I just love 😍 Transformation Tuesdays!!!Today I’d like to share the AMAZING results from one of my favorite challengers in our accountability group, Ronda, as well has her husband!!! These two buckled down together and put in WORK. 💪🏼👏🏼
30 Days, 68lbs GONE 👋🏼 between the two of them!!! 🤘
One of the best things about streaming your workouts from home, 🏠 is that anyone in your household can use it!! This has inspired many of my challengers - and their husbands - to make this a lifestyle change together. 👫
Think about where you AND your family could be if you started today! 😁 I’ve got 5 ✋🏼 spots open for my July Challenge Group! Message me for more info! 💪🏼🍎💕😊
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A powerful co-creation, collaboration and co-authorship of 20 women from around the world. Each chapter is an exploration of a different woman's experience with surrender & where she had to let go in her life. With a diverse array of stories, readers will relate to many unique perspectives.
Her Art of Surrender is for those of us going through a life transition, those who WANT change but feel stuck, those who effort so hard to relentlessly control it all (been there, done that). It's for you, your sister, your mother, your best friends... honestly, with 20 different stories, we can all relate to something in this book. There's something to be said for a book that appeals to a wide audience!
Want to feed your soul with 20 beautiful, raw, honest stories? You can now pre-order Her Art of Surrender AND get it for 20% off using the code NICOLEM20. Books will ship in September, and an e-book version will be released as well if that's more your jam. Order via the link in my bio 💕 (Pssst- this discount code counts toward any book listed!)

Regardless of all, I want to be strong enough to keep going forward. Strong enough that nothing will break me. Let's do this! 🌷🙏🏼🙏🏼 #selfie #strongwoman #buildyourlife #inspiredtoinspire

This is usually the confused look I get when I ask my clients “Have you been pushing your body rather than honoring your body and its limits?”
The answer is usually “ I don’t know” or “hmm how would I know?”
So I would like to share with you a few symptoms that commonly appear when you are pushing your body rather than honoring your limits.
1.) You are exhausted
2.) Your sex drive is gone, no where to be found
3.) Your PMS is more intense than normal (sorry guys this doesn’t apply to you)
4.) You May be gaining weight in your “mid section” belly
5.) Cystic acne
6.) Your emotions are whack- like you feel depressed, guilty, ashamed, moody fo no reason

Working hard is important, but there is something that matters even more. Believing in your self.....-harry potter
Wise words, I have come to realize how powerful and true they are.

Transform your mind and believe!! #believeinyourself #personaldevelopment #developyourmindheartandsoul #ilovewhatido #inspiredtoinspire #dontletanyonebringyoudown #nobodyisbetterthanyou #youareenough #youareworthit #youarebeautiful #behappyisfree #happyfromtheinsideout #happyisthenewhealthy

Physique check! I got a lot of work left with plenty of time! Getting down to the wire folks and I'm tunnel visioned to my goal! #LETSGOOOO #fitfam !

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I believe there’s a gaurdian angel watching over us all with @colettemillerwongs. Protecting us from that of negative harm and toxicity. I think angels are also brave, loving, kind, caring, understand, and compassionate. To me, positive human beings are like angels. Be #brave #confident #uplifting #inspiredtoinspire #empowered and a #motivation to yourself and others. #BeYOU #BeYourSelf #BeStrong #nevergiveup

“Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else. And don’t forget the language of omens. And, above all, don’t forget to follow your Personal Legend through to its conclusion.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

It feels good to feel good. 💪🏽 #liift4
I remember spending hours at the gym, running countless miles on a treadmill and then guessing what to do for weights. I thought I had to at least be at the gym for an hour to get a “good” workout and would do random stuff to fill the time. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Give YOURSELF 30 mins a day/4 times a week, balanced nutrition plan, and a positive mindset and YOU’LL have a program that can transform your life IN YOUR HOME!
Shoot me an email so you can get set up🌸
farmfitblonde@gmail.com 💕
Can’t wait to show you what’s possible!! 💪🏽🙌🏽👌🏾

•a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work•

Fierce passion. I have always been a passionate person...even as a child I felt things deeply and powerfully and KNEW what I wanted. Many people in my past didn’t know how to handle me when this fierceness came out and made me feel like this was a character flaw that I needed to change in order to be accepted. So early on I learned to tame myself. What a shame, right?!?
The past 5+ years have been a steady growth of uncovering who I truly am, untangling myself from the web of pleasing everyone else, and untaming the fierce passion that I have buried deep inside myself.
...Its a lifelong process that I accept with an open mind and open heart, but its a journey...so I like to look at photos like these (so beautifully captured by my brother a few years ago) to remind myself of who I am underneath it all. Smart. Compassionate. Driven. Focused. Creative. Passionate.
...We SHOULD focus on our positive characteristics, and OWN them, rather than solely focusing on the things we want to change or have been told are “negative.”
...what aspects of yourself have you buried that you want to work on uncovering?? #beyoutiful

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