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The Unuk River flows 80 miles from the alpine tundra of B.C. to the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska, terminating in the Misty Fjords National Monument. The Unuk supports one of the top five king salmon runs in SE AK, but that run was just listed by the Board of Fish as a stock of concern. ⠀

The proposed KSM mine is in the Unuk watershed and KSM's tailings dam would be in B.C.'s Nass River watershed, one of the most important salmon watersheds on the Pacific Coast. The proposed tailings dam would be almost as tall as the Chrysler Building(!!!).⠀

Photo of a gorgeous day on the Unuk by @travisrummel

Ready to sign up? The deadline to apply is April 15. That’s right, you have to apply. We don’t let every wingnut with water wings into this thing, and the $50 application fee only buys you into the vetting process.

Hey, even astronauts have to tryout.
If you are approved you’ll be invited to fill out a lot more information, but consider it one of the many hurdles in this race. After your team is approved for the race you need to register. Registration is when you must pay your entry fee. Only after you register will you get a bio on the website.

For all you racers who get a thrill out of waiting until the last minute to register: the Slacker Tax is here. Avoid the Slacker Tax. After you're accepted, register. Save yourself the money and us the headache. You may as well apply right now and give us the time to tell your story properly. You think the racer’s bios come from magnetic poetry and a six-pack of beer? And that we're just sitting around in June creating metaphors?

Click the link in the bio for more details.

Landing on Mendenhall Glacier...

This image is from a series taken recently on the Mendenhall Glacier located along the Inside Passage in Alaska. This Glacier is incredible - if you look closely at this image you’ll see a tiny white tent in the upper left hand corner of the image. The tent is the size of a large room - which will give you some perspective and scale on the size of the Glacier. Helicoptering in we land just to the right of the tent ⛺️!

Thank you to @oceanrodeo for signing on to sponsor R2AK 2018 and for literally covering our racer's asses again!

@oceanrodeo repost

Who needs 3 dimensions and the rest of the world when you’ve got rain fog and 30 miles of road?

After 1000 km of paddling we arrived at the mouth of Le conte Bay. The fjord was littered with hundreds of icebergs for over 15 km that have recently broken off from one of the most active tidal glaciers in Alaska. We were fortunate to be able to get as close as we wanted in our @trakkayaks and capture the beauty of the incredible ice formations. #travelingbrothers #adventurer #adventuretravel #adventureawaits #travelalaska #travelbc #kayakbc #trakeverywhere #traveltheworld #energythatsustains #soloenergy #explorecanada #discovernature #discoveralaska #kayakinsidepassage #kayakalaska #soloenergybars #mysoloadventure #travelphotography #insidepassage #insidepassagealaska #stohlquistwaterware #trakkayaks #kayaktheworld #adventurephotographer #landscapephotography #mountainscenery #iceberg #explorebc

I slept with a warm blanket in the cabin balcony on the Alaska cruise via the inside passage with the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean, randomly taking photos of the sunset. #sunset #Alaska #insidepassage #landscapephotography

“The sea was large today
Just as any other day
But something broke in me
Watching on this winter’s eve.”
-Future Islands

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