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The sweetest day, with the sweetest girl and the sweetest music... @brittle #HollySleptOver #RoadTrip #auburn #historicaldaytrip #harriettubmanshouse #inspiringwomen

❌warning long post ahead ❌This journey. It's been something I tell ya. So many emotions. So many ups and downs. But through it all, I've persisted. I've learned so much about myself, yet I have so much yet to learn. Loving myself is probably the hardest thing for me. Why is that? ~~~
This journey started in 2012 when I saw photos from a family vacation and was mortified. I was over 300 pounds. I decided then that a change needed to be made, especially if we wanted to continue to grow our family. I lost some weight, but 2013 was filled with many ups and downs including a miscarriage in August of 2013. I then had another miscarriage in January of 2014. As difficult as those losses were, it lit a fire in me. I started Zumba in February of 2014 and from there things grew and the weight started to come off. By the time we got pregnant again in the summer of 2014, I was down to somewhere between 215 and 220. I continued to workout and do Zumba through pregnancy and gained about 25lbs during. In April of 2015, a healthy baby boy joined our family. I bounced right back after and got back to my weight loss goals. Last year I got to my lowest weight of about 145.... it's gone up and down since then. Today I'm up to about 160. It's so frustrating to see photos from a year ago and know I was smaller. To have jean shorts from last summer be tight just kills me. I don't even know what is happening. I'm working out, I'm eating healthy but it seems since Adam and I went to Mexico this last spring, the weight just keeps adding on. I want to be back to 150 so bad. At the same time, I am trying so hard to be thankful for where I am at. I remember my ultimate goal in the beginning anyways was to get to 165 which was half my body weight so I guess when you think about it, I'm still HALF my fricken size. That 331lb girl would have just been excited to be in one-derland. I'm trying to remember that and trying to tell myself it's ok but dang it it's hard. All I can do is keep on keeping on ❤️ Thank you all for being here with me 😘

First overall woman at #monterricobeach #marathon 30k" I don't believe in age, I believe in energy. Don't let age dictate what you can and can't do" 1er lugar en la general femenina🏆✨🏃🏻‍♀️en los 30k en Monterrico Beach Marathon! "No creo en la edad, creo en la energía. No dejes que la edad dicte lo que puedes y no puedes hacer" #runchapina #yesadidas #runnersgt #runguate

The Future!🤤🤤This robotic partner will improve your dancing moves. -  via @tech_insider: #Entrepreneurs

Senang banget dikenalin teman2 baru oleh @tussyhapsary . Bicara soal gender equality, sebuah project dr UN dengan ambassador @hannahalrashid . Ngobrol seru juga dgn @nadinealexandradewi . Thanks girls for a quick open mind and inspiring conversation. #inspiringwomen #genderequality #speakup

Who Are Your Creative & Personal Mentors...?
This Blog Post is dedicated to two women that constantly serve to Elevate, Inspire and Enhance the core of who I am.
They give me foresight, anchor me and remind me of my inner strengths when the cloud of doubt overshadows me...
The end of our Creative Immersion Retreat on the island of Lemnos presented far more than just being an exercise in learning some new skills.
Two incredible women @shannonfricke & @carlalovesphotography helped to make this a FAR richer experience than what anyone possibly imagined.
When you are guided by your truth, the core of how you communicate comes out with a richer level of authenticity.
I am BLESSED to have the privilege of calling these two women both my Mentors & Friends...They constantly serve to remind me of my strengths and abilities and the importance of striving to expand your potential.
@carlalovesphotography and @shannonfricke are a testament to the direction your life can take when your Vision and Intention are completely unwavering...
Our instinct is our eternal guide...
Click on the LINK IN MY BIO to read more about finding your Mentor...
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Took some early morning laps with new Cali implant @maxvickers. It was so cold at dawn and not having a visor made the tears roll in the old #midslid. 😅😅
What's your favorite full face helmet? I'll need to get a new one soon. I have a small head, but lotssss of hair ha! 🙃
Photo by the always talented @godofbiscuits1
#outexploringalwayssmiling #skateboard #smiles #longboardgirlscrew #girlsthatshred #skate #skatelikeagirl #dreambigprincess #badassbabes #womanup #skatergirl #inspiringwomen #mountain #highway

