time...time...time...I don’t draw very well and takes me a while to draw...most times I don’t have the luxury of time to practice painting and sometimes I do an artwork over and over again...so I bought a tracing light pad to save time so more time to learn to paint, and also for me not to hurt my watercolor paper by erasing too much. I don’t use it when I just want to draw though. Also, usually, I paint and watch or paint and read or paint and do whatever...😅 #inspirehazelscottph

I take long walks in between painting sessions and take photographs to inspire me for the next painting. It also helps to give me an idea about light and shadow. I also bring with me a small sketchbook with tiny cut-offs for tiny paintings so I can have a five-minute painting session and just catch a mood.
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It helps me get that inspiration to sketch and paint when its all still and quiet. That's why I usually paint at night. I practice as much as possible if time permits. I have a profession to attend to and this do require a lot of time and dedication and love. Making time for painting is at times so hard to find, but when it does, its amazing! I alternate florals and portraits so as not to forget the methods/techniques I learned from the workshops I attended. Its really practice, practice, practice and experimentation! Its like a scientific method, gather materials, perform the methodology, and voila! The results are answers to your questions! Who said art is not science? It is! And the possibilities are endless too! 💜💜💜

✨Last day of my giveaway✨ Win one of my handmade palettes and my favorite watercolor journal, along with this art styling set! (Paints, brush, flowers, tea and toffee not included. Or alright, I can include the tea and toffee, just let me know, haha!)
This simple, expressive landscape was painted with just two colors, one brush and the mixing palette in the travel tin shown here. There's lots you can do with this tiny palette! My favorite Craftsy instructor @kateriewing has great videos on YouTube showing how to do these quick, expressive landscapes, check out her profile for the link. Also, if you're looking for a good place to start with watercolors, Kateri has two amazing classes on Craftsy.com on the subject. The color mixing one is the class I've watched the most times over! I don't get anything for recommending this fanatically, but as the theme of my giveaway is sharing art tips, this is mine: Craftsy is by far the most helpful thing to me as a beginner. The classes are nicely produced, taught by world-class instructors who are the best at what they do. My drawing and painting time have been less like shooting from the hip because of @becraftsy. It's true that there's no substitute for practice, but practice time is way more productive if you've had quality instruction.
I'll be announcing my giveaway winners tomorrow, when all of the world is finished with April 20 😄 because this giveaway is open internationally. Thanks for joining and good luck!! Xx
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PLAN - know what you want to do and the necessary steps needed to be taken. Importantly don't be discourage. You will get to your goal even if it seems far. Take one step a time. 😃

Art is a never ending journey an artist take to dicovering herself and her passion. Sometimes we stumble and fall but still we rise and continue because this is what we love to do.
If theres something you want, don't let anyone discourage you. In the end when you start to regret the steps you didn't take, we really can't blame them. We can only blame ourselves for listening to others opinions when it was a decision that depended on us.
Remember, it will be your choice. Only you know what you really want and why you want it. We can't expect others to always understand. The important thing is we're happy.

Sometimes you just have to find that 15-30 minutes in a day to create. Whether it's the first thing in the morning, or the last thing before sleeping. #inspirehazelscottph

About 45 minutes left of that golden light ✨ Did you know that the natural light considered best for portrait photography is that glow right after dawn and just before dusk? I used to chase this light with friends when I was into photography 😍 Here's today's glow shining on some of my favorite creations. This palette and lots of other vintage tins are getting dropped into my shop over the next few days - more choices for my giveaway winners! Have you joined yet? Check about 12 posts back, I'm picking the winners on April 20! 😊
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One art tip I'd like to share: go at improving your art at your own pace. Never pressure yourself to pleasing everyone and worrying about the amount of likes on your post. Also, have fun! #InspireHazelScottPh

Practice makes progress. And in all things, do it with love. 😊 #inspirehazelscottph

#InspireHazelScottPh is having a generous giveaway until Fri (April 20, 2018) I love that she makes travel palettes to fit your paints in small, recycled and vintage metal tins! That’s one great tip to doing watercolor- bting your paints whereever you go so that you’ll have time to paint anytime, anywhere! Make your passion your life, :) @touchtheskygraphics @iamicheem @jveruditeartist

Well, I don't really know of many tips but I do have one I can share that I feel is useful. If your ever having artblock or just can't think of something to create go back to the basics, practice drawing/painting still life's, do some figure drawing, color theory practice, etc it helps you continue to learn and it keeps you creating. Instead of staring at a blank piece of paper.

