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Cuteness overload with little saahra #anushkashetty #sweety #cutenessoverload #inspiringwomen #humblesoul

I know the kind of conformity Rita May Brown speaks of here. In my young adult years I compromised so much of myself and made so many accommodations to fit into the group, to please others, to not rock the boat that I ended up a fraction of the person I truly was. I’d often wonder how things got to be like this, how I’d arrived at a place where I felt disconnected and uncomfortable in my own skin. You see I’m an introvert and I’m also a recovering people pleaser. What have these two got to do with all this you may well ask? Well this quote has me putting them together for the first time. I’m wondering whether it wasn’t simply easier for me to turn inside, stay quiet, keep to myself as a way to protect myself from my conforming people pleasing ways than it was to step out, risk being different, risk someone not liking what I had to say or did or believed, risk someone not liking me. If this was the case, then in a round about way, as our coping strategies often are, I was given a gift. Turning inwards to my own company, to this place where I find my kind, find where I naturally fit, find the one I really want to hang out with, find the one I don’t need to please, where I don’t need to conform, find the one I want to talk to, read to and reflect with. This kind of turning inwards, enjoying and respecting my own company, has been a great gift. It has been the foundation from which I’ve built my self-love. It has also been the foundation from which I’m living my life more true to myself than I ever have and extending myself into the world more transparently than ever before. Can you relate? With great warmth Heather Join our community and find out more about the launch of our online Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself, by leaving your details at consciouswoman.com #consciouswoman #compassionateselfawareness #selfcompassion #selfawareness #inspiringwomen #compassion #acceptance #selfcare #selflove #awareness #consciousness #beourselves #authenticity #knowyourself #careforyourself #beyourself #peoplepleaser #ritamaebrown

We had so much fun during the @wirelessfestivalgermany !! Thanks to @seat_de @seatdeutschlandniederlassungen for having us!!! 💕💕💕 I am looking forward to the next event and mostly to the fashion week 💕💕💕 #festival #festivaloutfit

🌈Her Happy Place
🌊 ➳ 18 year old 🦄 @FrankieHarrer 💦
@BaliSurferGirls are now traveling WORLDWIDE
🎞 re-Edit @BaliSurferGirls Founder @EmeraldTin
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Krui (South Sumatra) Retreat
➳ 14 October to 14 November
➳ beginner to intermediate surfers
➳ all age groups, and families welcome
➳ accommodation on the beach
➳ Return airport transfers
➳ 3 meals daily (vegan/vegetarian/celiac) & water
➳ cleaning services and towels provided
➳ wifi internet (fiber optic on the jungle!)
➳ yoga and fitness, yoga mats, local activities
➳ surf guides, 6x Stand Up Paddle gear & sessions
➳ tax included from USD$880 for 8 days
Not included ➳ flights, scooters & car rentals, boat trips, massages, local tour guides, workshops, surf photography, extra SUP & surfboard rental.
Email ➳ BaliSurferGirls@gmail.com
🙃 BreathHold for Surfing and Surf Levels 1-6
➳ https://balisurfergirls.com/surf-school/
🌊 Waves & Workshops Worldwide
➳ surf seminar + surfboard shaping + self-care
➳ Australia + Indonesia in 2017
➳ international specialists presenting at workshops
Email ➳ BaliSurferGirls@gmail.com
🌎 Ultimate fitness escapes Worldwide
➳ yoga and aqua activities
➳ Australia + Indonesia + Myanmar in 2017
Email ➳ BaliSurferGirls@gmail.com
🌐 Naming Rights
➳ https://balisurfergirls.com/sponsors/
➳ CopyWriting + Models + SocialMedia + Videos
➳ Role Foundation for cultural education visa
➳ https://balisurfergirls.com/internship/
🌟 Watermen's Week 🌟
Date: 26 August - 2 September 2017
Event: water sports competition & fundraiser
Activities: watersports, family friendly, markets
Email ➳ BaliSurferGirls@gmail.com
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💖I have spent the last 10 years chasing my sanity. I am criticised and blamed for loosing it in the first place. I am frowned upon for not being able to hold onto it. I am told that I just dont try hard enough. But they have no idea how slippery that thing is. Like a bar of soap in the shower no matter how hard I try I just cant seem to hold onto it. I am always grasping at thin air. Always searching for it. Always looking to see where it may be hiding. I spent the first 6 or so years looking for it in others, in places and jobs. I spend years looking for it in places I later learnt it would never be found. Its surprising how you can loose something so internal, something that is a part of yourself. Where does it go? One day I just woke up and knew it wasnt there any more. NO one talks about mental health like its something that will ever happen to you. No one prepares you for what it will be like when you do loose it. No one teaches you were it can be found again and when you do figure it out. No one tells you that once its lost you might continue loosing it time and time again. You dont realise what you have until its gone. You dont know the value of your sanity until one day you wake up and its gone. Just like that your someone else. Your a different person and I didnt like who I was. I knew I had to get it back but I lacked the resources to enlist help in finding it. It was a long and treacherous journey I embarked on, on my own. The worst part is no one believed it was gone. So no one helped me find it. No one understand what I was talking about when I asked for help. Just as I never thought it would ever happen to me others didnt believe it could happen to em either.

