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I forgot about this one. For your viewing enjoyment. Sometimes Tater acts like Rod.

Ruby on her frosty morning stroll yesterday! Big change this morning when the poor girl nearly got sliced in half by the car door blowing in on her as she got out - gale force wind and rain did not make for a happy morning excursion 😡!! #dogsofinstagram #insta_hound #insta_hounds #happy_pet #frost #iflmd #dog_features

For those of you wondering if I manage my own Instagram... It's true Piggy assists sometimes #iflmdog #cocker #dailystan #cslife #cockergram #campingwithdogs #dogpose #doglife #dogsofinstagram #instadog #insta_hounds #ilovemycocker #internationalcockerclub #spaniel


Olha quem voltou do pet shop 😍🐑🐶 #dog #pet #cute #insta_hounds #funpetlove

Meet my new granddog, Galaxy! She's a 9 week old giant schnauzer. Tater and Ziggy love her!💕

#tbt to when Ziggy almost hit the ceiling a few times. Then he became a chow hound. He still does this boingy boingy thang, I'll try to get pics of it!


Little too confidant. ☺

Tater watching the deer☺

I forgot about this one. For your viewing enjoyment. Sometimes Tater acts like Rod.

Same doggies with a paw thrown in. Hahahaha 😅

Here's some adorable for you!💚

Look at my pretty doodles that I poodled! They look so purdy. No, I didn't do the grooming. I'm not that skilled! 🐩🐩🐩

Happy National Puppy Day! Y'all remember this?

Happy National Puppy Day! Here's a cute one of Tater, never posted. This is the first day I had him, April, 2011. He was already 4 months old, so I got him at a discount. He's been my dream dog!❤We love him so much!

How can I not kiss you?

Ziggy. Little awesome being!

Glass shooting sun through our window. Brats don't care! Ziggy and Tater wishing you all a wonderful night!

My babies. Best thing I ever did was to get a puppy for Tater. They so love each other! I'm going to post a pic when they just met. It was precious! Stay tuned, my sweeties!💚

Spring is coming, almost here! The sun is warming in this new year.
Blossoms beckon like long lost friends
Keeping secrets 'til winter's end...

Who's a good boy?
ZiggyZiggyZiggy is a good boy!

Stretching in the Kentucky sun!

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