💚💙❤️
I love that I am able to have a good lift without packing the baby up, and hitting the gym. There is some equipment needed, but we are limited on space. I do not have a basement or bonus room for my workouts. 😕 So I opt to use the ball. I 💗💗💗 it too because I am able to incorporate more core!
Ladies I will tell you now, it is important to lift and build muscle. Cardio alone doesn't cut it. Muscle is what continues to burn those calories long after the workout is over.
So grab some weights, and build that lean muscle. ALSO LADIES DO NOT BE AFRAID OF LIFTING HEAVY. I promise you, you will not bulk up. We lack testosterone. 😉
I do have to get some heavier weights myself 😝
If you are interested or would like more info on this program comment below or message me!
#hammerandchisel #holidayfitness #earlychristmaspresent #momswholift #girlsthatlift #getfit #mommytime #momfitness

I am not a huge Black Friday fan. 😁 I enjoy spending my Black Friday's with friends and family watching football. #coachwifeproblems 😜
Whether you braved the crowds or prefer shopping from the convenience of your warm snuggly couch. (Like me 😂)
One thingy you probably do not do is buy anything for yourself. Ok, maybe a cute top. But let's be real. You have not really INVESTED in yourself.
✨✨ Invest in a healthier happier you for 2016!✨✨
Purchase Shakeology, and you can also purchase any 21 Day Fix or CIZE for $10. Programs come with daily 30 minute workouts, a simple clean eating plan with proportion containers, a insulated cooler, shaker, and of course the Shakeology.
Bonus you receive ME! I will be available anytime anywhere to answer any questions.
To help guide you from the beginning. Setting you up for success as you start your journey.
PLUS if you purchase either challenge pack between now and the end of Cyber Monday I will add a $10 gift certificate.
Join me Monday Jan 4th for the New Year New you challenge!!group!
#newyearnewyou #smallbusinesssaturday #thankyou #shopsmall #cybermondaydeals #cybermonday #investinyourself #earlychristmaspresent #presentformefromme

🍁🍗🍏 Turkey Day Fit Tips🍁🍗🍏
As we get ready to kickoff the holiday season. Here are some great tips to keep in mind to help us stay on track, and stick to our fit goals!
#fittiptuesday #preturkeyfittips #getfitstayfit #holidayfitness #fitnesstips #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2015

✨✨Ready to do a little early Christmas shopping???✨✨✨ Save up to 74% on some of Beachbody's best sellers, PLUS get FREE SHIPPING! Quantities are limited, so don't delay! Drop your email address below 📧 for details on how to get in on these awesome deals! 😉
#earlychristmasshopping #presentformefromme #blackfridaytoday #holidaydeals #easychristmasshopping

I know the turkey hasn't even been served yet. But it never hurts to prepare. Join me in in staying fit this holiday season. My second Fit For The holidays will begin Nov 30th, and finish just in time to celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings.
I also provided a couple of other dates for after the new year. If you are a ready for a new you for the New Year. This is the perfect time to start getting ready for it! The perfect present for YOU!
Provide your email 📧 below for more details! 🎁🎄🎅🏻☺️
#newyearnewyou #fitfortheholidays #earlychristmaspresent #presents #cornwallny #nymoms

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