I tried desperately to search every part of this earth for it. I rejected things that no longer made me happy and searched for new opportunities that might evoke a sense of happiness inside me. But to no avail. I later realised it was me that was unhappy. It wasnt my life that was broke it was me. Although being broken began to be reflected in my life as I tried to hold on to what little I had left.

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@kaceyluvi 's 12-month postpartum TRANSFORMATION is the perfect example of what can be achieved by dialing in your nutrition and following a #CrossTraining regimen like the ones found in #theTRANSFORMapp. Kacey is one of the most beautiful human beings and she is SO inspiring.
We are so inspired by all of **your** TRANSFORM pics. Keep tagging us. And don't forget to post your meal plan to win THREE FREE MONTHS on the app. (See last post.)

Awesome 👩🏾‍🚀👩‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀👩🏾‍🚀🚀

✨Aly looked gorgeous yesterday at the #sdt100 in NYC she looked amazing in her mom's dress! 😍😍😍✨

#alyraisman #olympian #olympicchampion #usagymnastics #finalfive #teamaly #teamraisman #bestgymnastever #rolemodel #inspiringwomen #strongisbeautiful #nycgirl #gorgeousgirl

Weekend Vibes=Good Vibes➰ "Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change." Have a happy and inspiring weekend babes🖤#basebodybabslove #goodvibes #positivevibes #life #quoteoftheday #inspiringwomen #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #confident #fila #basebodystyle


@WanderFreeJules​ will never forget how welcome the remarkable women of Hội An made her feel through their incredible energy and graciousness. Vietnam will always have a special place in her heart because of them, and whenever she returns, it will feel like coming home. Photoblog of the incredible women of Hội An now on MTF 🇻🇳

#RealPeopleRealTalk #morethanfood #HoiAn #Vietnam #visitvietnam #vietnamcharm #inspiringwomen #igvietnam

Yep this is me right now 🙈

Werk werk werk. No day in the life is complete without it. Life as a feeelance parent is hectic and involves a lot of juggling. I never feel like I have quite enough time. But as any freelance parent will tell you, what time you do have is super productive. My top tips are taking a break every hour or so and Radio 4 in the background! ----------------------------------
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"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." -Steve Jobs
#startwithyourundies #barelyundies #love #loveyou #empower #courage #strength #beauty #enddomesticviolence #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #empoweringwomen #inspiringwomen #girlpower #womeninbusiness #believeinyourself #loveyourself #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #emotionalabuse #narcissticabuse #knowyourworth #yougotthis #takebackyourlife

My illustrated portraits of Amy Johnson & Boudicca (from my 'Inspiring Women' series) published in Women In History III which features many amazing women. Go to my website to view my 'Inspiring Women' series (www.bethida.co.uk). #womeninhistory #boudicca #boadicea #amyjohnson #amazingwomen #inspiringwomen #feminist #girlpower #portraiture

Please don't settle for anything short of what you want. Your life is too precious!
#youareworthit #yougotthis #dontsettle #feelinginspired #motherhoodrising #positivevibes

The essence of being in the Mediterranean...this completely sums it up. A relaxed beachside setting barefoot and sunkissed, your skin absorbing the salt after a swim in the Aegean..good company, rustic dining and being immersed in surrounds that only serve to inspire...This is the heartbeat of what is awaiting to be experienced on our upcoming Creative Immersion Retreat this September...A feast for the senses with two inspiring women, esteemed photographer Carla Coulson @carlalovesphotography and renowned interior stylist Shannon Fricke @shannonfricke
Click on the link in my Bio to view our gorgeous Retreat...
Hope you can join us...x
Photo via @carlalovesphotography
#carlacoulson #shannonfricke #inspiringwomen #mediterraneanescape #creativewomen #greece #lemnos #inspiration #feastforthesenses #interiorstyling #travelphotography #beachsidedining #aegeansea #creativeretreat #immersion #rusticdining #greektaverna

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

Somedays we want to cover up every inch of our bodies, other days we feel like standing naked in a palm tree. Hello Tuesday 🌴// via @frost_french

These women 🙌🏽❤️❤️my rocks and my fuel when I forget, cuz lawd knows I do sometimes. My team goals, accomplished. #MaudeLafrance @artistic.veronic #inspiringwomen #team #myteam #parisfrance #parisphoto #paris🇫🇷

Some woman are golden blasts of inspiration! This is Zoe Thomas, memoirist, full of delicious stories. It has been a great pleasure to host Zoe at Kalang as she completes her PhD.

Who says you can't have more than one look in your DP, says the Boss! Plus it's Super Easy to create.
You can head on to awlo.org/atlanta2017/createdp to create your own #Delegate DP now.
If you haven't registered here is a link - awlo.org/atlanta2017

Currently @universityofeastlondon Education and Training fair for women! #inspiringwomen #highereducation #careers #training


This week we have the lovely Susie from @mind_body_glow (and who's gorgeous photo this is) on the blog discussing her not drinking in a new Not Drinking Diary. •
Susie was one of the first people I connected with when I started this Instagram & my blog and I love her honesty in this interview. •
Take a read (link in my bio) and show her some love ✨🌟💛

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