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Today the Museum's Giant Blue Whale got a bath! Check out our story for a closer look at the cleaning.
#WhaleWash #Whale #BlueWhale #amnh #InsideAMNH

We're open regular hours, from 10 am—5:45 pm all weekend. Come explore spring at the Museum! #amnh #insideamnh #spring #springbreak

Happy #InternationalMuseumDay! What's your favorite thing to visit at the Museum? Swipe to see a few of ours. #insideamnh #amnh #nyc

This rock solidified from a basaltic magma within a few hundred meters of the surface, probably beneath a volcano. It cooled rapidly, giving it a fine-grained, peppery appearance. The black mineral is pyroxene, and the white one is plagioclase. #MineralMonday #insideamnh #amnh

Coming to the Museum this weekend? Be sure to tag us in your photos @AMNH Instagram and check out our new geosticker in stories! #insideamnh #nyc

Egyptian coffins often were customized; the name of the person who died was written on the lid in hieroglyphs. The scene at the top of this coffin shows the god Thoth introducing the deceased man to the god Osiris. But the area above the man’s head, where his name should be, is blank. This coffin probably was purchased from a coffin shop, not specially commissioned, and the name of the person inside was never added. #mummies #amnh #insideamnh ©AMNH/C. Chesek

Uncover the guts and glory of object conservation! Check out our story to see the latest episode of Shelf Life. #shelflife #amnh #insideamnh

Modern technologies have given researchers non-invasive methods of examining mummies, and today researchers employ a range of non-destructive tools, including computerized tomography (CT) scanners that take hundreds of X-ray images with each rotation. ©AMNH/C. Chesek #mummies #insideamnh #amnh

Whether it’s a souvenir shell collecting dust on your mantel or the weird rock that doubles as your paperweight, most folks have a little natural history collection in their homes. (We certainly do!) On Saturday, May 6, we want to see yours at the Museum’s annual Identification Day. #idday #amnh #insideamnh


walk up to it and look up at it #insideamnh #americanmuseumofnaturalhistory #dinosaurs

大头难得的亲切感 #insideamnh #americanmuseumofnaturalhistory

obligatory selfie with my best friend! 💘💞#insideamnh #slothlove

back at it again at the museum of natural history! 🌎🌍🌏 #insideamnh

Some highlights of Mom and I's trip to the American Museum of Natural History! 1)Hayden Planetarium - Presentation on Dark Matter and Dark Energy 2) Me with a Moai statue from Easter Island 3) T-rex 4)Neanderthal- they had so many fossils from early hominids 5)Tortoise ancestor fossil 6) Me at the marker in the Cosmic Pathway when Multicellular life evolved 7)the section in the Hall of Biodiversity with turtles in it 🐢8) Mom with the Grizzlies 9) A great example of the mounts and incredible background work they have in all the exhibits (I think cougar?) 10) Changes in rock composition as the atmosphere transformed from oxygen poor to oxygen rich (17-19 with 19 being oxygen rich.) They had impressive collections of everything (fossils, gems, meteorites, animals, people's exhibits). They had a mummy exhibit but no photos allowed. I also tried to focus on enjoying my time-not many pictures. #insideamnh #nerdingout #multidisciplinaryadventure

Science lessons with Papa 🌎 #science #museumofnaturalhistory #insideamnh

Hey dumbdumd you give me gumgum #insideamnh #nightatthemuseum #nyc

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