Let's talk about the hard stuff... that is something we do every Friday, and what we call Feature Friday. The women who share their stories do so with triumph, bravery and with the intent to help others who may be struggling with the same issues. Chronic illness is a theme that seems to plague many women, and many women hikers, women who have chosen the outdoors as a solace.
I am excited and honored to introduce you to someone who has created and empowered her own community called @morethanlyme and to share her story with you, @womenwhohike, as she launches MTL adventures:
"It started out with me, for 10 plus years, putting up walls and keeping my guard up, maybe more specifically, making sure word didn't get out that I had Lyme Disease.
For awhile, it worked, I was able to go through all of high school and even a bit of college before it grabbed hold of me, pushing itself into every part of my life. I had to say something, I had to let go of this idea that I needed to be someone other than who I already was.
So I dropped everything, saying goodbye to the life I built in Washington, and making the sudden and unexpectedly best decision of my life to move down to Bend, Oregon. Which is where the community that makes up More Than Lyme comes in, providing me with a safety net and endless encouragement like I had never felt before.
Not just that, but this community became something bigger than me. It became, and still is becoming, a place where we can take our stories and use them as every reason to keep going, whether it be up mountains and over rivers, or to that doctors appointment that we've been putting off for a little to long.
More Than Lyme allows is a community that urges those fighting Lyme Disease, or anything for that matter, as every reason to keep living a life more than your doubts and fears.
I'm so excited to announce that we are now going to be hosting MTL Adventures across the PNW, and hopefully beyond. To find out how you can get involved, just search More Than Lyme Adventures on Facebook and join in on our very first in-person meet up!"

#TYoungTuesday It's always a pleasure to see my favorite @tspoon_11. She's the reason I started wearing number 11 as a younging. Growing up playing point guard TSpoon was who I loved. I had a great time today at the #InspiringWomen Luncheon presented by @ESPN @wnba 😎 #TY1 #TSpoon #Heart #Determined #LegendsPaveTheWay #Number11


Think Big, Plan Big but Start Small. So what is the 10x rule with respect to your business? I will summarize it thus:

1) Set targets for your business that are 10x greater than what you believe you can achieve.

2) Take actions that are 10x greater than what you believe are necessary to achieve your goals.

3) The biggest mistake most people make in business is "not setting goals that are high enough". 4) Your thoughts and actions are the reasons your business is where it is right now.

5) Top achievers in business don't compete or copy. They dominate and set the pace.

So are you ready to go 10x and smash goals you never even dreamt of setting in the first place? Slide into DM, let's connect. Don't forget to tag a friend who needs to see this.

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How often do you find yourself running out of time? ⠀

Weekly, daily, hourly? For many of us, it seems that there's just never enough time in the day to get everything done.⠀

Take the first step towards on contacting us and we will guide you every step of the way. .
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One of the best thing about being a mum has been learning to laugh at myself sometimes! I hadn't tried this since i was about 11 lol. Have a great Monday all ♡

Start your day with these two ingredients. Focus and effort. #callednation

"Women should empower each other, not compete with each other"
👭 While this saying is true for everyone in general, one thing I'm definitely all about is women working together and empowering each other. Females can be stereotyped to be gossipy and back stabbing, so I love when women just prove this wrong and instead work together to achieve great things!
👭 SO!! I just want to say a huge congrats to this stunning lady pictured, @alyssahowritings, for organising such an amazing launch event for her female networking group, @mygotogal, yesterday! The group is not only about networking, but building friendships too (which I think is a more genuine way to network anyway!)
It was such a fun day and I got to meet some awesome girls, plus I loved hearing the guest speakers @gretta (founder of @smtofficial, @dropbottle and her new venture @heyinfluencers, plus co founder of @the5th), @dwebsy (of  @daniellesartworkofficial, @effiekats (founder of @zacharythelabel) and @louiseelia (founder of @eliyathelabel), talk about topics such as how they took the risk to start their own companies, tips they learnt along the way, as well as dealing with online trolls and bullies. Such an inspiring day and group of girls! 💕

Our sleek, discreet kegel trainer. Woman made for us, by us.⠀

Happy birthday to Mother Goose. Most strongest, hard working, loving, caring women I know. I owe her everything I have learnt and everything I am. Happy 60th Birthday Mum 💋💋💋#happybirthday #60thbirthday #mum #love #strength #inspiringwomen #heartofgold #family #myworld #ilovebirthdays #tinaturner #shitzu #sisterlove #weddingday @trudy.george your one in a million 💋💋💋

Stay consistent in taking care of yourself and get your yearly health check.