If anyone else is interested I suggest checking out this gives it's been extended and has done great prizes!

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Tip: Apart from having your art materials and stuffs...and not just the talent is required, what's important is you are passionate and you paint with a heart..😍😍😍 #heARTworks

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What has really helped me stay inspired to create art is to always have, as often as possible, a sketchbook and a set of pens in my bag.
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Before I started embroidery, watercolor is my go-to in unleashing my creativity. You can still see my other account @theefferel whenI still used wc although my work isn't good as the artist I follow in instagram.
@hazelscott.ph is one of the people that inspire me to continue creating even if no one see my work and account worth following.
btw @hazelscott.ph was having a giveaway and it is open internationally. The pallete tin, brush handle and the glass in this photo is what she's giving plus other items please do check her feed to find out more about tgis giveaway. #inspirehazelscottph

These tiny travel pallets are everything I need in my life— especially the typewriter ribbon ones 😉. My best art tip is work small, and have your supplies at the ready, always. For me that’s having my journal, pallets and water brushes always within reach 😊. .
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Never stop learning. Practice, practice, practice, and never give up! #InspireHazelScottPh

To life and new beginnings 🐣 Happy Easter, friends! Giving loose painting a little go every now and again, and always ending up with the same feelings of OCD stress 😂
In better news, as an Easter treat, I'm extending my giveaway, now announcing the winner on April 20! There's lots of new palettes coming to my shop and I wanted to give the winner a chance to pick from the new stuff! Win the palette, brush rest, wood stump and cup you see here + more! Check about 8 posts back to find out how to join 🤗 If you're a subscriber, watch your inbox for a special subscriber-only giveaway that I'll be sending out next week. If you're not yet subscribed, you can still do so from my website, link on my bio. I only send newsletters when I have new stocks or giveaways and promise to never sell your contact to anyone (as I absolutely hate it when companies do this!!). Hope you're all having a nice, relaxed time reflecting, or otherwise just spending time with people dear to you (and trying not to have too much chocolate!) 💐🤗 #inspirehazelscottph

I’ve had so many people tell me that they want to be good at painting and ask me how they can improve. And I always tell them this - No matter where you are in your art journey, you should never stop practicing. Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, it doesn’t matter. Your greatest strength will always be constant practice. Back in 2013 when I still had no idea I would end up painting watercolor portraits, what I did was I made sure that I practiced painting and drawing everyday. I doodled portaits during class and painted loose portraits as soon as I got home from school. The constant practice helped me improve, from loose portraits to sharper and more realistic ones. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done.

Art tip: my tip is let your artisty out. If you feel something you want to do, do it and don't let anyone stop you what you want to do in your art and passion.
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Art month ends today, where are you at with the Art Goals from your New Year's Resolutions? 😄 I'm nowhere near, haha! And in case you're the same, I'm giving away (finally!) some of the things that I love using to create and share my art, to help us along mid-semester 😄 Simply:
1. Follow @hazelscott.ph
2. Repost this giveaway photo and caption it with an art tip - any strategy that has helped you create better or carve out time for art! Don't forget the hashtag #InspireHazelScottPh so I can see your post 👍🏼
3. Tag a friend in the comments for an extra name in the hat 😊
That's it!! I'm so looking forward to learning from you all, I'll share my favorite tips (with credits) on a blog post after this giveaway 😊
Swipe to see photos of these prizes:
1. One of your choice of any available handmade travel palette from my shop (link on profile)
2. Your choice of (1) brush rest
3. A small Arches journal (my fave from HalfPanPh!)
4. A bottle vase prop by Kasa Ko
5. A reclaimed wood stump by Habil Crafts
6. A double-wall glass cup for your favorite drink while creating
Winner will be announced on March 31, 2018. Open to international participants whose countries are on my shipping list (on my website).
Disclaimer: This giveaway is not officially endorsed by the brands other than mine, prizes were purchased by me 😊 I'll do my best to pack these well, but should they get damaged in transit, I will be unable to give replacements. Thanks and good luck!
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