#NoFilter needed! #Dublin you beaut. Get ready for the weeeeeekend.

Caught between two great waves,
and I'm wondering which way to roll.
My once proud and handsome ship
is listing like a wreck
Fear has laid his grip
like a traitor around my neck
The pressure's coming down
closing around me like a wall
I don't know why or how
but I can't move at all
I'm caught between two great waves
breaking against my soul
Yeah I'm caught between two great waves
and I'm wondering which way to roll
I'm almost like The Fool
teetering on the brink
but he's unconcerned and cool
I'm convinced I'm gonna sink
Mike Scott

"Two of us"
Spoiled by amazing views in Co. Kerry. I haven't been as motivated to pick up the camera since I got home. Seeing the two little birds and a sunset tonight in my own backgarden has certainly motivated me again!👊📸

know - the - suss - when - i - rock - up

After an amazing day at #DTS18, me and @phillipsimango got to sit down with Dublin’s own @eskimosupreme 👀 It was incredible to see someone who’s turning so many heads in Ireland sit down and have a chat with some youth at a Starbucks, so thank you Alex!
Also... ‘Ketamine’ should never have been taken off trending #1!!🔥🔥

Glorious day in Ireland... Currently out training for the #Camino next week and the weather is marvellous!

Standing in awe...

A couple of throwbacks to the other day at the Maghery sea arch. I promise I'll stop with all the sea arches soon! They're just so fascinating! Hopefully I'll get my sh*t together soon and start writing a bit about each of the places featured in my photos. Ireland has soooo much history everywhere and a lot of it involves castles and kingdoms and battles, oh my!

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