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Puppet dance

You think #scanography is too standart? Well I love it and I think it's really artsy

Candles and cookies ~ Christmas feeeeling

This young lady is so happy and pretty it was so much fun shooting her

Love this picture? Check out my gallery at http://instacanv.as/faysiep

•. on the edge .• •. Model: @liltdancer .• •. Grr I posted these last three pictures out of order... Oh well haha .•

•. through the shadows .• •. Model: @liltdancer .•

•. different .• •. Model: @liltdancer .• •. No edit except for the black and white .•

•. shadow .• •. Model: @liltdancer .•

•. around .• •. Model: @liltdancer .• •. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but my first week of school is over I am kinda nervous because I have to take pictures for yearbook tonight at this picnic and I don't wanna screw up... Oh well .•

•. surface .• •. Model: @liltdancer .• •. Today was awful, I just wish it could always be summer school is going to kill me .•

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