Two of my favourite people, so lucky to have these ladies in my life! Always keep me on my feet and always bring out the best of me! ❤️ ❤️❤️ @gbengheng @jessicaabh #friends #bestfriend #inspiringwomen #supporting #celebrating #achievement #bigyear

it's a little sad how excited i was when my photo shoot beverage was delivered and i saw that the cup was teal and i squeeled with delight. okay, i take that back...its totally NOT sad that I love the color teal so much. its a happy color and surrounding myself with teal brightens my day and i deeply believe that we all are happier when we make little choices like surrounding ourselves with our favorites colors. favorite colors are one of the first things we learn and cling to in this life and im not letting it go. so THANK YOU @starbucks for having good taste and putting my green tea in a teal cup...it was a happy surprise for me today! #notsad #sorrynotsorry #iloveteal #tealovers #littlethingsmatter #colortheory #tealeverything 😍
#girlbosslife #femaleentrepreneurs #fashionistalife #powerfulwomen #inspiringwomen #seattlephotographers #seattlevideography #stylishgirl #femaleempowerment #empowerwomen #bethebestyoucanbe
#fashionablewomen #womanhood #fempreneurs #behindthecamera #artistatwork #filmmakers #travelinggirl #canoncameras #cameragirl #camerawoman #starbuckslife #tealovers

Wow what a fun, inspiring night at the Hawaii filmmakers collective pitch meeting! My friend, Noelle, was nervous but was soothed with the quote of the day “Why be scared when you have amazing hair?” 😂 she did amazing and pitched a story that is very close to her heart loosely based on their adoption story. And out of 10 (amazing and thought provoking) other pitches, Noelle @sweetrainmedia tied for second place 💕 so proud of you!!!!!! I’m glad I could be there to support you, and be a part of that incredible and artistic environment, I have to missed being around other creatives in a welcoming environment. So happy to be a member of the HFC, hope I can make it to more events! .

#soproudofmyfriend #youdidit #firststep #whybescaredwhenyouhaveamazinghair #timetowriteyourstory #scriptwriting #hifilmmakers #hifilmmakerscollective #ifailedspeechclass <—lol #yougotthis #bigmagic #whoopwhoop #womeninfilm #inspiringwomen #womenwriter #cantwaittowatch #itsgoingtobeamazing #sweetrainmedia


It’s been almost a month already since the beloved Edinburgh Fringe came to an end and we would like to thank the amazing Funny Women – who held a huge collection on behalf of period poverty during their run of Funny Women Fest at the Gilded Balloon.
‘FunnyWomen’ are invested in giving women a voice and dedicated to raising awareness and funds for a variety of causes that directly affect women. Thank you so much to the very kind team for their incredible donation of £280 to the homeless period Edinburgh.
These funds will go directly to purchasing sanitary items, which include tampons, pads, baby wipes, underwear and disposable bags. They will then be made into individual care packs, which are distributed to a number of charities and food banks throughout the city, ensuring that vulnerable people can manage their next cycle hygienically and safely.
#thehomelessperiod #thehomelessperiodedinburgh #helpeachother #helpsomeone #homelessness #donate #community #menstruationmatters #scotland #lothian #edinburgh #funnywomen #periodpositive #womenempoweringwomen #womensrightsarehumanrights #homeless #homelesswomen #womenshealth #empowerment #socialchange #freeperiods #periodpride #inspiringwomen #dignity #everylittlehelps #letsmakeadifference #shamefree #noshame

I love my new addition to my growing #miniature world. The #cactus and pot are from @boom_blooms who I met this weekend at the #SEMC #Market. So nice to meet this #sister duo who have combined their love of #flowers and #ceramics to make their business #meetthemakers #inspiringwomen #craftlovers #designlovers #artlovers

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