Your not born to impress others. Your life is full responsibility of you. Most of us fail to do our business, to take a full responsibility because we fear how others people words ,action,reaction etc . Mind your own life ,your own business. If you want to impress others impress by the result. You have to live with full responsibility. Your born to accomplish some task. If your life deal is done then impress others.

Here’s to the most HUMBLING, INSPIRING & CHALLENGING four weeks of my teaching career so far. These are the faces of the FUTURE of South African and I’m so proud to be apart of that! Everyday that I teach I am reminded of why I chose this path in the first place_✨💯‼️

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Travelling could be very rewarding, and I think it should start with knowing our own culture before exploring the world.
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Happy Independence day to all the Indians.😀
Thank you

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“You don’t have to know what you’re doing, you just have to START.” ✨
These past days have been sparkled with laughter, carefree jokes, movies and delicious foods with friends. It has made me rethink my conception of the “all planned” type of recovery in which I was seeing myself: IT DOES NOT EXIST. Recovery is whatever is going to happen after you take the decision to prioritize yourself and fight for your freedom. What does that exactly mean? I have no clue, and that makes the ride even more beautiful 🌻 And I can testify that past few days have been tasting incredibly good. // What is one thing you’ve done recently that makes you feel good in recovery? 👇🏻 #recovery #positalk #snack

The journey is not easy. You have to endure everything to reach your destination. No need to step back on the way , no need to look back, no need to counts a hardship your have endure so far. Your aim is to reach a destination point. Target on your goals.



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