How to win Novak's affection: chicken. (I never needed chicken, but I'm special.)

Little too confidant. ☺

Tater watching the deer☺

I forgot about this one. For your viewing enjoyment. Sometimes Tater acts like Rod.

Same doggies with a paw thrown in. Hahahaha 😅

Here's some adorable for you!💚

Look at my pretty doodles that I poodled! They look so purdy. No, I didn't do the grooming. I'm not that skilled! 🐩🐩🐩

Happy National Puppy Day! Y'all remember this?

Happy National Puppy Day! Here's a cute one of Tater, never posted. This is the first day I had him, April, 2011. He was already 4 months old, so I got him at a discount. He's been my dream dog!❤We love him so much!

How can I not kiss you?

Ziggy. Little awesome being!

Glass shooting sun through our window. Brats don't care! Ziggy and Tater wishing you all a wonderful night!

My babies. Best thing I ever did was to get a puppy for Tater. They so love each other! I'm going to post a pic when they just met. It was precious! Stay tuned, my sweeties!💚

Spring is coming, almost here! The sun is warming in this new year.
Blossoms beckon like long lost friends
Keeping secrets 'til winter's end...

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